Death’s Daughter Chapter 185

“Author: FoodLovingPanda”


“Okay, that means that the wedding will be pushed back at least two months from the previous planned date. Also I am taking the undead materials that you are keeping in the tents below the northern walls. And if you don’t mind, I will be going on adventures as well. You can’t hope to keep me in the castle all the time.”

“The last term was never promised. I cannot allow it. What if you get hurt? You are now most likely one of the targets for the Black King, especially after what you did last time. I refuse!”

“Oh come on! You saw what I can do, I promise not to take on any S-rank requests, how about that?”

“And I told you no! I will not allow you to go alone. If you really want to go I will accompany you, and there must be five other guards at the very least, two of which will be Nakamura and Ishikawa. Also Mia will be third.”

“That is not fair, I am a solo player, I don’t do parties. Well not anymore.”

“Choose two more. Also your summons and tamed monsters don’t count.”

“Screw you!”

I left the room where Vitou, the King and the Queen were all gathered. Actually, this same conversation repeated itself three times in the past two days. Or at least similar conversation to this one, but it was the first time we basically began screaming at each other.

I was wandering through the hallways under constant supervision of ten guards. Why did he decide to become overprotective to this point? It’s giving me trouble.

“You look like you need a drink. From what I heard, you must be Naoko, Vitou’s bride to be. Come with me and tell me what bothers you. I am quite the listener. You may not know this, but Vitou has a secret bar in his room. Come with me, I will pour you a drink.”

Whoa, talk about handsome. He looked to be around the same age as Vitou with short cropped golden blond hair and green eyes that seemed glazed. He was too well dressed to be a commoner or someone from the castle staff.
“A drink might be a good idea. You seem to know me, but I can’t say the same for you. So, who are you stranger? You sound like this situation is not an unfamiliar one. Tell me should I follow a man that seems like he knows how to please a woman?”
“You can call me Marc, and don’t worry Naoko. There is nothing to be afraid of when you are with me. I assure you.”
I let the man lead me away. From the way he was talking, he must be quite familiar with Vitou and my guards didn’t dare move a finger against me told me his status is quite high, even among nobles. This might not be the smartest of ideas, but it sounded like something that would piss Vitou off.


“Royal Mother, wait! I can explain! You must understand that her power and ingenuity are indispensable. Bothe her and her brother are needed for the kingdom. It’s not like we can neglect her. Also she does not hate me, I hope, and more importantly she does not have a lover, so this is different.”

Royal Mother learning the situation about Naoko is a true disaster for me and my father. This morning a bookshelf I was passing by suddenly fell and almost hit me, the maids cleaning the floors above dumped a basin of water just as I passed beneath the window. The special ability she has is to make other those she directs her anger towards become unfortunate for a period of time.

This does not stop until you leave her area of influence or she completely forgives you. The second being a very hard thing to do and that is why her knowing it is a disaster. As long as I am within the castle stuff like that will keep on happening to me when I least expect it. I guess the urge the Black King had to attack us was also related to her anger.

“Hmpf! From what I heard she was quite happy living in Orzak and helping out the kingdom in her own way. If she leaves you at the altar don’t go crying to me. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day she decides to go against you and flees to Vilikis or somewhere further. After all she will always have a place there.”

“My dear, don’t be angry. She must be kept on a short leash. You heard what she did against the undead army, we must keep her under constant observation.”

“You and I will talk later, also don’t think you will be able to kiss this goodbye so easily.”

Mother was scary, but I should be in a better situation than father. After all the one to seal the deal was him and not me. I better go find Naoko before she tries to do something stupid. Also I need to get Nakamura to re-check her status. She must have gotten much stronger after the battle.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“To find Naoko, I want to talk with her normally and not fight.”

I reached the door and as I was about to open it, three guards pushed it open hitting me across the face. The guards immediately knelt down apologizing.

“It’s fine, what’s with the rush?”

“Your Highness, Naoko-sama just left with Prince Marcell de Vilikis. He said he’d bring her to your room for a drink.”
Hold up, I don’t think I got this right. Marc is here in the castle and is about to go for a drink with my fiancée in my room and Naoko actually agreed? This is simply gold, I have to go see it.

“No need to rush, thank you for the report. Notify Ishikawa and Nakamura to meet me in front of my room.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

Oh this will definitely make my day. If the person drinking with Marc was anyone else other than Naoko I would be worried, but her drunk self can easily deal with anything thrown at her, let alone that playboy.

“Vitou, isn’t Marc trying to always hook up with anything that walks and talks? Shouldn’t you be worried? Hurry, you can’t lose Naoko-chan like this.”

“Don’t worry father, Naoko is too much for him to handle. Especially the drunk Naoko, he’d be at her mercy in no time.”

I left father and the Queen and then waited in front of my room for Nakamura and Ishikawa to arrive. In fact I wanted them to take their time arriving here.

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