Chapter 79 – The return of a fraud


Translator: Luk2048

Editor: Ghost Ape

“Looking at the results of our match, it seems my ability is still lacking…”

“Yes, that’s right Rēko. That’s why it’s still too early to go alone on a mission.”

“That’s exactly why I need to go, my further growth demands it. Therefore, we can say this errand is the perfect chance.”

As soon as the death match ended, for some reason Rēko started with her convenient interpretations.

“Umm, Rēko? That’s not what you said right? Wasn’t it whether you’re strong enough to go as an envoy?”

“No, you’re wrong Evil Dragon Lord. It was just a kind of presentation to help me understand the necessity to go through more trials.”

“So, you wanted to go no matter the result.”

Well, I knew from long ago that Rēko’s not an easy child to persuade. Since it’s come to this, it’s obvious she’ll go to that home country no matter what methods I’d use.

“Hey Sheina, how far from here is that home country?”

“Let’s see… It’d take around 7 days on a super-fast horse to the royal capital. However, if it’s only for the provision of information and funds, I think the easternmost checkpoint is enough. They should know what’s going on, and it’ll take only about 2 days to get there.”

“Oh, though called a home country it’s pretty vast, huh.”

“Well yeah. Both Peryudōna and Seiren on the other side of the mountain are fairly big, but there are many towns like that inside the home country. This frontier is only an itty-bitty remote region.”

“That’s amazing.”

Long ago when I’ve mingled in human habitats the scope of the countries wasn’t so vast. That’s because the bigger the towns become, the wider the area to protect extends. Among the total human population only a small handful of people are skilled enough to fight the demons. A fixed number of them must be stationed as town guards, so a massive number of warriors is necessary to maintain an enormous territory.

Formerly the battles depended on personal talent; as a result, the number of powerful warriors was quite low. Now most likely there must’ve been some progress in magic research and methods of training.

So I asked, “In that case, seeing your magic power aren’t you a valuable personnel? Instead of strangely complicating the whole thing wouldn’t it be better to train properly at the home country?”

“You really don’t get it Evil Dragon Lord. Listen closely. If I went somewhere like the Magicians’ Guidance Institution, each and every one of them has magic power. On the other hand, at this frontier’s guard I’m being treated as the main force just by being a mage, you know? Moreover, when I return home every now and then, I can play up to the neighbours like ‘At that age she’s already a strong woman with practical experience.’”

“You’re also fairly twisted, huh.”

I let out a sigh, fretting how to break out of this predicament. Most likely Rēko heading to the home country as an envoy cannot be stopped. However, this child clearly doesn’t know bounds, so she might demand support that makes the country heel over.

If possible I’d prefer to accompany her, but if I were to go with her despite their implicitly stated wishes I’d just raise hell.

“Evil Dragon Lord, if there’s no problem I’d like to depart immediately.”

Even though I didn’t come up with anything yet, Rēko had already spread out her black wings with a snap. I hindered her takeoff by clinging to her legs desperately.

“Hang on, wait Rēko. You mustn’t fly, you cannot. If you do it so suddenly when am I to prepare myself here.”

“Treading on earth in itself is learning… Is it?”

“Yeah that reason’s fine, anyway flying is banned. Also, make sure not to walk on land too fast. Running like always when you plough through the earth isn’t allowed, okay?”

After explaining in detail, I turned around to face Sheina.

“So, I’ve something to ask of you – could you accompany this girl? She’ll probably go and tell some crazy things, but you don’t have to worry about it too much. What I, the real Evil Dragon Rēvendia want, is just some trivial money for our journey.”

“Weeell, that might be difficult. Home country will want to buy Evil Dragon Lord’s favour, so I think they’ll provide a substantial sum according to our Rēko’s demands.”

I turned gloomy at the worrisome future prospects. Yet, another idea popped into my head.

“Oh right, what if I claim to be the kin? After all I’m pretty small in this form, doesn’t it seem likely to succeed?”

“Oops, sorry. It was already relayed in the report that the kin has form of a small human girl… It’s funny, for some reason I’d feel much more at ease if Evil Dragon Lord were to go in person instead of Rēko.”

At that moment, Sheina looked above my shoulder. The expressionless spirit was sitting there gazing absentmindedly at the blue sky. Originally the spirit’s body was an enormous mountain, but now she had the ‘body of a little girl.’

Then as if she remembered something, Sheina started laughing suspiciously. That smile was like the one when she suggested trying to pass off Rēko as a spirit――

“Evil Dragon Lord, may I discuss something with you?”

“What a coincidence, it seems like I’m starting to feel good about that plan of yours.”

I ordered Rēko to stand by for a while and returned to Haizen’s mansion.

In order to work out the details of how to substitute the spirit for Rēko, that is.



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