Death’s Daughter Chapter 164

Author: “FoodLovingPanda”


Kapitalia was the same as ever. The city, despite being so large always felt the same to me, always heading at its own pace not bothering about anything else. At Orzak everyone was familiar with others and often hung around in groups when going somewhere, be it returning home from fields or going on trips. Here everyone kept to themselves, and even were avoiding each other. Heck, now that I think about it, this is not normal at all.

“Hey, what’s with all of them? Why is everyone avoiding each other?”

Vitou was walking next to me because the area around the capital was proclaimed as no flight zone for those arriving. I assume this was to prevent possible attack on the city from the skies. Well, I don’t mind it, as long as I get to fly out of it freely.

“A group of bandits appeared somewhere near the city. They attack only groups travelling in this area.  Those that survived all said they are battle maniacs only looking for risky fights. We can’t find them at all and it is making everyone worried.”

“Are they going to attack us as well?”

If they were battle maniacs wouldn’t attacking us be considered quite the high for them? It was no secret that both of us were strong, plus we had two highly dangerous monsters. IF this is not risky I don’t know what would be.

“I don’t see them being that idiotic after all. I did go out several times with few groups and was never attacked. They don’t have a death wish after all.”

“Does this group have a name? I don’t see what the point is if they only attack someone they know they can win against under the excuse of saying they are looking for a risky fight.”

“You’ll love this Nao-chan; they call themselves Fighters of Crown Colosseum. They appeared almost two months ago, but I am sure they have been together for much longer.”

I choked on my own spit when I heard the name. Although it was embarrassing one, my title: [Calamity of Crown Colosseum] was revealed to the public. It was personally announced by the drunk Naoko and me several times now. How could they be moronic enough to call themselves like that and commit crimes.

After calming down, I kept on giggling to myself until we almost reached the city gates. Surprisingly the guard didn’t ask me for my ID, but immediately let me go through along with Byakko. I guess this is a privilege of travelling with royalty. I was planning on ditching said royalty and going to the mansion but before I could sneak away, fifty fully armed guards came running towards us, surrounding us and leading us towards the castle.

“You know what, this is all unnecessary. I don’t understand why make it so big? You do know that I don’t plan on doing everything that you tell me to do?”

“I assumed as much, and that is why I made sure you are surrounded, so that you can’t escape.  Just give it up Nao-chan and don’t forget to smile while you’re at it.”

So just smile as wave, yeah right. Instead of following his advice I simply sat up straight looking ahead definitely not smiling. I will be spending a lot of time here, so I must make sure they don’t come swarming me later on.

Vitou seemed unhappy with this, but he stood in the same manner. I bet he wanted me to be all friendly with citizens and not so cold and distant as I was making myself to be. And he might have decided to match my manner so that it seems like we fit together for real. Humpf, let’s see how long can you keep up with me?

“Dearest Naoko, I welcome you. It is so good to see you have arrived safely. Was the trip unpleasant? I hope that Vitou didn’t bother you too much, come on, your room has already been prepared.”

Upon reaching the castle, King Eril was standing with his wives and eldest daughter at the entrance. I shot him a glare before bowing, but I didn’t respond. I had no obligations to do so.

“Father, Royal Mother, I have returned. Let us rest for a bit before we talk over dinner. The road was a long one. I will leave Sharpbeak at the tower and show Nao-chan to her room.”

Some small talk and he led me to my room. I didn’t plan on staying here at all, but I was currently confined. This room only had one small window and I couldn’t go outside because all I could see through it was a wall. And to prevent me from simply walking out the door, inside the room was an attendant and from what I could see on the map at least twenty guards hidden around the room in the hallways.

“Stay here for now Nao-chan. I’ll come and bring you to dinner. Byakko will be given some meat in the courtyard until we find a proper place for him.”

Vitou left and I crashed onto the bed. I need to find a way out. I looked at my attendant. It was a girl wearing a maid’s outfit. She didn’t seem that much older than me. This may be the reason why she was chosen, or…

“Tell me what is your name?”

“It is Mia, Naoko-sama. How may I help you?”

“Tell me Mia, how much were you paid to stop me from escaping? Also if you fail what will be your punishment?”

There is no way Vitou would put someone normal to be my attendant. I am certain he did this so I wouldn’t be able to run away. She is either some genius adventurer or fighter, or she has background that would make me unable to go against her.

“So you already guessed. I was hired by the royal family to keep an eye on you until the wedding. I am an S-ranked adventurer and I specialize in bringing down bandits, thieves and other wanted criminals, and I am good at it. I was interested in this job because it seemed odd; preventing an escape, also the pay is fabulous.”

An S-rank? This is my first one meeting one outside of battle. I really want to test just how good she really is. I guess she was already informed about my abilities and came up with a plan to deal with them.

“It’s a pleasure to meet an S-rank adventurer. Let’s get along and not let small things get between us.”

“Don’t even think about escaping Naoko-sama. I heard about you before and the reason why I accepted in the end is because you were the one that I needed to guard. Now, I will ask you to get ready for dinner. I assume the Crown Prince will be arriving soon to pick you up.”

I snorted. I will definitely escape from her. I am sure I will be able to thanks to my skill. This person, I will overcome her. I will not allow her to look down on me. But for now, I will let her do her job properly.

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