Chapter 75 – Intense competition for position


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Editor: Ghost Ape

Raiotto’s distant ancestor talked big in order to secure a position elevating me in the process. Of course there must’ve been many embellishments after that so I couldn’t say for certain, but that should be the unreal anecdote of the Evil Dragon.

“That’s truly unforgivable. Tell me Evil Dragon Lord, when we face him once more after defeating the Demon King, what kind of punishment is in order?”

“Well, isn’t it fine? After all Raiotto himself did nothing wrong, and even if we were to complain now it wouldn’t change anything.”

“I see. Then I, worthy of being kin, am to pass my own judgement, is that right?”

“Isn’t your usage of ‘then’ weird? That interpretation has no place no matter how you digest it, you know? By the way, if it were up to you what punishment would you give him?”

“First I’d lock him up in prison. And then I’d feed him nothing but water and lima beans for three days.”

“Ah, that’s surprisingly safe. If it’d let you blow off some steam it might not be such a bad idea.”

Ordinarily even this would be a considerably heavy treatment, but in comparison to Rēko’s usual ideas like ‘tearing apart’ or ‘devouring the soul’ it was a pretty decent statement. It might be worth it once as a means of reconciliation that would resolve her hate for Raiotto.

“In addition, I’d make him share a cell with the Demon King.”

“And just when I was considering it suddenly the punishment’s standard shot through the roof huh.”

“Naturally the Demon King will already be dead as a result of the decisive battle with Evil Dragon Lord, so I plan on throwing into the prison only his soul.”

“Wouldn’t he curse Raiotto?”

Reko shut her eyes and quietly bowed her head.

“… Thinking back, despite having detestable side to him he was a decent young boy.”

“Stop speaking like you’re reminiscing about a deceased person.”

Moreover as the culprit that’s trying to get him killed.

“Besides why do you hate Raiotto so much in the first place? You also should know that he’s not really a bad child, right?”

“Certainly, I’m aware that his roots aren’t that of an evil person. However, he put a lot of pressure on me by repeatedly trying to expulse me. That grudge cannot be forgotten.”

“I think he was only thinking of you doing that though.”

Even Raiotto shouldn’t have imagined that a human who’d want to become a sacrifice so much could possibly exist.

“Be that as it may, it’s not like I don’t understand his feelings. If the roles were reversed I might’ve done the same… After all one cannot let a newcomer that suddenly appeared steal the position of a sacrifice. It’s natural to try and remove such a person with one’s whole body and soul. Thinking like that, I can understand Raiotto’s tenacity in trying to chase me away to a far-away city. Although despite his efforts, I was the one that secured a spot under the Evil Dragon Lord’s care.”

“Yuck, this child’s point of view is immensely egotistical.”

It’s like she didn’t consider things from the other party’s standpoint. In making her presumptions the standard of value was set to nothing but Rēko.

“When I was at the village Raiotto repeatedly said ‘If you need a sacrifice I’ll become one.’ In reality it was the same as saying ‘You think I’ll nicely hand over the position of a sacrifice to a mere slave’, clearly a declaration of war. Thinking back on it from that moment, a fierce competition between me and Raiotto began over the position of… Why are you shedding tears? Did the smoke from moxibustion get into your eyes?”

“No, it’s nothing. Don’t worry about it. I only thought a little about one pitiful person.”

“A compassion for the world’s mankind is it? Certainly, humans are foolish creatures.”

“I’m not talking about a macro-perspective like that but a single person.”

Sniff, wiping out a tear I gazed at the nearby biography. Person that wrote it, your descendant got himself into a really awful situation. It’s often said―― Sins of the father shall be visited upon the son.

“Anyway, think you could forgive Raiotto? It won’t do anyone any good if it goes on like this.”

“You’re right… His actions weren’t because he hates me, but rather because he reveres Evil Dragon Lord. He’s not a bitter enemy, but a mutually beneficent rival. Thinking like this there may be room for amnesty…”

“Say what? Rēko, can you briefly think over what you said? Because look, Raiotto threw a rock at me and stuff at the village right? I don’t think that was his way of revering me…”

“That was jealousy.”

“You’re 100% wrong.”

No, I’m not, Rēko asserted.

“Looking at me become not only the sacrifice but even get the position of kin, he couldn’t bear it and tried to vent his anger. All the chagrin of ‘Why wasn’t it me’ was put into that thrown stone. It was a completely child-like action, cute even; no wonder Evil Dragon Lord pardoned him.”

Sorry Raiotto. I’m not possibly able to break this child’s prejudiced filter. When we meet again someday, I’ll be counting on you to persuade her.

I gently sealed the guilt on the bottom of my heart and decided to forget all about it.

In the end, with the exception of the milk part, there was no depiction found that was fitting to be a reference of how I should behave from now on as a moderate Evil Dragon among the literature orally dictated by Rēko, but I decided to be satisfied with knowing the origin of the Evil Dragon.

Knowing the cause can illuminate the means to solve it… I wonder if there are any? Please, let there be some…

“Sir Evil Dragon!”

At that time the room’s door had swung open with a loud bang and I jumped to my feet. The moxibustion fell off and lightly scorched my back, so I panicked and started rolling on the ground to extinguish the fire.

“What is it out of the blue, Haizen?”

“Yes, I’m deeply sorry to disturb you Evil Dragon Lord. Just a moment ago the letter with a reply from the home country has been delivered.”

“Ah, it came? How is it?”

I inquired in a carefree manner all the while swinging my body to shake off the ashes. However in the next moment, a tremendous bomb came at me.

“Yes. If I were to summarize it――『We would love to welcome Sir Evil Dragon Rēvendia who became mankind’s ally as the state guest, but our forces are currently stretched thin due to ongoing demon subjugations in various places, so we would not be able to provide a satisfactory level of hospitality. We believe it would be discourteous of us to invite Sir Evil Dragon in these circumstances. In line with this, we await only the Kin Lady as the emissary. We promise to provide information related to Demon King subjugation and sufficient funds.』”

Giving a reason for refusing entry into the country―― I had expected as much. However, the second half…

“Only Rēko…?”

They most likely came to the conclusion that it’d bring less harm than inviting the real Evil Dragon, but…

“I see. Well then, I’ll make sure to strike terror into their hearts in order to not shame the Evil Dragon Lord’s name.”

I almost screamed ‘She’s the real one’, whereas Rēko nodded deeply as if she acknowledged.


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