Death’s Daughter Chapter 193

“Author: FoodLovingPanda”


“Naoko are you sure about it? I never thought I would be the same as others with three attributes.”

“Check it for yourself. Colt-san if you please.”

He gave the crystal to Taichi and just as I expected it turned into the galaxy one just like when I held it. I saw him brimming with excitement. No wonder, he just learned about having new magic and that means he would be able to experiment freely with it.

“Taichi let me try as well. Who knows, I might have an aptitude for it as well.”

Daisuke was also present and I saw him being hopeful. I honestly did not think he could use it, so that is why I was surprised when the crystal was activated. Magic genius indeed. Vitou was acting all smug and then took the crystal, but luckily nothing happened. Phew!

“Okay, everyone should go to sleep. Taichi, Daisuke if you oversleep we’re leaving you behind. I will tell you one thing, do not try teleporting while bringing anyone with you. I don’t want to drag your unconscious bodies all day long. Take this warning from my personal experience.”

“Yes ma’am!”

The two of them saluted as I warned them. Lastly everyone went to sleep and then the next day it was time to say goodbye to my friends.

“Guys, stay safe. I’ll see you soon.”


This morning Blink-san also declined my offer to join Dragon’s Descent. I was sad, but just like with Nord-san I didn’t hold it against him. After bidding them goodbye we also set off. If all goes well, we should reach the Labyrinth town sometime after noon. Since everyone was accustomed to flying I decided to speed up a bit. I couldn’t go at full speed since Byakko was following us on the ground carrying Mia. No matter how fast he can run, it will be impossible to outrun the flying dragon.

It was around lunchtime when we saw the signs of establishment on the horizon. I didn’t want to alert everyone by landing directly in front of the town, so I had Fulgy descend some distance away and the others followed me although somewhat confused.

“Naoko-chan why did we stop now? We need to go a bit further.”

“Marc, tell me how would you react if you suddenly saw a dragon and two wyverns suddenly flying towards you? Not pleasantly, plus I’m sure they would be ready to fight at a moment’s notice.”

“Oh, didn’t think about it at all.”

Honestly I didn’t expect him to. Well for now Fulgy polymorphed into his human form and the wyverns slowly trod alongside Byakko. With this pace I estimated it would take us an hour or two to reach the town. At least this way I can have some guarantee I wouldn’t be attacked.

“Halt! Who goes there?”

I turned around and saw a dozen men riding towards us. We still had some distance to go. I didn’t think we’d come across a patrol as we were heading to the town. They all had their weapons drawn and were ready to battle. I left the talking to Vitou. This is the easiest solution.

“At ease, soldier. We’re here to take on the Labyrinth.”

“You Highnesses! Please forgive me for not recognizing you. We did not receive word you would be coming here. Do you mind if I ask who are the new party members? I thought you would be with the High Priestess and the Earl to adventure again.”

“Things have changed. This here is my bride-to-be Naoko Maeda, her temporary guard and attendant Mia, two heroes Taichi Ishikawa and Daisuke Nakamura. Also Fulgur.”

I frowned when he introduced me, and I wasn’t the only one. Fulgy also seemed angry about it.

“Pleased to meet you, allow us to escort you into the town.”

And so we got ourselves escorted to the Labyrinth town. The soldiers seemed wary about Byakko and the wyverns, but they didn’t ask anything about it. I guess they were aware of the news that the kingdom started using monsters. It’s a good thing they were aware, but if I had known I would have flown closer to the town.

At the gate leading to what looked more like an outpost than a town we all got a free pass as we were all adventurers. There was some dissatisfaction with having monsters in town, but who would dare complain about the Crown Prince? Luckily I was prepared for this situation when I took out a stable that had huge space to lay in it and also had several tall spires that wyverns can use. I could swear I saw Vitou facepalming himself while Marc started crying from laughter.

Since we were considered VIP guests, the accommodation provided to us was the best in town. I didn’t want it, but they insisted on it. In the end I was put into the same room with Mia as she was my attendant. Luckily I didn’t end up in the same room as Vitou.

I sprawled across the bed and heaved a long sigh. Unfortunately I couldn’t relax because the next moment there was a knock on the door.

“Naoko can we enter?”

“Come in Daisuke, Taichi.”

The two heroes entered the room. There was still some time before dinner and I had a pretty good idea why they were here.

“Great Naoko-sama, please teach the small us about Space magic. Let us cheat please. You must already know a bunch about how to use it.”

“You should know already that only if you comprehend it yourself can you show its might to the fullest.”

“I know you wouldn’t accept that is why I will bring out my ultimate trump card. If you don’t help up I will release this limited edition “Calamity of Crown Colosseum avatar” 3D figurine that was released with the new headgear that I got just before I died. I know a way to mass produce it and if I spread word it is you from Earth I’m sure it will be a huge hit.”

He took out a figurine of my game character. How on earth was he able to arrive here with that item?

“If you never show or mention that thing to me or anyone else for the matter of fact I can promise you to tell you some tips and tricks for using Space magic. Now hide it, or better yet get rid of it completely.”

With that I left the inn with the two of them. Let’s pray they never mention that part of my past anymore.

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