The Advent of Death’s Daughter

Author: FoodLovingPanda

It all started that day me and my friend were walking down the street, when all of a sudden my life ended. I found myself in a strange and unfamiliar place where I was offered a new chance to live.

Cast out by those that call themselves gods.
Picked up by a lazy and lecherous person.
Dumped in the middle of nowhere.

Watch me as I take on this world by a storm and stand above everyone and everything.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Magic, Romance

Tags: Adventurers, Accelerated growth, Beast Companions, Calm Protagonist, Clever Protagonist, Dragons, Elves, Female Protagonist, Fantasy World, Game Elements, Gods, Heroes, Lazy Protagonist, Level System, Magic, Magic Beasts, Monster Tamer, Monsters, Pets, Royalty, Spirits, Summoned Heroes, Swords and Magic, Transported to Another World, Weak to Strong

Volume 1
Prologue through Chapter 50

Chapter 0 – Prologue Part 1
Chapter 0 – Prologue Part 2
Chapter 1 – Status
Chapter 2 – Magic Aptitude
Chapter 3 – Cerberus Party
Chapter 4 – Dark Magic At Work
Chapter 5 – Heroes Assemble
Chapter 6 – Town of Orzak
Chapter 7 – Adventurer’s Guild
Chapter 8 – First Request
Chapter 9 – Enter Goblins
Chapter 10 – Magic Genius
Chapter 11 – Heroes and Cerberus
Chapter 12 – Rank Up
Chapter 13 – Mock Battle
Chapter 14 – Magic and Strawberries
Chapter 15 – A Visitor
Chapter 16 – D-Rank Request
Chapter 17 – Goblin’s Lair
Chapter 18 – [Merciless]
Chapter 19 – Rainbow Blade
Chapter 20 – Hero’s Worries
Chapter 21 – A New Record
Chapter 22 – Evil Queen Naoko
Chapter 23 – D-Rank Promotion Test
Chapter 24 – Meeting The Heroes
Chapter 25 – Enter Guild Master
Chapter 26 – Summon
Chapter 27 – A Series Of Unfortunate Events
Chapter 28 – Culprits
Chapter 29 – The Assailant
Chapter 30 – The Walk Back Home
Chapter 31 – Setting The Trap
Chapter 32 – Setting The Stage
Chapter 33 – Soaring Flame Princess vs The Queen
Chapter 34 – Black Hand
Chapter 35 – The Truth
Chapter 36 – Jump Rank
Chapter 37 – Elemental Empress
Chapter 38 – Duke Loren and Earl Orzak
Chapter 39 – The Might Of Earl Orzak
Chapter 40 – Back To Kapitalia
Chapter 41 – Getting Ready
Chapter 42 – Setting Off
Chapter 43 – A Meal With The Earl
Chapter 44 – Encounter
Chapter 45 – Don’t Mess With Me
Chapter 46 – Terror Known As Elemental Empress
Chapter 47 – The Scene Of Carnage
Chapter 48 – Destination In Sight
Chapter 49 – Entering The Royal Castle
Chapter 50 – Royal Capital Guild Branch

Chapters 51 through 100

Chapter 51 – Selling The Materials
Chapter 52 – The Trial Begins
Chapter 53 – I Call You Upon The Witness Stand
Chapter 54 – Enemy Of The State, Set For Execution
Chapter 55 – Tea For Two
Chapter 56 – The End Of The Trial
Chapter 57 – Celebration Party
Chapter 58 – I Am So Ashamed
Chapter 59 – The Missing Day: Inoue Mai
Chapter 60 – The Missing Day: Nakamura Daisuke
Chapter 61 – The Missing Day: Nakamura Daisuke (2)
Chapter 62 – The Missing Day: Nakanishi Hiiro
Chapter 63 – Back To Now
Chapter 64 – The Tournament Begins
Chapter 65 – A Scene Dyed In Red
Chapter 66 – Individual Bouts
Chapter 67 – Round Robin
Chapter 68 – Flying Sword Art: Black Bind
Chapter 69 – Refusal
Chapter 70 – Quarterfinals: Magic Genius
Chapter 71 – The Dust Settles
Chapter 72 – Semifinals Begin
Chapter 73 – Flashing Lights And Invisible Battle
Chapter 74 – The First Finalist
Chapter 75 – The Untouchable One
Chapter 76 – Sleepless Night
Chapter 77 – Dream’s Night
Chapter 78 – A Good Luck Charm
Chapter 79 – The Grand Finale
Chapter 80 – A Show Of Power
Chapter 81 – Hidden In The Mist
Chapter 82 – Strength Of A New Generation
Chapter 83 – Creation Magic Unveiled
Chapter 84 – A Howl In The Night
Chapter 85 – The Last Fires Of Fighting
Chapter 86 – The Aftermath Of The Battle
Chapter 87 – Waking Up
Chapter 88 – Back Home
Chapter 89 – Mylene’s Sweet Tooth
Chapter 90 – New Clothes, New Armor, New Weapon
Chapter 91 – Progress
Chapter 92 – Temple Of Rain
Chapter 93 – Temple Of Bountiful Harvest
Chapter 94 – The Locket And The Sword
Chapter 95 – Guardian Of The Deep
Chapter 96 – At Death’s Door
Chapter 97 – Sapphire
Chapter 98 – Ghost Of The Past
Chapter 99 – Never Judge Based On Appearance
Chapter 100 – A Sponsor

Chapter 101 through 150

Chapter 101 – The Ocean
Chapter 102 – Night Cruise
Chapter 103 – Night Battle
Chapter 104 – Night Is Darkest Before Dawn
Chapter 105 – A Scolding
Chapter 106 – A Sitcom Situation
Chapter 107 – Danger Level
Chapter 108 – Banbo
Chapter 109 – Negotiations
Chapter 110 – Stubborn
Chapter 111 – Promotion? More Like Demotion!
Chapter 112 – Her Social Status
Chapter 113 – The Dress
Chapter 114 – The Party At Earl’s Mansion
Chapter 115 – Impactful Entrance
Chapter 116 – Tension Grows Higher
Chapter 117 – Bargaining Chip
Chapter 118 – Against My Will
Chapter 119 – Everything Is Concluded
Chapter 120 – A Desirable Present
Chapter 121 – No Going Back
Chapter 122 – I Tried
Chapter 123 – B Is For Byakko
Chapter 124 – Preparations
Chapter 125 – Creating A Secret Base
Chapter 126 – Recruitment Notice
Chapter 127 – More Trouble Looking For Me
Chapter 128 – Guests
Chapter 129 – Training Begins
Chapter 130 – Land Owner
Chapter 131 – Busted
Chapter 132 – Goblin Lair Inn
Chapter 133 – Surprise
Chapter 134 – The Ogre Village
Chapter 135 – Breaking The Seal
Chapter 136 – Pushed Too Far
Chapter 137 – Overlooked Fact
Chapter 138 – Avoidance
Chapter 139 – Final Preparations
Chapter 140 – Dungeon Master
Chapter 141 – The Fight Against The Dragon
Chapter 142 – Dragon Bride
Chapter 143 – A Dungeon Is Born
Chapter 144 – My First Dungeon
Chapter 145 – I Didn’t Ask For This
Chapter 146 – Increasing The Rank
Chapter 147 – Conflict
Chapter 148 – The Wyvern Appears
Chapter 149 – Jackpot
Chapter 150 – Bringing the Wyvern Back


  1. Really like this site, but the malicious redirect ads make enjoying your translations almost impossible.

    • Hi Aamir,

      Thank you. We are glad that you are enjoying this site. We don’t use malicious ads on this site. And we constantly monitor the ads that we use. Your computer maybe the one that’s infected with some malware, as no one in our staff experiencing it. However, if you can send a screenshot of this malicious advert to: we will also get it looked at.

  2. I’m loving the story so far! Is there a release schedule for this?

    I’m looking forward to more. 🙂

  3. Really liking this! I think it’s probably my favorite original novel I’ve read so far. Keep up the good work!

    In the illustration above, I can’t see the scar on her face. Is it on her left eye and covered by her hair, or is it on the right and the illustrator forgot to add it? I also wasn’t expecting her to be so busty since she’s mistaken as a kid all the time.

  4. in her status what does [WIS] [END] [CHA] mean? and what do they affect?

    • Probabily Wisdom, Endurance and Charm?
      [Wis] for Magic Resistance
      [End] for Resistance
      [Cha] for attractiveness?

      I’m not sure either, but this is what I understand.

    • Probabily Wisdom, Endurance and Charm?

      [Wis] for Magic Resistance
      [End] for Resistance
      [Cha] for Attractiveness?

      I’m not sure either, but this is what I undestand.

    • [WIS] Wisdom (generally relates to the ability to learn higher levels of clerical magic, sometimes also relates to “common sense” as opposed to “intelligence”…)
      [END] Endurance
      [CHA] Charisma (the base impression others have towards you when they first meet you, prior to your opening your mouth and ruining that impression entirely… Has an impact upon negotiations and interactions. Not really the same as appearance, although there are standard modifiers to it based upon your species and the species with whom you are interacting, etc.)

      At least, that’s what [WIS] and [CHA] stood for in 1977 when I first started playing Dungeons & Dragons, back when it comprised of three 8.5″ x 5.375″ booklets + four supplemental volumes of similar dimensions, running from 36 to 68 pages each…

      Yes, 8.5″ x 11″ folded down the middle of the 11″ and spine stapled.

      I never did own the fourth supplement, but I still have my original copies of the rest.

      [END], while not part of that rules set, has in general stood for Endurance in those RPGs which use it as a character stat. Endurance differs from [STR] (Strength) in that it tends to deal with how long you can continue to do something; it also differs from [CON] (Constitution) in that it’s not strictly speaking a health modifier.
      Within the boundaries set up by STR and CON, etc., how long can you continue in a given activity at a set level of effort; how long can you endure?

    • Wisdom and intelligence both effect maximum mana and also mana regen while ussually intelligence increases magic damage more than max mana while wisdom increases max mana and mana resistance. The other 2 are endurance and charm

  5. [WIS] = Wisdom
    [END] = Endurance
    [CHA] = Charm

  6. everyone who sees Naoko’s status says that her status is absurd. but what is the status of a normal person like? as Naoko doesn’t have a skill that she can evaluate other people so it’s difficult to compare her with other people !! and I would like to see the current status of the heroes too !!

    • Of you take a look at her status in chapter 18 it would roughly correspond to a male adult at level 60-70. You can take that as a small guideline.

      As for the heroes’ status, sadly I didn’t include it. Maybe later on I can include some, but overall they are not important for the plot. Even Naoko’s stats are used merely to show her growth.

  7. So the MC is a female right? Since there’s a romance tag, is it yuri or normal MalexFemale protag?

  8. So the MC is female right? Since there’s a romance tag, is it yuri or normal MalexFemale protag?

  9. Where have the last 16 chapters suddenly disappeared to?

  10. I really love this series so far and I’ve already reread it a couple of times but I would really appreciate it if we could get some character designs. I can imagine most of them without a problem but I’m lost when it comes to Naoko. She’s described as flat and short, basically a loli even she herself said it but the cover gives me a totally different image. I can’t tell for certain if she tall or short since there’s nothing to compare her with but she definitely not flat so I have no idea what to picture her as and end up with a naoka that changes according to the situation.

  11. I have read everything up to chapter 240 and I have to say the way the novel is written is very good, no grammar problems either. Sadly this novel has one problem which is the forced marriage that is pretty much going on for most of the novel. It’s really badly thought-out idea that makes the novel hard to read and feel forced.

    • Yeah, this is the exact reason I’ve dropped this novel. I check back every now and then, but not really seen any changes, nothing conclusive enough anyway. It started out good, but right after she befriends that sea serpent and then gets cursed to be in the forced marriage, I just lost my temper. Vitou, his father the king, and the “mystery man” should all be dead, I’d accept no other outcome if I wanted to read this novel and donate to it. It was a bad plot point, and it has poisoned the novel.

  12. Is this still being translated?

    • It’s not being translated; it’s an original novel at LNT.

      Posting is once a week currently.

      • Is the author of this still posting chapters? I’m still very interested in this novel.

      • Unfortunately the author dropped out of communications and hasn’t been heard from in over two years; the last contact was her posting Chapter 176 on September 7, 2020.
        We’re all rather worried.

        We posted the rest of what had already been provided to us, hoping that before we ran through them she’d resurface, but that didn’t happen.

  13. Hello I like the story really much and I can’t wait to read more of it so please don’t let the story die.

  14. Generally I liked the story until she was forced to be married to the prince. Legitimately one of my least favorite things to happen like actually though only other thing that comes close is an mc just up an being fine with obvious injustices like slavery.

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