Death’s Daughter Chapter 66


Author: “FoodLovingPanda”


I was about to continue when a person not wearing any kind of an overcoat appeared in front of me. Since he wasn’t a competitor I didn’t attack him upon sight.

“Miss, you alone have taken out over three hundred players, please follow me out of the arena, you have been selected to compete in the next round and are the first person to pass this round. Congratulations.”

Huh? Over already? But I still haven’t finished having fun. Dejectedly, I let this person lead me outside the competition area. Oh man this really sucks, and here I thought I would be able to break my previous record from Free World and defeat over five hundred players.

The area I was led to was surprisingly the same place where heroes and royal family was watching. Was the King the one to give orders and pull me out of the competition? He would have that kind of power. I was in no mood to chat idly, so after greeting everyone, I turned my attention to the battlefield below. There were several battles going on, but just from a glance I could see that mostly red players remained in the arena. I guess my spree really did leave quite the impact.

“Maeda-san it is wonderful that you have shown us such a show. The crowd simply loved you. The way you have used your weapons is brilliant. I don’t think I could have come up with such an ingenious way to win. You deserve the praise, but to think you have been able to spoil my plan to get you to marry me, tsk, I will get you sooner or later. Individual battles are completely different, I look forward to meeting you.”

“I am glad you are entertained Crown Prince, but I do not plan on losing. If you take a look at that armor you will see.”

Uwah! I completely forgot what Thanatos-sama said to the Crown Prince. I was completely careless while I was fighting earlier. I even did that useless stunt and used Blink at one point to stick a ‘Reserved for Maeda Naoko’ note onto the prized armor. Upon seeing that the frown on the Crown Prince got even deeper.

Sorry prince-sama I have no plans on marrying anyone anytime soon and having Thanatos-sama as my shield seems like the best idea at the moment. Returning my attention tobthe field I watched the fights go on. Finally by the end of the fifth hour all the fighting finished.

The first to be out was green team followed by blue and lastly red was choosing its top fifteen members plus me. Once all of us stood on the podium below, the viewing area, the selection into brackets was done. There were sixteen people per bracket and we will each have two fights today. It is elimination battles and finally when there are four of us left in the bracket the next round of battles will begin.

“Thank you for your patience, we will proceed with battles soon. Tomorrow the battles will change from elimination to round robin so do your best to proceed to the next round. We look forward to your participation.”

They were very considerate towards us since they provided some food and water and hour of rest before the battles continued. My first opponent was someone from the green team, he was using a staff earlier, so I assumed he was a magician like Colt-san.

Two people passed before me. It was Count Mirez who used a hammer and a hero I met before called Ishikawa Taichi. He used two swords and somehow his style was very similar to mine from back in the game but it seemed off somehow. But when comparing him to other heroes he was more determined and didn’t hesitate in his attacks. This alone made him that much more of a threat
than anyone else.

Finally, when it was time for me to fight, I jumped onto the stage and took out a sword. I wasn’t planning on going all out just yet. Just as I assumed the person I was fighting with was a magician, but sadly for him I knew Disrupt which made him incapable of casting magic and Ibwon rather easily.

Once everyone was done with the first match the draft for the second match was done immediately. Not long after that the battles started. There was no time to rest. My opponent was the heroine that was in the group alongside Ishikawa-kun. She was petite but that didn’t stop her from swinging her giant axe around like a madman. When I saw her earlier I must say I was somewhat intimidated. I won’t lie, it made my blood boil with excitement, I could finally go all out.

However no matter how I planned things out I could not have imagined the outcome. You see, I am a person that is always looking forward to battles, so when she stepped onto the stage and announced she was forfeiting I was truly disappointed. And I wasn’t the only one. The audience also erupted in anger at her move, but there was no way to change anything as this is all within rules.

So just like that, I passed to the next stage. When everything was done and all the
fighting stopped the results had me surprised. Out of twelve heroes only five remained. Just from this, I can see that they did not practice much with real battles upon arriving in Doren.

The four nobles I offended at the guild while drunk, were still in the game and they were favourites. The rest were adventurers like me and none of us were favoured to win. Just looking at the odds at the gambling area tells you everything.

“Thank you for joining us today, the battles will continue tomorrow. Let us say goodbye and enjoy the rest of the night. Farewell and see you tomorrow.”

With these words from the representative of the king the day was finally over.



  1. piss off, stupid crown prince. you will get nothing

  2. Lol her eyes 100% on the armor

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