Chapter 72 – A peculiar sense of fellowship


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Editor: Ghost Ape

“… So that’s how it was brat. You also were bound to that girl by fate…”

“Aah, the real Rēko may be a bit weird but she’s not evil. After becoming the Evil Dragon’s underling she was made into an accomplice of evil, even though there’s no way she wanted it…”

Lady Saintess was listening with a triumphant look on her face to the long talk between the gold-haired boy and Doradora.

The narrated content was a tragic story of a ‘young girl turned into an Evil Dragon’s kin’, but Mr Lizard already told me the truth of the matter.

This feeling of superiority is exquisite.

If the truth were to spread Lady Rēko may go berserk so revealing it to others was strictly prohibited―― this is now nothing but a distant worry. The reason is naturally the coaching in wickedness performed by this grand me; the majority of the Evil Dragon’s power should’ve already transferred over to Mr Lizard. When that happens the reason to go berserk will disappear.

That leaves the question of timing – when exactly should I give it away. It’ll surely give them a real surprise. And then they’ll no doubt be in admiration of this Saintess’ information gathering skills. The winner in this information age will be me, the Water Saintess. You all can tremble before me.

Just when she was pondering while grinning to herself Doradora abruptly brought up a topic.

“However Saintess, there’s something I don’t understand. It looked like the one who stopped that kin girl from destroying this town in the prior battle was Rēvendia. My memory may be vague so… is that what happened?”

“Uh huh regarding that, it’s actually――”

There’s no helping it. Let’s reveal it right now―― Just when she began talking, Lady Saintess unexpectedly realized a certain truth and shut her mouth.

Thanks to embarking on the path of evil Mr Lizard will soon really turn into an unrivalled Evil Dragon. It’s not wrong to say that he’s weak at the current stage, but before long that fact will become nothing but a false rumour. When that happens naturally I’d be the one criticised by everyone telling me that I’m blind despite being a Saintess.

I won’t allow that. That absolutely cannot be allowed to happen.

Lady Saintess choose to change her plans in just a second. She decided to go the route of self-appeal by putting Mr Lizard who would soon become a genuine Evil Dragon to practical use.

“That was because Lady Rēko, who was not yet used to controlling her magic power, has gone out of control. Mr Lizard just admonished her…”

“Mr Lizard?”

Doradora’s and the boy’s voices had overlapped each other. Lady Saintess inclined her head deeply and continued with an expression brimming of confidence.

“That’s right, by Mr Lizard I mean the Evil Dragon Rēvendia. I ultimately suffered defeat, but the fact still stands that I’ve once fought a fierce battle with that Evil Dragon Rēvendia. He praised my strenuous efforts and recognized me as an equal, at the same time allowing me to call him casually. The reason why Mr Lizard stopped Lady Rēko, his kin from going berserk was because if he didn’t, he feared I might step up and confront her directly――”

While continuing her explanation, Lady Saintess suddenly felt flustered in her heart. One could say there was not even a shred of enthusiasm in the gazes of the two listening to her words. Instead she even felt a bit of pity.

Strange. Originally they should’ve really got into the record of how my evenly matched battle with the Evil Dragon unfolded.

Doradora closed his eyes while the boy looked up in the town’s direction.

“Don’t push yourself Saintess. I know you’re strong but you couldn’t possibly be a match for that Evil Dragon. No need to feel ashamed of defeat. Trying to smooth things over is much more shameful. Live strong, chin up and walk forward…”

“The reason why Evil Dragon bastard didn’t assault this town must be because he wants to make it into his territory one day…”

There’s a limit to being rude. Why don’t you guys just obediently believe what I say? What a let-down. Although I did dramatize it somewhat, but me and Mr Lizard going through an equal matched battle is a full-fledged fact.

That was when the boy said “Now that I think about it” and began talking.

“I got the gist of the circumstances of this dragon over here, but what about you? He called you a Saintess or something… Could you be this town’s clergy?”

“Yes, you were listening well! I’m the guardian deity protecting this town of Seiren! You might not believe me with Mr Lizard, but saying frankly I’m stronger than that Mr Doradora over there!”

“Aaah, I got it. You are an amazing person.”

Even though this time she said the truth, the boy only looked at her with unconcealed sadness in his eyes. No matter how one looked at it she was mistaken as a pitiful person.

“Mr Doradora! Don’t stay silent and explain please! Tell him how amazing I am!”

“Sorry but I don’t remember losing to you.”

Lady Saintess’ face dyed red from her anger.

Did he really forget how he was sent back without breaking my barrier countless times in the past? Since it’s come to this I guess I should just leave him unable to move inside the barrier―― Just when she was in the middle of considering her options, the boy let out a long sigh turning his back to them.

“Well whatever, I’m going back. I need to hurry up and return, the penalty for running away is freaking scary.”

“Wait a minute boy. I was able to understand that it’s the human’s style of tempering trainees but… You serious? You’ll die, you know? Or maybe you’re into things like that?”

“Say that I like it one more time and I’m gonna send you fucking flying. It’s obviously to become strong.”

Hearing these words, Doradora heaved a deep sigh.

“I see. The reason for humans being able to excel us and become strong is because their thirst for power thwarts even the fear of death. In that case, I also must abandon my attachment to life…”

“What the hell are you saying?”

“Climb onto my back brat. My bad for hindering your practice. I’ll send you back as quickly as possible. And then, I’ll try challenging those adventurers once more.”

“Nah it’s better if you don’t. I think they know no mercy when fighting demons.”

“I won’t become as strong as possible if I value my life. To fight that Evil Dragon, this little recklessness is a par for the course―― Right, brat?”

The young boy held his breath as if shocked, and eventually he wordlessly climbed on Doradora’s back. It seemed like for some reason a strange sense of fellowship was being born, but the left out Lady Saintess found it only to be unpleasant.

“Well then Saintess, stay well till the day we meet again.”

“I’ve no clue who you are miss, but see you later―”

Doradora spread his wings with a snap and flew away.

Those two will no doubt go through many beatings in the name of their training. By all means, please let them suffer. It shall be their divine punishment for making light of this Saintess.

Just when sulky Lady Saintess was diving back into her waterway, it suddenly hit her.

―― Come to think of it, I revealed to that long-haired demon before that Mr Lizard is weak. I wonder if it’s going to be okay?

She worried for around ten seconds, after which she decided it surely would turn out fine. Feeling completely refreshed, she dived into the waterway and just like that returned to her temple’s spring.


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