Demon Lord’s Redemption: Chapter 11


Author: Literataku

Chapter 11



Walking through the streets of the town around the temple, Emiyo was relieved that she had been allowed to wear much more casual attire for a change. Dressed in peasant’s clothing and traveling incognito with Haruko walking beside her, similarly dressed to keep people from asking too many questions. It felt nice to be out away from the temple, away from the teasing and stares of jealousy from her fellow mikos. Though the company she was with still create its own worries and problems for her.

The saving grace of sleeping in the Hero’s quarters last night was that she didn’t have to deal with the planned torments of her roommates. In fact, she was essentially being removed from Temple duties not related to the Hero. Another moment of grace was that her things were placed in an adjoining room to the hero. Allowing her privacy and a place to hide from his gaze, the room was small, only large enough for her futon and a place to stand to change clothing. She swore the lighting was designed by a perverted person, her shadow was cast on the paper door that separates the rooms, letting the hero watch her disrobe and change clothing in silhouette, which was only slightly better than if she had changed in front of him.

She hated the situation but understood why. They would be together from now until the task of destroying the demon lords was done. It would be no different putting them together now than waiting, and this way she had the protection of the temple if he tried anything while they adjusted, not that he had made any attempts aside from teasing remarks and using his eyes to disrobe her.

As they moved toward the outer edges of the town she looked at him curiously, glancing down at the bag of gold attached to his hip. She had known he had planned to go out shopping but she hadn’t quite asked what he was going out for. In fact, they were starting to near the part of town she disliked.

“Lord- Ermm… Haruko-san. Where are we going?”

He chuckled and pointed ahead into the deeper parts of the side markets, the markets that were slightly less legal than the central part of town. Cages could be seen containing demi-humans and animals. People who looked quiet unscrupulous walking around examining the merchandise and haggling over the lives of people pinned outside for sale The slave markets.

“I need a form of sustenance that mortal food can’t provide.”

“A slave? Why does Haruko-san need a slave?”

“So I can feed on their submission of course. Unless you are willing to do such things for me. Are you willing to obey and serve my orders?”

“W-… What kind of orders?”

“Take off your clothes.”

She froze in place as he spoke the words, looking at him and completely scandalized by his directness. How could he think such a thing? She felt her hands reaching for the sleeves of her shirt before she stopped herself and shook her head, trying to find words.

“N-n-no. I won’t do that for you.”

He chuckled and leaned in closer, he couldn’t touch her without her permission but he could get very close, she could feel his breath on her ear as he whispered to her.

“You almost considered it, didn’t you? But don’t worry, I won’t do anything you don’t want to, not until you tell me you will, anyways.”

She blushed a deep red as he pulled away and flashed a predatory grin at her, turning away and continuing to walk toward one of the slaver’s tents. She followed along quietly behind him, unable to say anything in defense or rejection of his words. Mentally kicking herself as he played with her, was she really so weak to his games?

As they approached one of the larger tents, a man stepped outside to greet them. He was dressed slightly lavish and wore the grin of a man who was ready to help someone lighten their gold from their pockets in any way he could.

“Greeting good sir and lady. How may I assist you on this fine day? Buying? Or perhaps selling?”

He asked looking over at Emiyo and making her shudder at the thought. Haruko chuckled and shook his head, motioning her to come closer to him for safety.

“Ah, you haven’t changed at all, Senichi-san. I’m here to buy of course.”

The man looked slightly taken aback as Haruko called him by name, his eyes moving over the hero curiously as if trying to inspect him better. She could see his face was getting suspicious but gold was gold to him and he smiled and invited them inside.

“What are you looking for today then? Little something to spice up married life? Help around the household?”

They stepped into the tent, it seemed smaller inside, though much of the tent was sectioned off from the rest, leaving space to keep the slaves hiding from view until called upon. A display stage and sale area was where they had walked into. Chains and a pair of stocks stood to one side for holding potential sales as browsers continued to make their selections. A strange x shaped stand was also nearby though she tried to pay as little attention to such things as possible

“I need a multi-talented slave, spirited and able to travel and carry various weights, females preferred, nothing too experienced in bed but she doesn’t have to be a virgin, and I don’t care if human or demi-human.”

Senichi smiled widely and gave a nod to one of his helpers sending him off to pull what stock they could from the back. He offered a seat, which Emiyo took gratefully though Haruko remained standing with a shake of his head and a quick flash of a smile toward her.

A line up of ten slaves were brought before him, various shapes and sizes of human women that Emiyo felt varying pangs inside her. Many of them were quite beautiful, wearing the thinnest of ratty clothing their figures were almost already on complete display. For the first time since meeting him, she tried to focus on Haruko than anything else, watching him walk around the ten girls with an appraising look.

He picked out a slightly muscular blonde girl and a redhead who was definitely well curved. The two were set aside as Haruko requested to see the next set. The slaver Senichi seemed surprised and rather pleased with such a discerning customer, Haruko was obviously someone who had bought slaves before, which meant he would likely again.

The next set of ten came through and he rejected them all, and the next set, and the next, While she wasn’t really interested but she had nothing else to do aside from sitting quietly and praying she never ended up like this. She was wondering what kind of criteria he was using for making his selections. She couldn’t really see what made the first two more special than the ones that came after.

The next ten were the most exotic of the slaves brought in, all of them demi-humans. Though still quite beautiful in Emiyo’s eyes, there was some sign of annoyance from the slaver as he watched Haruko walking around inspecting the slaves on display. Haruko looked over the cat-eared girl for several long moments before ultimately rejecting her. Finally, his eyes settled on the dark-skinned woman placed near the end. Was there a flash of recognition in those eyes?

She was lithe and almost as tall as Haruko, but muscular enough to be a skilled fighter, her skin was the color of coal, eye a violet shade with specks of silver that clashed with the white mane that framed her face, her purple lips were closed together in a silent sneer at the man observing her. Her breasts were sized well with the rest of her body, small, but well proportionate to the runner/huntress look most Dark Elves on the outside world seemed to have.

Her pointed ears tipped with a small silver earring that were embossed with the sign of a slave collar, denoting her as one of the bloodline slaves of her clan. A sign of a dark elf determined too submissive to be a free elf and records of similar slaves in family history. There was no chance she would ever be free, she would likely serve many masters and mistresses over her lifetime.

He stepped closer to her and she looked at him with a challenge in her eyes, daring him to handle her. Even chained it seemed like she was ready to fight him off if he tried anything. Haruko chuckled and walked around her slowly, Emiyo almost felt like she was watching two predators sizing the other up.

“That one prefers a woman’s touch, good sir. Dark Elf you know. Unless you were looking for a companion of the lady.”

Haruko laughed softly and stepped up closer behind the dark elf. Her body tensed as he leaned in closer, almost close enough to touch. Emiyo knew what kind of effect that had on her own person and watched the woman’s breathing increase. Her skin starting to flush with heat.

Haruko chose her and lined her up with the other two after the rejected ones had left he had the three stand in front of him on the stage. Looking them over as he smiled quietly and walked around them one more time. Lifting his hand he snapped a finger to them.


The first two let their shifts fall to the floor immediately, standing straight as their bodies were exposed to the open air. Emiyo couldn’t believe someone could be capable of doing something so easily. Then again she was no slave and her life did not depend on pleasing her owner by following orders. The Dark Elf was only a second behind them, her body seemed to flush more while the first two seemed to carry no shame in their bodies.

Moving up to the blonde, Haruko grabbed hold of her breast, giving a squeeze, watching her reactions. She trembled softly, remaining facing forward while his finger circled her nipple, making it erect and flicking across it. She tried to remain as still as she could while his hand traced up from her breast to her neckline and then down over her belly, just pausing above her hooded sex where he drew a soft slow circle. She bit her lower lips and trembled.

The air was starting to get heavy with a lewd scent, even Emiyo found herself breathing hard from just watching. The slaver looking mildly surprised but remaining unphased for the most part. This was an unusual buyer but he had seen it before, as long as the man didn’t pull out his dick and try to get free service he could do anything he wanted in this way to the three of them.

Pulling away from the blonde Haruko looked at the redhead, gauging her looks, stepping up and leaning his face close to hers, nipping on her ear teasingly, she squeaked and shivered as his fingers stroked between her parted legs, desperately trying to hold back and biting her lips as one finger slides between her outer petals and stimulates her. She was having a harder time controlling herself under his ministrations, spending a couple of minutes teasing her sex, spreading her open and closed, sliding his fingers across her inside her. The scent in the air getting thicker when he pulled away and licked his finger clean.

Emiyo swallowed as she found herself with an excess of moisture in her mouth, squirming ever so slightly in her chair trying to hold her legs together and ignore the growing warmth between them. A glance showed that even the slaver was looking onward with a bit more intent than he probably should have.

Harko stepped toward the Dark Elf, she looked at him, daring him to touch her in the same way. He smiled and stepped up closer, slipping his hand into her hair and gripping tightly. She didn’t attack him, that would have been a death sentence for a slave up for sale, but she tried to resist and pull away her eyes staring into his as she tried to pull back, finding his strength overpowering hers, she places her hands on his chest and tries to push away and finding no purchase. He growls softly in the elf’s ear words that Emiyo barely overhead.

“Usstan’bal doer ulu phlyle dos…”

The slave turns and tries to run only to find his other arm wrapping around her, coiling himself like a snake his arm pulls her lower body close to his, he stares into her eyes and growled deeply, baring his teeth at her. She looks surprised for a moment and then returns the growl, showing her teeth as the two stood off against each other like beasts.

She continued to press harder against him, Emiyo and the others were merely able to watch this display as they snarl and growl at each other, her body ever slowly being pulled under his, their hips meeting together as the gap slowly recedes until her chest touches his. Leaning his head in Haruko snarled and bit onto her neck like a dog, the elf floundered and bucked trying to get him off for a few moments before she went limp in his arms, surrendering herself as Haruko stood back and let her fall at his feet.

She was panting heavily, leaning against his leg for support and looking up at him with surprise. The slaver watched in shock as he saw his unruly lesbian elf slave change her entire demeanor at this man’s feet, her body language as she sat there trying to recover her breath was subservient and full of adoration. Haruko chuckled and stroked a hand through her hair as she leaned into his touch much to everyone’s surprise.

“I’ll take this one.”



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