Death’s Daughter Chapter 154

Author: “FoodLovingPanda”


“Mistress I will inform you of the current state: Demonic Temptation(C), Floors 4/4, Traps 38/40, monsters 52/200, elite monsters 1/4, DP: 3723, 40DP/day”

I couldn’t believe that it was already over three thousand DP. This meant that mana draining trap was working wonderfully and that I had a steady flow of income. This should only increase in the future with more people arriving here. This is great since I can add more monsters.

“My bride I have missed you so much, come give me a kiss. Let’s commemorate our reunion with a night of wild passion and fantasy.”

The perverted dragon tried to kiss me, but I moved away and he ended up kissing the wall behind me. Serves him right, let him learn that he should not try to overstep his boundaries.

“Princess, take a thousand DP and keep them. I will use the remaining, I will buy three direwolves and place them in the central area of the first floor. They should be a challenge to the adventurers for now. How is the Three-headed puppy, hmm I guess I should give it a name. Let’s call him Sanshi.”

The direwolves were worth five hundred points each. While away I also thought about the layout of my dungeon. I will use the first floor to dump whatever monsters I can and going from the second floor I will keep it thematic. Hopefully by the time I get to lower floors there will be more variety of monsters to pick from.

“How can you be so cruel to ignore me my bride? I really did miss you and worked extremely hard on protecting this place.”

“And I am grateful for that, but this and that are two different things. You should be grateful that I let you sleep on the same bed.”

I then decided to spend the remainder of points on Random Reward option. As much as those things brought out junk items, getting an elite monster for mere 100DP is worth every penny. I am sure this is the best way to gain monsters. This was definitely not me making excuses, definitely not.

“Well then I can do as I please. You mentioned Sanshi, he’s growing up fast and is completely attached to your little wolf.”

This is good, once he fully grows he will become the guardian of the first floor. I should probably put on sign as well in the same room as him saying ‘Abandon all hope ye who enter here’ just for the giggles. After all a three headed dog should guard the entrance to hell.

Sadly this time around I didn’t get anything noteworthy, but I didn’t mind it. It will pay out some other time for sure. Since I couldn’t stay inside the dungeon for too long I decided to go home. I need to make it open for business now that this area has become a hotspot. I just hope that that the house is still standing.

“Naoko-sensei, welcome back. Did you finish everything?”

“Ina-chan. I’m back. I am all done and will be staying here for a while now. How are things on your side? Is ranking up going well?”

“Yeah, with dungeon appearing here just by providing detailed maps we can add contributions. Thanks to your training, it is going smoothly. But monsters inside are all crazy strong, I knew that monsters from dungeons are generally stronger than wild ones, but here, common ones are Goblin generals, or orcs. Plus your mana drains constantly so it is even more dangerous to stay for long.”

“It is hard for you all. Keep up the good work.”

“Umm… sensei, just to ask, who are they?”

I turned around and finally took notice of the two people that followed me from the dungeon. I could understand Fulgy, but what is Succubus Princess doing here? How can a dungeon core leave the dungeon? Why did she do it in the first place?

“Why are you following me?!”

“Mistress, as my master I must serve you whenever I can. It is only natural. I follow along, besides I am certain I can learn from you how to seduce others. You are much superior to me when it comes to charming aura.”

Shut up, I never asked for any of that.

“I must protect my bride. If I am away from you, who would be there to protect you? That is why I am going to stay by your side.”

How can he say such things shamelessly? Panicking internally I looked at Ina who was pressing her hands over her mouth hiding her shock. Oh-oh, she definitely heard everything those two said. Uwah, I can’t let rumors spread.

“Ina they are my acquaintances and nothing more. Don’t listen to what they are saying. It’s all lies, they are merely acquaintances, you got that?”


She nodded her head, but didn’t say anything. I cannot trust her. I can’t trust her at all. Before I could say anything else she waved me goodbye and ran off towards her room. I swear I heard her calling Zyra and several other girls as she ran.

“If rumors spread I’m blaming the two of you.”

I returned to the house and settled my acquaintances in one room before I brought out a giant glowing sign indicating there is an inn here and positioned myself at the entrance. It was finally time to start a side job. This should be my everyday for the next several months.

***NINO’S POV***

“Naoko-san, you tricked me! You definitely planned this when you declined my plea. You are only thinking about profit, it is too cruel!”

“Nino, calm down. Naoko-sama also needs to live from this. She calculated it would probably be more profitable this way than to clear the dungeon. She already did enough for this town in merely one year. Don’t be so hard on her.”

“Millie-chan, it is not fair. I never thought she would open an inn. AN INN! It is too cruel, do you have any idea how much profit we were gaining from her selling all her monsters to the guild without dismantling them first? Her taking a break from being an adventurer will really hit us financially. I can’t wait for uncle to return back home.”

It hadn’t been a week and she remodeled her house completely turning it into an inn. And according to word of mouth it is an awesome place to stay at. According to those that stayed for the night, there is a woman that makes all men fall in love and drool over her and a cook that can satisfy even the pickiest eaters.

Why is Naoko-san only thinking of profit when she should be able to easily clear the dungeon? I feel extremely betrayed by her actions, but there is nothing I can do to make her take action.


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