Demon Lord’s Redemption: Chapter 1


Author: Literataku

Chapter 1

Pain. That was all he could remember at that very moment. His head pounding like it hadn’t done in… five hundred years? Maybe a thousand? Time didn’t mean anything to him anymore. His eyes opening to a blur of white lights.

His arms hurting as his body began to awaken with him. He was restrained, chains holding down his body, wrapping around his arms pointing them into the sky and keeping taut and immovable, and his legs spread slightly and anchored into the great platform he was being held onto, holding him in place. As his eyes began to focus he saw seven giant chairs sitting before him each one capable of fitting a being a hundred times larger than himself.


He began to remember.


A grand room, his throne room, filled with naked and half-naked women lounging around all open areas around his throne, save for the one spot in the middle dedicated to the performers of his harem, all eyes watching the doors behind him, waiting to debut his newest conquest and see this sensual beauty join them in service of their Lord and Master.

All of them were here to serve him and his needs, and all of them did it with lustful anticipation and hope that he would choose them to serve and warm his bed at night. Though all knew they would get their turns without worry, a few stroking rounded bellies and gazing wistfully at the throne and the elf girl dancing before him, LIabella, the harem princess as they called her.

Chains swaying and dancing, attached to a woman that wore nothing but his collar and the chains adorning her nipples and around her hips tugging on the piercing of her nether lips. She was dark-skinned, lithe, and flexible. A perfect dancer, her well-developed breasts swaying with each gyration of her upper body. It pleased him to see how well she had adjusted to the piercings so quickly, from whimpers of pain to a held back moan of pleasure at every movement and jostle that tugged on her erogenous zones.

The music playing from the lutist and piper could only be described as vulgar. Coaxing the dancer into deeper and more erotic displays of her naked flesh. Her performance before her Master to coax him into taking using her body for his satisfaction. A task she had been trained in desiring above anything else in her life, to serve him. And he smiled knowing she would do anything and all he asked. Though she would have to wait a little longer.

The sound of jingling chains behind him brought his attention, sitting up with a lewd smile on his lips. Gesturing behind him he called forth the naked, chained and bound, virgin girl who hobbled her way around his throne to stand before him. Her dark hair shown with loving care that his bath girls had put into making her as presentable as they could for their Master’s latest virgin sacrifice. Her skin was flushed and glistening with fear and arousal, anklets keeping her feet chained together forcing her to walk slowly in small steps, manacles locked around her wrists, keeping them tied up behind her, a collar with a short-chain was attached to those manacles keeping her back arched in a posture that her pert breasts were raised in front of her.

She whimpered looking at him, her legs pressed tightly together and squirming as liquid desire slid down her creamy legs from her pink slit. A small golden bauble locked between her virgin lips was softly pulsing inside her, driving her desires up for the past fourteen days. She had been unable to find relief unable to touch herself nor remove the artifact that was pressing this unknown stirring in her loins.

He licked his lips and reached up to grip her collar, pulling her in close. She fell forward against him, unable to resist as her legs had already been so close to giving out underneath her. His other hand trailed along her back, watching as she shivered under his touch. His eyes gazing into hers as he spoke softly, his words for her, though everyone could hear him speak in this chamber.

“Tell me, lovely girl. What were you?”

She looked back, her eyes wet with arousal and desires, he could see that she as on the verge of falling. Soon she would be among his harem, another chain in his throne, another woman that pleased him. She whimpered softly as he waited for her answer. He was not one to ask more than once, he never needed to.

“I was a virgin priestess of the Sealing Art of Harkumet. The enemy of all demonkind.”

Her voice wavered softly as she spoke, her eyes still holding the smallest glimmer she could escape what was about to happen to her. He smiled rubbing his hand up into her hair, stroking it softly in an attempt to soothe and quiet her mind. The hand around her collar sliding along the cool metal, watching as her body instinctively followed his touch, craving for more.

“And what are you now?”

She shivered under his words, looking at him with pleading eyes, her mouth caught open and trying to fight off saying those last few words. One last desperate struggle before she folded, so she could claim to herself that she had tried everything she could. He knew the story all too well.

There was no trickery or mind control to his methods. That would undermine his powers as the Demon Lord of Domination. No, he had merely pushed her buttons and pulled her to the point of breaking, and she would willingly break herself for him. Her whole body seemed to hesitate for a second, the chamber had gone silent around them waiting for her answer. Would this girl be the first in five thousand years to defy him?

“I-… I am… I am Master’s slave. My body and soul belong to him.”

She lowered her face, her cheeks blushing deep red as she let herself fall into his power. He chuckled deeply and lifted up her chin, leaning in he kissed her lips softly. His hands moving to cup her and pull her in closer to him. The show was only just beginning for the rest of his women watching.

She answered his kisses timidly, untrained and unsure of how to respond to him, her body was still chained up and at his mercy. He spread her legs and had her straddled in his lap her feet still chained as he made her kneel with a leg on either side of him. He kissed her deeply, claiming her lips, his tongue invading her mouth and playing with her tongue. Her nipples brushed against his chest, they were hard and desperately seeking attention as well.

One hand moved to take hold of her breast and give it a firm squeeze. They were not large, but of modest size and perfect to hold in his rough hands just enough to cup fully with just enough give to squeeze and spill out between his fingers. He flicked his finger across the little nub enjoying her reactions as her body began to press in closer to his seeking out to sate the building desire within her.

She moaned softly, watching him play her like a musical instrument, her moans and whimpers were the strings being plucked. Wishing she knew how to serve and please her Master, begging with lustful eyes to teach her how to serve. Reaching downward with his fee hand he slipped a finger into a ring on the golden artifact that was stimulating her sex.

Tugging slowly she moaned as it slid out of her lower lips with a wet schilicking noise. No longer stoppered her desire began running freely down her legs. He held it up before her with a smile, showing the small simple object at had helped break her. It was small enough to penetrate even virgin women without endangering their hymens while stimulating their clit and g-spot with subtle vibrations to increase and maintain arousal. she looked at the object that had been tormenting her, covered in her juices, her eyes half-lidded moments before they widened as she realized what its removal meant.

Uncovering his stiff member from his loincloth he shifted her hips, gripping onto her and aiming the tip of his weapon between her lips, rubbing her with the rod that would complete the enslavement of her body and soul. He angled her body just right that she could look down and see his length ready to spear into her depths.

“You understand what is about to happen, My slave?”

She nodded her head slowly at his words, her body shivering in fear and anticipation. She was completely in his power, trapped and helpless to do anything but desire that he completes her and turn her into his woman. Her juices flowing down his length as it pokes between her lips.

“Mmm that’s a good girl,” He chuckled as he felt her body twitch in response. “Now let’s open your womb for Master’s desires…”

With no other warning, he pulled her down slowly, impaling her on his length and inching his way deep inside. Feeling the resistance of that delicious proof that only he had her at this point give way he drank in her submission as he continued her slow descent on his member until he had reached the end of her tight passage.

He could feel her gasp as the tip pressed into her cervix with a soft bump, her eyes teary and in pain, he held her down onto his length and let her adjust to her first penetration. He motioned and showed her the tinge of red liquid that leaked out around the base of his shaft, showing her the proof that he had deflowered her properly. She tightened her inner walls around him while making a noise of mixed joy and regret.

His hands started exploring her body while he leaned in to kiss her lips. He had plenty of time to enjoy her rich sensual body, after all, there was no need to hurry or give her reason to not crave him like every other woman that sat in this room, and many other women who were maintaining his castle.

He smiled at her while pulling his lips from hers, hands gripping onto her hips he began to thrust in and out slowly. Watching and enjoying her fall ever further into his power. For the first time in three thousand years, he had corrupted a priestess of the gods and turned her into his slave. A priestess that was one of three who could have the power to stop him while aiding one of the heroes the gods always tried sending to fight him.

Leaning his head down he began to suck on her nipples, gently biting and enjoying the stimulation of her tightening around him, feeling her body preparing itself and getting ready to receive his gift into her. She was moaning and moving her hips with him, her arms fighting to break out of the restraints and grab onto him. He entertained the idea for a moment of letting her go to see how badly she would cling to him. She kept leaning forward begging for kisses which he gave her.

Letting her hips go to explore her back, she continued to move her hips in the pace he had set for her. He smiled at her eagerness to please him, adjusting his hips slightly so he thrust into her with a different angle, making her shiver and clench herself tighter around him. His hands stroke along her back and around to rub across her belly, instilling her with his magic. Preparing her body for what was to happen very shortly.

Her breathing was getting rougher as her hips starting to falter in their movements. Using one hand to grope her breasts, his other cupped her backside and began thrusting into her faster. Pounding into her passage with long deep strokes that pressed up to her cervix. Her hands gripped onto his back tightly as she whimpered into his ear.

“Master… please….”

He chuckled deeply and leaned in kissing her lips, his pace rough and fast as he neared his climax. Pulling away from her lips he leaned in and nibbled on her ear as he pushed himself deep inside her.

“Let go and cum for me.”

She cried out in shock as her first orgasm ripped into her body, trembling against him as her passage wrapped tightly around his shaft, squeezing tightly, tighter than he had anticipated. He grunted and pushed in deep, shuddering with a groan as he poured himself into her. Painting her insides with white as the tip held firm against her womb, filling her up. Her walls pulsing and milking every drop inside her, her body shaking as she was taken into another release from the warmth of him pumping inside her waiting body.

He held her like this, letting her take all she could inside her. Kissing her cheek and rubbing his hand along her back, praising her for doing a good job. The rest of the chamber watching with pleased faces seeing their new sister being so well rewarded with making their Master happy. A moment enjoyed by all until it was interrupted with the sounds of fighting from outside the throne room.

He sighed and looked toward the door. Slowly pulling himself out of his new conquest and sitting her down beside his throne, switching her chains so that she could move her arms but now attached to his throne like a prize. He was slightly annoyed that his time for fun was ending, but this was business after all. Another Hero to face down.



  1. Seems pretty good. Point of note however about the hymen and penetration. (You might already know, but others may not.)
    [Please note that this isn’t personal experience, just talking to people online and consulting various sources.]

    The hymen doesn’t necessarily rip during the first time a girl has sex. Many activities can cause it to rip before that time.
    Also, the hymen might not tear when having sex for the first time, especially if there is a high amount of lubrication. It is 100% possible for a virgin who has never used any sex toys or fingers to penetrate herself to not bleed when having sex for the first time.
    Some girls are born without any hymen at all in fact.

    I’m gonna assume the toy that was used wasn’t not going through the hymen, but rather that it was thin enough to not tear the hymen, as most hymens aren’t a solid sheet but rather have a hole or several in them already.

    Also also, as far as I can tell hitting the cervix is quite painful for some girls, but not others.

    • thanks, hope furture chapters will be just as good/better.

      Yeah, I know a bit about this. In real life 90% of the time it hurts is because of two things, not enough preperation prior to penetration or the hymen is slightly thicker than normal. More often then not the girl isn’t relaxed enough or her body not fully prepared for intercourse. The hymen when relaxed can actually stretch and not tear/break when penetrated, it’s kind of similar to the foreskin on the guy.

      Though I stuck to the normal Japanese hentai logic about virgins for this chapter.

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