Death’s Daughter Chapter 194

“Author: FoodLovingPanda”


I was standing in front of the town’s mayor, or Chief or whatever his official status was. Originally I planned on leaving for the labyrinth dungeon first thing in the morning; however I was summoned here before I could make a run for it. Oddly enough I was the only one summoned here.

“Chief how, I mean what is it that you want from me?”

“Maeda-sama I welcome you to the Labyrinth town. I realize that this is your first time visiting. Well, here’s the deal. I overheard from someone that you are in possession of a rare inventory skill. Am I correct?”

So heard about me somehow. Well, it is no big secret that I possess inventory. Every adventurer in Orzak knows it and many other. So he must want me to transport something that is tricky to transport since other adventurers don’t want to do it.

“That is indeed correct. I have been blessed to have been granted such skill.”

“Wonderful, then is it true you are in possession of a King Ape corpse. You see their hide is exceptionally good when used in tailoring as it can give a boost to one’s strength if a skillful tailor gets his hands on such material.”

How can he know about that? There shouldn’t have been anyone that saw me take it down. The only person aside from me knows about it should be…

“What is your relationship with the Guild Master of Orzak?”

“Be at ease Maeda-sama, I am also working as this place’s Guild Master. He is my colleague and he is aware that I have been looking for this particular monster for a while now. So he was kind enough to inform me you are in possession of one.”

Heh, is that so? So much about privacy and the guild not telling information to a third party. I will teach him a lesson once I go back.

“I might have it, but why should I give it to you? After all, finding good materials is hard.”

“Of course I am not asking you to give it to me for free. I will pay you sixty gold coins for the corpse regardless of the condition it is in. Also an additional twenty if it is in good state.”

That is a hefty amount for an A-rank monster. The cost of the subjugation request would most likely be around fifteen gold and materials would usually be sold at about thirty gold. So this is quite more than its value, this is why this offer does not make much sense to me. It is too much.

“What’s the catch? This is too good of an offer to be only for a single corpse.”

“Well, hearing about your feats from Orzak as well as your antics from some other adventurers I think I have a firm grasp on your strength. Take that this offer also includes a fee for when I need to borrow your help and influence. After all it is not everyday you have an opportunity to meet a high ranking noble in this place.”

“My influence is not as strong as you think. And my power is nowhere near as much as I need it to be.”

“You underestimate yourself. I know what my gut feeling is telling me. So what do you say Maeda-sama?”

To be honest, I wasn’t interested in money. I can gain that by myself easily. But having him use his power as a guild master and town chief could come in handy one day. Especially if I am able to conquer this dungeon and become its new master, I could really use his power.

“Sorry, but I am not interested in money.”

“Then what would interest you? I am certain there is something that you would be willing to accept in exchange for that corpse.”

“I want land, a plot with my name to it where I will be free to set up a base here. You see, a dungeon is a lucrative business. If you say you awarded it to me for helping the town with something nobody would mind. Just think of it as an excuse. I will give you the corpse afterwards. If you need me I would be in the dungeon. Oh, the better the location, the more you would be able to gain from me.”

I left the room before he could say anything. I had more than one King Ape inside my inventory and I had absolutely no use for them whatsoever. I left the building altogether and met up with the rest of the party aside from Fulgy.

“Nao-chan, what did he want?”

“Nothing much, just business talk. He wanted to buy some materials that I had. Come on, let’s hit the dungeon. We already lost some time.”

“If you say so, Fulgur ran off saying he’s going to look for something. I’m assuming you don’t want to wait for him.”

“Nope, he told me about it. We can deal without him being here. Also don’t look so smug and happy about him not being here.”

There is no denying the enmity between Vitou and Fulgy, so I could totally see why he was so damn happy about him not being around me. I didn’t know what Fulgy was doing, but he said it was important and that I would thank him later on as it will benefit both him and me.

“In that case, let’s head inside. Marc, Ishikawa you take the front. Mia you will be next then Nao-chan and me. Nakamura will be at the very end. We should try and keep this formation as much as possible and move with caution. Dungeon exploration is not easy so I want everyone on alert at all times.”

The prince took the lead, but before we entered there was one small thing that I needed to announce to everyone here. Since we were on a tight schedule I wanted to make sure that I don’t lose time while we were staying here at the Labyrinth town. Sadly I don’t think the others will take this announcement well.


“Oi Daisuke, there is one thing that I heard about Naoko while still on Earth about her in ‘Free World’ game. Actually it was more of a myth than a rumor. Apparently before she engaging actively into PvP she was still among the highest ranking players that focused on clearing the dungeons. There was a certain record that she broke according to this myth. She once spent four whole days speedrunning the three most notorious dungeons without rest. And she was able to beat all of them all with solo play. But since those specific dungeons require at least four player party her result was never validated. In fact she got banned for a month for hacking the game so she could enter alone.”

“And why do you think that I need to know that?”

“I just thought I might be able to witness this personally. I missed her original stream and like unlike other people that upload streams she never did that and even deleted it from the archive. So if you didn’t catch it at the time you could only cry later on because you will never see it.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, this and that are different. Do you really think she would go speedrunning this unknown place and risk her own life? This is not a game and she is not alone. All of us need to maintain the best condition so we don’t mess up. You also know that, we were told a thousand times to not go into a fight unless we are in the best condition or have no other choice.”

I said that, but thinking about it I shivered. Let’s hope she will think about everyone and not do anything reckless.


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