Death’s Daughter Chapter 94


Author: “FoodLovingPanda”


I will definitely be here for a while. The ghost woman disappeared once I entered the chamber, thus leaving me alone. Taking off my clothes, I prepared to dive into the dark water. But before that I needed more help.

“Come elementals. Wind I need your air, Light I need you to shine, Fire I need your warmth, Water I need you to search and lead me.”

All of a sudden a whirlwind of colors surrounded me as the elementals gathered once again. It was truly a beautiful sight to see. Only in times like these do I appreciate the fact I was given elemental magic to use.

“I didn’t think I would be able to see a spirit magician with such affinity to the elements, especially not among humans. I must say your claim to represent the people is sounding more believable.”

The woman appeared once more and scared me again. She really needs to stop this annoying habit of hers. I took the compliment and immediately went inside the water.

Thus the search for the pendant began. From the description she gave me, it was made around a large piece of sapphire that was found in this lake. It was that gem that gave the locket its precious magical properties. I could not fathom just what grade that item was, since it could manipulate the weather to this point. At the very least it should be epic but more likely it will be legendary item.

Hours passed one after another as I spent my time looking for a single pendant, but this lake was a real treasure trove. It seemed like every piece worth some money was inside this lake. Almost as if it was purposefully thrown inside, anything from armor, weapons, accessories and jewels, you can find it lying on the lake bed. I had already looted so many things, but sadly the pendant was not one of them.

Water elementals were really helpful, since they could manipulate the currents and lead me towards anything they discovered. Even though this had sped things up, I still had to take several breaks to recover my mana because having so many elementals around me was exhausting me. I had a feeling I was running a daycare center while being surrounded by them.

I was about to leave for another break when the currents around me changed and I was dragged deeper into the lake. By now I was already used to this sudden and in no way gentle treatment of water elementals.

“Naonao pretty thing.”

“Thank you for helping me guys. I really appreciate it, but please try to be gentler with me. Or at least tell me before you move me away.”

I told them this several times already, but nothing changed, they were not listening. Helpless to do anything, I let them drag me until the destination. We were really deep in the lake now. If it weren’t for the elementals, I don’t think I would reach this place, even if I had been searching for days. This place was cold and pitch black. I called upon more light elementals so I can see more than hand’s reach.

The surroundings were completely different here. For one there were that many more objects of greater value embedded in the floor rusting away but I swear, I could see some gold and jewels that could reach a high price on the market. Despite all that the elementals kept on dragging me deeper into the water.

“Guys stop here!”

Among the treasures lying on the ground, I thought I recognized something. It was a sword similar to my own. I need to double check this, if it is a real deal, even if I fail this request, it will be worth it.

“No,no,no,no… pretty thing prettier.”

“Naonao no stopping.”

It was useless. The elementals had a will of their own and didn’t have to oblige with anything I said. That was the biggest drawback to this magic. Since I am using them as proxy to manifest magic, I depended entirely on their mood swings. I should be lucky that they are so willing to help me all the time and that my elemental affection is so high.

For the next ten minutes or so, I was dragged by them. I began wondering just how deep is this lake when the currents around me calmed down and I stopped moving. Unlike when we were higher up, this place had nothing but mud. It was bare with no plants or animals anywhere in sight.

“Naonao here!”

I turned around and all the elementals were gathered around a single place above the mud. Most likely they were sensing something there because it looked no different from the rest of the area. Going over there, I began digging around in search for whatever they found.

“Hurry hurry.”

“So pretty.”

Whatever this thing was, it was making all the water elementals in the area go crazy. Honestly it was making my expectant, because the pendant I wanted should have water abilities.

Roughly half a meter deep into the mud I finally discovered a jewel. It was the size of a chestnut and shone with a deep blue color. This must be it, I activated [Heaven’s eye] to identify it.

[Mermaid’s Tear] RANK: Legendary

The finest work of a great dwarf ancestor Tormund. The gem had soaked in large amount of pure water essence and gained the ability to control over all water.

Holy smokes… a legendary ranked item and a quite powerful one as well. If you have this item nobody would be able to harm you with water magic. Absolute control of the element, this had to be what I have been searching for. With this, that ghost woman will definitely be able to stop the rain from falling. I reached my hand to grab the gem and as soon as I made contact with it, a roar that sent chills down my spine echoed through the lake.


That girlie really is a peculiar human, I don’t think I have ever seen a human with
elemental magic like she does, even back in the days. As far as I know, only elves were gifted to communicate with them. Also the smell of death on her is disgusting. She will meet her end soon enough. And with those roars, I can assume she already found the pendant. Poor girl, it was nice knowing you.



  1. Oh dang, what a b*@#&. But hey, Naoko might be able to keep that legendary locket and she might have found another sword!

    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. Stupid ghost lady that’s because she is deaths daughter not because she is going to die soon

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