Death’s Daughter Chapter 47


Author: “FoodLovingPanda”


It hurts!!! I knew very well that the amount of monsters was bigger than last time, but this is simply too much to handle. And unlike last time, monsters are now dying in waves, so there is no break time nowhere in sight. I could no longer handle the headache and ended up puking everything I have eaten today from the headaches I kept having. Luckily, I warned everyone I would be useless, otherwise they would most likely be worried.

The area in which I created vacuum was roughly 75×75 meters and it took all my mana to do it. Sadly, it was not high enough to encompass the flying monsters. And for those on the ground that evaded the cage of death, they were easily hunted down by Volt-san and Odi-san. I have even noticed Earl-sama taking down flying monsters. He would appear behind them and easily take them out with a single slash before disappearing the very next moment

The outrageous situation of us being severely outnumbered was no more, and even the flying monsters were slowly dropping in number thanks to the earl’s meticulous work. I just need to endure this pain and wait. Wait until the amount of messages slows down. Up until that moment, I am completely useless and defenseless. Let’s hope they protect me as well.

I closed my eyes to avoid seeing the notices in front of my eyes but it didn’t really help as I still had piercing headaches. I had nothing to do except wait for the 7 minutes that the vacuum will last, before telling the others it was safe to move out. Soon the last of the screams of the monsters could no longer be heard.

“…Naoko… Naoko-chan, open your eyes, it’s over. The battle is over, you did it. We had no casualties. Come on open your eyes.”

I could hear the earl talking to me, even holding my shoulder, but despite knowing that, I still remained unmoving. The notices about level up and experiences were still incoming. It seemed as if they were slowing down, but I could only be getting somewhat used to them. However, I was not able to function anytime soon.

“I’m fine… just go… this is normal.”

I muttered out those words through my teeth, but he didn’t leave. He remained next to me and began comforting me. It felt weird I must say.

“Naoko-chan what you did was necessary. Even if the picture is grotesque, you did it to save us. I know this scene is brutal and would even make a seasoned warrior sick, but you must calm down. I know you must be torn with guilt and shame, but believe me when I say, nobody is blaming you.”

Is that what he was worried about? I already knew the exact outcome of what wouldvhappen and thanks to my [Merciless] title I didn’t really feel guilty about this massacre which was really scary to think. However, I had no intention to explain all this to him. After what I assume was half an hour later, I was finally able to regain my composure and opened my eyes, only to be greeted with the scene of carnage all around me.

Bodies were piled up all over the place, some disfigured other cut up and bloodied or torn. It looked like a disaster has fallen upon this place. I wanted to puke again, this time not from the pain. With Earl-sama guiding me, we reached our campsite. Two guards had some cuts and there were several bruises on all of them but overall they were all unharmed. The worst injury was a broken finger that Odi-san had.

As soon as I approached I saw fear in their eyes. No wonder, to them I must have looked like a monster, more than the horde approaching us. I think it would be best to be away for now.

I summoned up few light elementals to heal everyone and then made excuses and began cleaning up the battlefield. Among the corpses, I was able to find two human ones. I didn’t know if they were the ones that caused this or just innocent bystanders. I closed off all my emotions as I collected the corpses.

The Earl, for some reason, kept on following me like a shadow. About a third of the way through the battlefield a group of adventurers from a nearby town came and stood still, shocked by the amount of dead monsters.

“We, umm… we’re adventurers from Gabot town. A large force of monsters was seen gathering the past few days and we came to subjugate, can you tell me what happened?”

I ignored them and continued gathering the corpses. I honestly didn’t feel like talking at the moment. The one asking seemed to be angry at my indifference, but luckily Earl-sama stepped in to answer.

“As you can see it had been taken care of. Our party was travelling when we were attacked but thanks to the power of my guards we were able to defeat them. Do you happen to know the reason why they were gathering?”

“It is suspected that a powerful monster was born that gathered all the monsters. Have you seen such monster perhaps?”

“No, we have not, but from my suspicion this stampede was caused by a human. We have a prisoner that let some clue to make me think of that. Tell me do you happen to know of a Dwalf named Argus or do you recognize the naked person back there?”

“Argus… you said he is a dwalf? Yeah, I know of him, he is a nasty mercenary with a criminal record from the town of Kiretta. Several people want him dead and although there isn’t a bounty on his head, you can get lots of drinks if you show up with his head.”

“Is that so, you see this young lady was able to kill him and capture his partner there. Do you know anything more that might prove useful to us?”

“That man should be Sotou, he is one of his three men that are all wanted for murder, theft, rape and arson. You name it and most likely this group has done it. Each one of those three guys is worth 20 gold, captured either dead or alive. Could it be they were the ones behind the attack?”

“That is my best guess. Why don’t you join us for a meal since you bothered coming all the way here, it might not be the best one but please take it as a compensation for the request.”

I skipped the meal to finish cleaning up the battlefield. Also, I really didn’t feel like eating at the moment. After everything was done the final number of monsters turned out to be over 2500, which means that I heavily underestimated the amount when I said we were outnumbered 100:1, but luckily everything turned out fine in the end.


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