Death’s Daughter Chapter 126


Author: “FoodLovingPanda”



It has been a month since I returned to the castle. As I expected the appearance of the mysterious Archduke and arranging the territory for him caused some commotion as well as complaints from countless nobles, but since it was a mountain range nobody cared about I was able to calm them down.

I was still doubtful as to what was the real goal of this whole arrangement, but no matter how much I thought about it I could not figure out what the real reason might be so I decided to let it go. After all Naoko-chan will become my partner and that is something that I really have to look forward to.

The only variable left is her promotion to A-rank adventurer. That man said he would make sure of it, but knowing Naoko-chan I simply cannot see her complying with his wishes. She was not someone do things obediently if she doesn’t want to do them. Luckily my worries turned out to be in vain since I got a report from Toriwa saying she had already become B-rank adventurer which really came in as a surprise but upon reading the details of how it happened I realized what that man meant by ensuring she will keep on promoting.

“Father, the reports for today are here. I need you to go over them and also you should come out of archive room. I don’t know what made you this obsessed, but staying here all day long is not good for your health.”

“Son, you already do most of the things. I am preparing you for the day you take over. Also your father is making sure you can continue our bloodline and to help you. I need to find something in here, otherwise everything will be in vain. Don’t worry about reporting me every day, I trust you to deal with anything that comes up.”

I looked at my father among the piles of papers as he skimmed over each and every single one of them. There are countless laws and documents stored in this room and if he plans on going through each and every single one of them, he might not come out in the next ten years. I couldn’t help since he refused to tell me what he is looking for and also someone needs to be in charge of the kingdom while he is here.

Among the reports that I held, there was one that I found a bit concerning. I have put several men on duty to observe the newest clan ‘Dragon’s Descent’ that was under Naoko-chan and for the past few months nothing happened, literally nothing since all the members ever did do personal requests and stay at home. The only time they were at their base, was to feel the bear guards and to drink occasionally, especially when they were hiding from their wives.

But starting a few days ago everyone suddenly started rushing around town. Apparently they began recruiting new members and the conditions were quite harsh. First you had to be over thirteen years old and under seventeen. You also had to be at least a D-rank adventurer. And lastly only eighteen new members would be able to be accepted. Furthermore even those eighteen will have to go through special training and a test to become fully fledged members of the clan.

If it were any other clan, I would not bother with such reports, but since this was Naoko-san we are talking about who knows what will happen. Whenever she and her brother are involved I develop headaches. Another concern that I have is that all the members practically worshipped her and it might affect the new recruits who want to join. She might actually be able to gain more strong worshippers and that is something I don’t want to see. It feels dangerous and I should probably find out why this is happening.

Leaving the reports back in my office I decided to pay a visit to the Knight Commander at the training field and discuss my plans with him.

“Your Highness, to what do I owe this honor? As you can see, all the knight recruits are strong and working hard to improve.”

“I came to ask you for help, can you spare me a moment?”

“Anytime Your Highness. What is it that you need?”

This man had been serving the royal family for the past thirty years and fought many battles. He is also wise and his opinion has heavy weight. He is one of the rare people that I can wholeheartedly trust. That is why I told him about my plan to plant a spy in Naoko’s clan.

“I need to borrow one of the young ones. Do you have anyone that is between fifteen and seventeen in your ranks that is also D-rank adventurer?”

To join the knight ranks one must be at least fourteen, but I didn’t want a complete newbie to go that is why I hoped to get someone more mature.

“Not many here are also part of the Adventurer’s Guild but there should be some. I don’t know what rank they achieved, but if I find someone I will send them to your later. I am not so sure about using someone as young, but considering the circumstances we have no other option. I must say Naoko-san is more formidable than what I thought; she knows that accepting older people will make it harder to sway them in case they are spies. Expect to see someone in your office by nightfall.”

I left the training field and went back to my office to deal with more paperwork. Seriously, the more work I take over from my father the less kingly I seem. I became immersed in all the documents and didn’t realize someone had come until the guard announced the arrival of the guests. I just thought that it was the Knight Commander with the recruit, but I was surprised to see there were two of them instead of one.

“Your Highness I have brought the candidates. These two are twins that joined our ranks two years ago. Luca and Ina are also both registered with the Adventurer’s guild. I will allow you to explain everything to them. Please excuse me.”

The twins looked rather peculiar with pure white hair and blue eyes. Both of them were beautiful and no matter how I looked at them they looked nothing like knights but they both gave me a proper salute and waited for me to explain everything.

“Luca and Ina, please have a seat. There is a lot to talk about. I heard that both of you are quite talented. May I know what rank you have at the guild.”

“Your Highness, my sister is D-rank on verge of becoming C-rank and I have already achieved C-rank some time ago.”

C-rank already, with this I can be sure that at least one of them will be able to be accepted among the eighteen. And seeing as his sister also has a lot of contributions at the guild she might also be accepted, even more if her brother joins.

“Very well, I called you here because I have a mission for the two of you. Hear me out.”

I explained everything that they need to do and pay attention to while on the mission and then sent them off. I am sorry my dear Naoko-chan, but this is a necessity. You are too dangerous when you do things like this without me knowing why you are doing it. Please don’t hold it against me.

A week later I was informed that both Luca and Ina were accepted and are heading to Orzak for special training along the eighteen new members accompanied by six official ones.


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