Death’s Daughter Chapter 192

“Author: FoodLovingPanda”


I let them think it over. Moreover, if they join Vitou will be extra angry. Also with them joining the fame of my clan will rise.

I finished cleaning the dishes and was relaxing in the common room when Vitou approached me. He seemed extremely serious as he motioned me to follow him. He wanted to go upstairs, but I simply led him to a conference room. It seems like he wanted to talk about something important, and I knew better than to act childish.

“This place is much better than someone’s room. Besides, I’m sure you don’t want others interrupting.”

I made sure to deploy a soundproof barrier so that nobody would know what we are talking about, and we would not be interrupted. I used a mana crystal to do all this which caught him off guard since it was not something that was usually used, but he quickly regained his composure.

“Naoko, we need to talk about your clan. I am worried about the rise in power it is showing. When I said I got complaints about it, I was not joking. What I am about to tell you is purely out of goodwill. You should stop the rapid expansion of your clan, the truly high ranked clans started taking notice of you and they will crush you if you start threatening them.”

Seriously? Sure we are stronger, but I don’t think that we expanded that much. Aside from the assimilation of Blood Knight group there wasn’t any territorial expansion. We did work towards the financial growth and made a lot of progress in that area, but I don’t think we are threatening anyone. But that makes no sense to me since we aren’t even dealing in ‘normal’ transactions aside from monster cores.

“Are they really threatened? I mean what I deal with is purely monsters and monster materials. Plus what our Dark magicians do at the 1UP shops in town. The only thing I could think of is monster cores that enhance materials slightly, but we aren’t burdening the market by buying so much of it. Also wyverns, the other thing that we are known for, we do not sell them except for what we did for you. That occasion was an exception.”

“That is the problem, you are too independent. The other clans usually rely on those stronger clans to grow in power and in turn those clans keep them in check. But you are different since they could not control financially in any way. And if Cerberus party joins you it will only give them one more excuse to go against you. So far they declined every single invitation from all the clans and groups and none of them dare to go against their decision or pressure them. You might not know this, but they are that famous and influential among adventurers.”

Oh wow, I had no idea. I mean, I knew that they were strong and popular, but I didn’t think it was to this point. There was one thing I was sure of, and that others wouldn’t find out they joined us until it was too late. Plus, if war among clans is inevitable I will go out and fight myself.

“Don’t worry, this is my business and I will deal with it. I do have some countermeasures in place if something does happen.”

“I’m warning you Naoko. It is for your own good. Don’t think that you can defy all of them just by yourself. Some of them are even stronger than the Black Baron that you fought before. Especially the clan leaders, I can assure you that all of them have a lot of fame for what they achieved up to this day.”

Then where are they? Why didn’t they come out and fight with Black Hand since they can obviously deal with them? Why stay in hiding?

“Still I won’t back down. I will show you that there is no need to worry. Aren’t I marrying you, don’t you want my clan stronger as well? Now, if you’ll excuse me I have other guests.”

I left the room and met with Colt-san and Nord-san. Blink-san wasn’t here.

“Naoko-chan, I’ll be honest. You are strong, but I will need some proof that you can provide what you said. You mentioned space attribute, I want you to form an aptitude crystal of that element to prove that Space magic is true attribute and not transformation like ice or thunder element.”

“That can be done? How can I do it?”

“Manipulate your mana and change its attribute. Then I want you to use a large amount of it and focus it on your palm. You should have more than enough mana to crystallize it.”

If it is only like that I will have no problem making it. Vitou also came closer to listen in on our conversation and watch the process. I immediately gathered it up and like he said began changing it so that it would form a crystal the size of a thumb, just like the ones he showed me when I first tested for magic.

The crystal that appeared on my palm took almost a thousand MP to form, but it looked absolutely stunning. It was black with countless stars and lines in it connecting each and every one of them. It looked like a small galaxy was inside it.

“Hou, you really did it. I didn’t think you would succeed on your first try. But it really is a unique crystal. Do you mind if I have it? I also want to test it on some people when I get back to Kapitalia.”

“Sure, I made it so that you can complete your collection.”

I gave to Colt-san and the moment it left my hand the crystal became transparent with silver lines. Oh, so that is how it looks like when it is not reacting to a person’s attribute. He looked at it and then passed it to Nord-san

“I kind of hoped I would be able to have that attribute. Well for now I will keep it and when I find another person that has this attribute, I will make sure to tell you about it. Naoko-chan, I will join your clan, but don’t expect too much from me. I will mostly travel, just as I am doing right now.”

“Colt-san, we all welcome you wholeheartedly. When you are in Kapitalia make sure you look for Dogusu in my mansion and tell him to give you the silver badge. This will give you access to all the research in the clan as well as all the materials that you may need.”

His insight might help improve our research on magic and skills. He does have more experience in this field than all of us at the guild combined. We were just coming up with whatever and then testing it which was by no means cheap.

“Lassie, this old man won’t join you yet. Wyverns sound interestin’ but I don’t want to deal with any clans or groups. Don’t be sad, if one day I change my mind I will look for you first.”

I had a feeling when Colt-san he wouldn’t be staying at HQ a lot that this would be the outcome. It is too bad, but I have to respect his decision.

“Nord-san that is okay. You will always be welcome to the clan either as a guest or a member. After all, you guys are the reason why I was able to reach where I stand here today. If you ever need any sort of help, I will do everything in my power to help you.”

Since Blink-san wasn’t here it means that he is still thinking about it. But before that I had to do something.

“Vitou, call Taichi over here. I will help you gain more power today since I am feeling good. Colt-san, don’t pack that crystal just yet, it’s time to put it to the test.”

I had a hunch when I learned Taichi only had two attributes when all other Heroes had three. I’m sure he also has three of them, but he just doesn’t know about it.

“Naoko-chan do you mean….”

“Exactly, I think he has Space magic. Plus he has other predispositions for it as well.”

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