Chapter 194 – VS Evil Dragon Rēvendia ②  


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「Ah, by the way, little girl. What happened to the dragon? It seems like he turned into something strange during the time I didn’t see him.」

「Looks like your bad eyes aren’t that bad at all. That is just a fake Evil Dragon-sama.」

「Where did the real thing go?」

「Evil Dragon-sama is…」

Rēko  is mumbling.

Even in this situation, she is worried that Rēvendia may not appear.

Ariante looked down on her communication device that was hung around her neck.

Rēvendia should be able to hear that from there――

『Err, Rēko. Can you hear me?』

I was wondering if he is just going to be silent and just wait-and-see, but Rēvendia uttered a voice from his side.

「Hah! Evil Dragon-sama! Where on earth are you now?」

『Err… Actually, I also am fighting somebody here for a bit…』

「I see! You are engaging in a battle with a stronger enemy! You are not dealing a small fish enemy like us here.」

『Well, we are kinda fighting the same enemy. Anyway… I’ll do my best to get there soon. So be careful to not get injured.』

「No, Evil Dragon-sama does not need to be in a hurry. We will get rid of it here.」

Then, Yoro approached us as fast as lightning, and then grabbed the communication device with one hand.

「Dragon. Are you fighting at your place too.」

『Ah, Yoro-san. I’m sorry, but can you help us fight a bit? I will also do my best to so that I can do something.』

「Of course. I’m not somebody that can be pushed by such a dragon――however,」


Yoro continued with a slightly awkward tone.

「I’m currently only receiving magic power from Enka remotely. The story is, my limit of activity is three minutes.」

『…Three minutes?』

「Even when we are communicating like this, my activity limit is approaching by the moment. There is about 2 minutes and ten seconds left.」

『Isn’t that a little to short? Can you extend it?』

「Wait a minute, I’ll ask Enka with telepathy… Mu, hello, is this Enka? It’s me. Can you do your best to increase the magic power you are sending? Do it somehow. You, who is my main rival, should be able to do it. Guts, with guts.」

After questioning and answering for a while,

「It’s impossible. And there is one minute and thirty-six seconds left.」

『So severe, huh.』

「No, I should be able to push it one more time. She is the type to show her guts at the last minute.」

「Eii, you guys! Stop wasting your precious time like an idiot! Fight for the time being!」

When Ariante who was paralyzed lunged at the communication device and stole it back, Yoro went 「It can’t be helped.」

「Then, it became just a matter of exhausting that evil dragon to the point of being inactive in one minute.」

The Evil Dragon starts rising up from the crater. His body that was burned by that single lightning bolt has already been healed. He still doesn’t look like he has suffered any damage.

He stood up and roared. Spreading his wings at that moment, he tried to fly here――


But by that time, Yoro had already grabbed the tail of the Evil Dragon.


 A shoulder throw.

The blow by the power of the Demon King creates a huge crack in the ground where the dragon struck. Moreover, the slamming does not end with only once or twice. Swinging the tail many times, it causes a rumbling that can be mistaken as a big earthquake.


『Aiyo. I can’t extend it, but I’ll give you this much.』

The smoke in the sky responded.

And what came down from the smoke was a burning volcanic ballistic projectile dyed in bright red.

And Yoro then threw an evil dragon at the oversized stone that fell above him.

The Evil Dragon that collided with the projectile at a tremendous speed let out a cry of agony.

「Forty-seconds left… But I don’t think I’ll need it. Let’s do a finishing blow with a full-powered lightning strike.」

Yoro covered himself in purple lightning and aimed at the Evil Dragon that was in the sky.

However, his superiority ends here.

『Geez. It is really inferior when it is just rampaging with power, huh. As expected of the previous Demon King. You are quite a big deal.』

The Evil Dragon flapped its wings and adjusted its posture in the air.

Then, Yoro fired a lighting strike with a swing of his arm. It is such a powerful attack that if any demon is hit with that, the demon would surely disappear into nothing.

『All blades are known to be powerless. The scales I wear is an invincible shield――【Dragon Protector ‘s Black Scales】.』

Countless black scales fell off from the Evil Dragon’s body. 

The peeled scales move in huge groups as if they had a will, forming a huge shield in front of the Evil Dragon.

Yoro’s lightning hit the black scales directly and exploded.

Not to mention failing to penetrate the shield, there was not even a scratch.

The shield was then disassembled into innumerable scales again and began to fly around the Evil Dragon autonomously.

『Unconditionally preventing any attack and responding fully to any unexpected hits from any angle. It’s the ultimate protection skill of the Evil Dragon Rēvendia.』

Along with the voice of the fake kin, the blue eyes of the Evil Dragon looked at the ground.

『An eye for an eye. Shall I call for some lighting? The roaring thunder that is the spear of the God of Destruction that is. Be swallowed by the light and reincarnate――【Thunder Horn of The Evil Dragon.】』

A terrifying energy thunderball was created between the two horns of the Evil Dragon.

Yoro looked up at it and muttered 「Impudent」.

「In any case, I never thought that he would try to hit me with a lightning strike. Come.」

『Yes. Without reservation.』

At the same time with a joyful voice, the thunderball exploded on Yoro.

A flash of light turned the world white, and at the next moment――a fallen Yoro can be seen.


『Oya. It’s surprising that you weren’t completely erased. Seems like you really lived up to the Demon King’s name.』

The fang of the Evil Dragon showed when he made a ferocious smile as if it reflected the emotion of the fake kin.

『I told you already. This is the real Evil Dragon Rēvendia. I don’t want people to think that he only has the ability to mindlessly rampage. The thinking that you were fighting until now was just he doing a preparatory movement.』

With his mouth being a smooth-tongued hypocrite, spouting a series of powerful and convenient techniques on the spot. It was a terrifying ability even when Rēko did it as an ally, but now that ability has gone to the enemy.

『Come, give up and get on your knees. There is no way gods, demons, or humans can resist the Evil Dragon Rēvendia. Bow down, and wait for your death――』

In the middle of the fake kin’s words, the black scales that were automatically floating around formed a shield.

The attack that was prevented was Rēko’s fist.

――To be exact, the wind pressure that was released from her fist on the ground.

The shield, however, has no holes or scratches. No matter how strong Rēko is, the shield of absolute defense cannot be destroyed by wind pressure from her fist alone.

「It’s enough. You people should evacuate to wherever that saintess’s water goes. You will just be a burden.」

*Paki Poki* Rēko cracked her knuckles.

「Wait, Rēko. Your attack on him is…」

「I don’t have to defeat it. It is just a matter of buying time until Evil Dragon-sama comes.」

『So reckless. Sure, you might surpass even this evil dragon in terms of simple magic power, but… It seems that you do not understand out compatibility at all.』

「Shut up.」

Rēko’s figure disappeared.

It was teleportation. She appears above the Evil Dragon and shoots a blow of wind using her fist.

And as the black scales formed a shield, she moved 180 degrees to the opposite direction. Before pulling out her dagger and releasing a vacuum slash. However, the scales managed to track and block it at an unbelievable speed.

It’s unreasonable.

Even if she managed to slip through the defenses and was able to hit with an attack, it would not cause as much damage to the opponent as a scratch.

「Damn it.」

Ariante clenched her teeth to the point of them crushing.

She can’t think of a scene that can benefit them against that enemy. She has never before regretted her lack of power as much as this.

Is the only way left… escape?

『Um, Ariante.』


Is he going to apologize about his lack of power? If so, I am not qualified to condemn him for it.

『Why is the fake kin doing this?』

「What happened out of the blue? It might be a demon’s instinct to try and harm humanity.」

Uuh, Rēvendia groaned, not making himself clear.

『Somehow. In this pitch black space…I feel sad. I thought that I felt that way because it was dark and lonely, but it seems that this is not just my feelings… I think that maybe this is the fake kin’s feelings.』


What does that mean?

If an evil demon were to gain such power, it should have been joyful.


When Ariante was worrying about it, there was a boy who walked through the rubble approaching us.

The boy is Raiotto.

「Why are you still here? Why you didn’t evacuate with the Saintess’s water?」

「There is no way I can do that! Look at that!」

Raiotto pointed at Rēko and the Evil Dragon fighting in the sky.

「Why is Rēko fighting that evil dragon guy!?」

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