Death’s Daughter Chapter 13


Author: “FoodLovingPanda”


“Naoko-san so you are already taking the exam for a rank up? You will have to wait a bit. I need to find someone to fight with you. Stay here, this shouldn’t take too long.”

Fioran-san was in charge of training grounds and arena. He used to be an A-rank adventurer until he suffered an injury that made him retire from his adventuring days. Now he helps out at the guild and acts as referee at all official battles among adventurers. He is a cheerful person and apparently one of the five people that lost money to me while drinking. Luckily, he didn’t hold a grudge over it.

I patiently waited for him to return. At first it was 10 minutes, then 30, then an hour. I became worried as to why he wasn’t returning. He said to wait here but where is he? Could it be that this is also part of the test? Like seeing if I am patient enough or something? In the end, I waited for almost two whole hours before he returned with two other men.

“Sorry for the long wait Naoko-san. I ran into some trouble out there. It seems that
everyone wanted to spar with you and a huge fight broke out among the adventurers. The ones that will test you are Odi-san and Volt-san.”

“I’m Maeda Naoko, Naoko being my given name. Pleased to meet you Odi-san, Volt-san.”

“So this is the Queen… you’re younger than I thought. Volt, stand back I alone am enough to take her on. She’s acting all high and mighty thinking she can rank only after a few days.”

“Don’t got regretting those words later on Odi.”

Odi-san took out a greatsword and approached the center of the arena field. I mimicked his motion and stood across him short distance away. Fioran was positioned to act as referee and stop any movement that could prove fatal. Volt-san pulled back a few steps giving Odi-san enough space.

“Come little girl daddy’s gonna teach you your place.”

“This is a mock battle so avoid any and all attacks that would prove fatal or extremely
dangerous. I don’t want any dirty tricks or unfair fight. Am I clear?”


“Very well… Ready…START!”

First things first, I invoked my mana and began casting magic.

“Come forth darkness; [Bind],[Blind], [Increase Sword Weight], [Reduce Friction], [Slow]”

Casting almost the same set of magic I used in my fight with Nord-san, I weakened my opponent considerably before charging at him with my sword firmly gripped. As I was about to reach him I sensed a presence of a person that shouldn’t be there behind me and immediately jumped to the side.

In the place that I was a moment ago Volt-san stood armed with a sword similar to mine. That right there was dangerous. I’d be dead if I didn’t dodge. But this battle was finally turning interesting. 2v1, I might finally find a way to test out my skills now.

I lowered my stance and held the sword by my left side with the hilt pointing towards
Volt-san and Odi-san. This was the first among the skills that I was able to reproduce from the VRMMO “Free World” – White Charge. These sword skills were what made me become famous in game.

My mind was entirely focused on striking both of them, killing intent seeping out from me. I saw Volt-san take a step back. I kicked off my charge when all of a sudden Fioren-san stepped in front of me interrupting the fight.

“Stop, the battle is over. Congratulations Naoko-san you have passed the exam.”

Huh? Over already, but I didn’t get to do anything at all. I looked at the three of them utterly disappointed. And here I was finally able to test my skills against someone stronger. Goblins are simply too weak to use this sword style against them.

“Umm, Naoko-chan, was it? Can you please remove the magic you cast on me?”

“I’m sorry Odi-san. Dispel. I had totally forgotten about it.”

“Is that really Dark Magic? I never heard such a way that would stop me immediately even make me lose my sight. And that was definitely not everything, why add more when I can’t move in the first place?”

“But what if you break Bind or Blind? I want a safety net.”

He looked dumbstruck hearing my words. Wasn’t it a normal thing to cast several magic to weaken opponents? I already knew that affecting the weapons was not something that people do, so I was not surprised when he asked why his weapon seemed heavier.

“Naoko-chan, why didn’t you cast your magic on me as well? And also what was with that stance. Magicians do not have strong physical strength, why did you think you can go against me?”

“Actually my strong suit is swordfight. I wanted to test out my skill against someone strong. And besides, magic I use is only a support, if I had attack magic on the other hand, things would have definitely turned out different.”

All three people were surprised to hear my words. Seriously, for a world brimming with
magic they were utterly underestimating it. Bidding goodbye to them after thanking them for the fight I went to update my guild card this time avoiding Bitch-chan.

Upon finishing, I decided to take the rest of the day off and enjoy the town life and do some shopping, maybe start stocking up on things inside my inventory. You never know when you might need something, and since time inside doesn’t flow, even food will remain fresh forever.

I had a lot of money thanks to my drunk self and I wasn’t worried about spending too much that is why I went on a shopping spree buying in bulk everything from meat, eggs, milk, fruits and vegetables, spices and metals. I also made sure not to buy too much so that other citizens can also enjoy them, but compared to what others bought it was still in large amount.

I made a mental note to do this regularly so that I never run out of supplies. Since I was living in this world now I might as well act as a merchant when I travel to other cities on my adventures. Little extra income won’t be that bad.



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    Fioran : I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took arrow in the knee.

  2. Little extra income won’t be that bad.

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