Death’s Daughter Chapter 1


Author: “FoodLovingPanda”

I woke up with a jolt. That stupid perverted, mind reading demon. Just what was he thinking kissing me all of a sudden. Doesn’t he know he mustn’t kiss a maiden’s lips without her permission. Uwah it is so embarrassing. That was my first kiss. It is quite a big deal to me. Does he know no shame?

Finally after calming down I took notice of my surroundings. I was in the middle of a forest with no sign of any trail around. Stupid, stupid Thanatos, at least dump me somewhere near civilization. Or leave me with a map or an instruction booklet. Isn’t this how heroes are supposed to start their adventure in another world. How could you do this to me? Aren’t you my patron god or not?

Feeling rather pissed at him I picked a direction and began walking. If this was a light novel I would hear a person scream and I would rush and help them with my overwhelming strength and cheat skills. But that wasn’t helping at all. In fact I wasn’t feeling any different than before. I didn’t feel any strength or lightness. In fact, I felt like I have grown even weaker.

I had no food, no water and no shelter or money. And aside from a stick I picked up off the ground I didn’t have a weapon either. What blessing? So far everything was like a curse. Did I get nothing in the end? If I could check my skills it would be great. Why didn’t I ask before how to check my abilities? I blame him for kissing me so suddenly that I completely forgot about everything.

Just as if I was inside VRMMO I tried to bring up menu screen by swiping my left hand in mid air, but nothing happened. I tried right hand as well. Nothing. Yelling out Menu and Status also did nothing as did Character Screen and Options. Well I couldn’t expect much. I didn’t even know if it was possible to check my stats in the first place. I was lucky to be in the middle of nowhere because if someone would see me would be super embarrassing.


“Come useless power of the perverted and lazy god and show me my status.”


“I am the one that wields authority over my own self so show up: Status Screen”

“…umm…excuse me…”

Did I just hear something? Slowly and carefully I turned around and behind me stood a person. He had dark leather armor and was armed with a pair of daggers. Just how long was he standing here? Petrified I stared at him my face beet red. He was also staying silent which only made the situation worse.

“Oi Blinky, what’s keepin’ you? Did yer find a monster or what?”

“Nord… weird pale human…look”

Just who are you calling weird. Soon behind him from within the bushes a man easily having over two meters appeared. He was rather burly and looked really strong. In fact from both of them I could sense great strength oozing. Just like inside the game I felt they were much stronger than me.

“Oh, little lassie, whatcha doin’ in this forest. This is no place for lil’ kids to play. It’s not safe!”

“I am not a kid. For heaven’s sake I am already 17.”

If there was one thing I really couldn’t stand it was being mistaken for a child, which unfortunately happened a lot. I do have a childish face and stature but that alone doesn’t make me a kid.

“Seriously, 17? Could never tell, sorry lass.”

“No, I am sorry, I overreacted. Please forgive me. I got lost in this forest after being dumped here without any information by a rather lazy and lewd person so I have no idea what to do nor where I am.”

No matter how angry and frustrated I am it gives me no right to lash out at others. Apologizing for my actions is only logical. Luckily they both seemed rather composed people and they didn’t take my words to heart. In the first place they might be able to get me out of here and if I chase them away I will be at square one.

“… girl… why weird words…?”

“Don’t worry lass, but whatcha did to make Blinky here call you weird?”

I blushed… he must have seen quite a lot of my monkey business to call me weird. Heck even if he heard just one thing coming from my mouth would make anyone doubt my sanity. I should ask them for help since they seemed like rather decent people.

“Actually, I have no knowledge about this world at all. I don’t even know if I can see my own status to see anything that might help me understand just what am I supposed to be. I was trying out all different combinations of words to see my own skills and stats.”

“That is quite terrible. I can see from how you are pissed that you are not lyin’ about your situation. How about we help you? I am Nord and the quiet one is called Blink. We have another friend called Colt near here. If you want to why dontcha join us on our journey to reach the town where you can learn more.”

“I am Maeda Naoko. Pleased to meet you Nord-san, Blink-san. I will be in your care then.”

I wasn’t sure if this was the smartest idea, but it was better than remaining lost in the middle of nowhere. I can just cross my fingers and trust that they are good people.

“Maeda… weird name…”

“It is my family name. My name is Naoko.”

“Naoko… Status Open…”

“Do you really think I didn’t try saying such obvious… Status Open!”

Naoko Maeda
Race: Human
Age: 17
Job: /
Class: /

World Traveler
Daughter of Death

HP 20/20
MP 90/90


Language Comprehension
Heaven’s eye


Tabula Rasa

I am an idiot!


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