Chapter 70 – Lady Saintess fights


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Lady Saintess’ POV.


First move usually ensures victory. Lady Saintess’ combat style was strictly defensive – she basically had always confined herself inside the barrier. However, the long-haired demon was walking with great difficulty only thanks to using a tree branch as a cane. Since the enemy was so weakened she was willing to launch the first attack herself.

“Take this―!”

She picked up a fist-sized stone and threw it at the demon from inside the barrier. The stone, barely flying, fell down far off from the demon’s feet.

The demon faced towards her while squinting his eyes, as if asking if she did something.

“… Th, that was only a warning! If you come any closer I’ll throw with my full power!”

“You… Are you a human of this town? I’m busy, I got no time to play. Away with you.”

Eh? Lady Saintess froze. Even though they met a short time ago it looked like the other party didn’t remember her.

Thinking about it carefully, it was understandable. That demon was summoned only from his neck up and looked at no one but Lady Rēko and Mr. Lizard. She felt a bit relieved for not being regarded with hostility, but at the same time it was no fun.

It was the same during that incident. Even though I really did my best, no one praised me in the end. At the very least I believe they should’ve appreciated me more.

“I won’t allow that! After all I am the Saintess protecting this town! Now come and let’s have a fair fight!”


The long-haired demon fixed his gaze on her, and after a while he muttered in surprise.

“I see. You certainly aren’t human huh. Then it really was true that the plan to seize you has failed… Sir Void’s presence has also vanished around here. Looks like he really was buried by the Evil Dragon.”

“Void? What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It’s the spirit type demon that tried to possess you. Although no direct attacks should’ve had any effect… You’ll do. I’ll inquire from you, the related party, what means the Evil Dragon used to destroy that person.”

He threw away the stick that was used as a cane. Then stood on all-fours on the ground like a beast, and in contrast to his appearance, released a ferocious growl from his throat.

And in the next instant his figure vanished.

“He disappeared?! No way…?!”

While uttering this in a flustered, quivering voice, the opponent appeared once more along with a thunderous bang.

The long-haired demon collided headfirst with the town’s boundary waterway flowing before her eyes―― in other words with the barrier protecting the town. Collapsing listlessly onto the ground with a lump on his head, no words could express his state other than pitiful.

“You matched my high-speed movement and countered by setting up a barrier… Well done, Saintess. Although I wanted this strength for the Demon King’s army…”

“Ah, so that’s the skill you used?”

From the outsider’s perspective he simply ruined himself since he charged into a constantly generated barrier.

“However, there’s more!”

Clenching his teeth, the long-haired demon once again commenced his four-legged rush. As long as the barrier worked, no matter what angle he charged from there was no chance for him to lay his hands on her. However, if the fight prolonged for too long some townspeople might pass by and end up being dragged into it.

“Then… How about this!”

The opponent kicked off the ground and gained an explosive power. Its countermeasure was Saintess’ field of expertise. When she dropped her hands charged with magic power onto the ground, the ground outside the barrier started changing into a quagmire made of soft mud.

Instantly the sound of someone prancing on mud could be heard loudly. Taking a look, she saw the demon tripping up and miserably sprawling on the ground.

“Ahem! This is the Saintess’ Power!”

“Kuh. To think you’d crush the ground under my feet, seems like my talents aren’t compatible with yours…”

“It’s not a matter of compatibility but the difference in our abilities.”

Lady Saintess who was putting on airs thought up of a good idea and chuckled to herself.

“I guess no reason to hide it – I played a big part in bringing down that demon called Void. He couldn’t endure this Saintess’ perfectly serene heart and ran away weakened, where Mr. Lizard finished him off.”

“Mr. Lizard…?”

“Ah, I mean Evil Dragon Rēvendia. We’re best pals that have gone through a battle to the death so he especially allowed me to call him Mr. Lizard. That is to say, I’m equal to the Evil Dragon.”

“Impossible. An existence of that calibre in this remote area…?”

Seeing the trembling in shock demon, satisfied, Lady Saintess puffed up with pride. The frustration she piled up in the last few days diffused in a twinkle.

“In that case, even if I’ll have to risk this body of mine, I must convey this to my master. I’m already nothing but a cut-off tail, but the loyalty in my heart hasn’t ran out.”


A conspicuously large splash of mud sprung up. The long-haired demon had kicked the mud with tremendous strength, escaped from the quagmire and was trying to move away from the town.

Oh no, if he reports my tall tale an even stronger demon will end up coming to assail the town.

“W-Wait a minute, you’re wrong! That was just a little joke! I’m not strong at all, besides me and Mr. Lizard get along well only because we’re ordinary friends! Although he looks like that, he’s also really weak like me!”

Panicking she ran outside the barrier and after the demon.

“Hmph, did you really think a lie like that would work? There’s no way for him to be weak while having a kin like that.”

“That’s a misunderstanding! Lady Rēko isn’t kin!”

Even against an opponent with instantaneous legs[1], as long as it was inside a swamp Lady Saintess’ transfer speed when transforming into water was superior. She went ahead and stood in his path in a blocking pose with both of her hands stretched out.

“No, I won’t allow you to run away! Please listen to me!”

“Kuh, you went around and cut off my path, I guess this is it for me. At least, please, let me take her down with me――”


The long-haired demon focused magic power in his arm. The fist he held aloft was a deadly weapon for Lady Saintess who didn’t do well in close combat.

It was at that time. From the skies a wind blast came flying in and exploded, blowing away the long-haired demon towards the horizon.

An enormous shadow descending in front of Lady Saintess that left her mouth gaping turned out to be a dazzling silver dragon. For an unknown reason a blond haired boy, passed out with his eyes rolled back, was dangling from between his claws.

“Erm, you are Mr―― Doradora?”

The silver dragon with a miserable name nodded in response to her murmuring.

“Saintess, a lot has happened in the past but let’s wipe the slate clean. I’ll get straight to the point; couldn’t you shelter me and this brat for a while?”


[1] It’s a pun I believe – a known JP shoes brand is called “瞬足”, which literally rougly means “instant legs”.


  1. So they run away.

  2. Well, there’s an interesting story to tell. I wonder how the Raiotto managed to escape from Ariante’s hellish training and met with Doradora.

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