Death’s Daughter Chapter 153

Author: “FoodLovingPanda”


The wyverns being brought out caused quite a commotion. Ichi and Ni while both being monsters were actually more of mascots and pets of the entire clan and nobody would dare to think to use them in battle. But with the mention of wyvern riding team, nobody dared to think of them as mascots. That idea was that attractive to everyone.

After some deliberating it was decided that a two man teams would be formed to ride a wyvern and also take care of this. It is one thing that I insisted on. Those that want to be part of this unit must make sure their wyvern is well taken care of and develops a strong bond with them. With all this talk it was even decided that they would start looking for more wyverns to tame and a dedicated team would go out and deal with all wyvern requests at greatest urgency. I let them do it, but I made sure they promised not to do reckless things that would put them in danger unnecessarily.

“Honorable Boss, the training of the newbies, how is it going?”

“They are next to last phase of training. I must say they are all good seedlings. We will not lose to anyone in the future. That is why all of you need to put in extra effort otherwise, you will be left behind.”

In the end, I stayed in the mansion the entire night and slept way past noon. I made sure to visit all the shops I needed to stock up on items I usually don’t have access to in Orzak while I am in Kapitalia. I even raided the farmers’ market since I didn’t know when would be the next time I could come again.

When everything was done I let Byakko stay here and come back to Orzak once he feels like it and used the expressway to return back home exactly nine days after accepting the request for the wyvern subjugation. This meant that another period of avoiding every and all situations where I might gain contributions for the guild is starting. Luckily my students should be able to deal with most of the things that are drawn here, so it will all go towards their contributions.

Even though I really wanted to go to the dungeon as soon as possible, I decided to visit the guild first and get the approval processed. All I had to do is give them the letter of approval and my guild card and it would be done in a jiffy.

“Naoko-san, how could you have left us at such a bad time? The day you took off a terrible thing happened. A dungeon was created near your home, we couldn’t enter for five days, but once we did it was horrible. None of us are strong enough to clear it. You see, the moment you step into the dungeon your mana starts to be drained and unless you are super strong mage you will not be able to stand inside for more than half an hour. We really need your help.”

“Nino-san, calm down, breathe. First let’s process this finished request. Then we can talk about the rest.”

He looked really tired and exhausted. For a moment I felt bad for him since I was the one that made him deal with all this extra work. It was only a moment though.

“Naoko-san please clear that dungeon. I can directly promote you to A-rank if you do that for us.”

Now that made it really easy to decline. I practically shoved my guild card into his hands along with town mayor’s letter and smiled.

“First process. And no thank you. I was already forced to take one A-rank request and due to personal reasons I had to accept another. I don’t plan on doing anything for the time being.”

He stood petrified unwilling to accept my words. He must have thought I would throw him a lifeline when I returned, but all I did was look at him and walked by without doing anything. Well the problem none of them realize is that I cannot go against myself. That dungeon is mine after all.


“Nino-san, please don’t hold it against me. I am already in deep enough poop and by the time I become A-rank it will be too late to regret. As long as it is an emergency of B-rank you can call upon me, but unless I am forced to you will not see me deal with A-rank requests.”

He looked so sad as he processed my request. I0m sure he was thinking about all the paperwork he would have to deal with in the future with many adventurers coming to Orzak. Sorry Nino-san, but I am also in it to profit.

I took my guild card and left him standing there. It was finally time to return home.


Shit! Shit! Shit! First the Icefire Mountains, now Orzak, what is going on? Dungeons were supposed to be a rare occurrence, and here they are popping left and right. If you take into account the one in the Western Sea that is three new dungeons in two years. Is this the reason all twelve heroes were summoned?

“Prince, I have a report.”


One of my attendants, that is in charge of affairs within the city, entered the office. Let’s just hope he’s bringing in some good news.

“Dragon’s Descent seems to have some sort of feud with Blood Knight, expect some trouble in the next few weeks.”

That’s okay, these commotions are common and rarely do the authorities have to intervene. Why did he feel that I need to know this? I waited for the rest of the report.

“The problem is that Dragon’s Descent seemed to have formed a special division within the clan called Air Force One and as of now there is nothing much to be found out about it. Apparently it is made of elites of the clan to make air attacks or something like that. Our informant couldn’t overhear what they were discussing. I think we should send someone to investigate them.”

A special division for air attacks? Air Force? I thought about my encounter with Naoko-chan and almost cursed out loud. The wyverns! If they grow up and have been tamed by the members because they spent all their childhood with them wouldn’t they become fearsome enemies? And I even said a few more monsters wouldn’t mean anything to me. If five wyverns come flying down towards you I can bet you would piss your pants in fear.

“Make one person keep track of every single monster that Dragon’s Descent have and come across in the future. Also tell guards at all entrances to not allow anyone to bring in more monsters to the city unless I personally allow it. Now tell me, in the past six years, how many times did the royal court had to act because of wyverns?”

“As far as I know not even once, the adventurers took care of all that were reported.”

“We came across 53 wyvern subjugations that were declared urgent or potentially dangerous that we secretly dealt with. And in those 53 encounters we killed two dozen baby wyverns at the very least. Not even once did we think of capturing them alive and then using them for ourselves. And now we have some third party gain almost half a dozen.”

How did she come up with this idea while only being aware of this world for merely a year, while so many of us that grew up here never thought of this? How can she be so strong and continually grow stronger with every meeting without being a hero or even having a god’s blessing?

“Your Highness?”

“Don’t mind me, send me some strong soldiers. I think it is time for a reform within the military. And to do that I need to obtain the goods, also call the Knight Commander as well and as I said have someone keep an eye on Dragon’s Descent. You can go.”

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