Demon Lord’s Redemption: Chapter 12


Author: Literataku

Chapter 12



Senichi stood there trying to keep his mouth from falling open as he looked between Haruko and the Dark Elf currently laying at his feet. She was enjoying the head pats he was giving her while the other girls were led away, each of them shooting a disappointed look that they would not be getting sold this time, and also not getting relief from the buttons the hero had pressed turning on their sexual drives.

“I’ve never seen a man manage to make a dark elf submit. How could you possibly do something like this?”

Haruko chuckled, slipping his hands into the elf’s hair and guiding her closer to the slaver, keeping her sitting at his feet, where she seemed to be perfectly fine with kneeling there completely naked and without shame, her breathing still heavy as she looked up at him with moistened eyes.

“It helps when you know Dark Elf society, even a slave has her pride against a man until he proves that he is stronger than her. It takes a lot of will and power to do it, so I don’t recommend you try and tame any yourself. Oh, and before you try to raise the price, her submission is only to me. Any other guy and well… You know what normally happens.”

The slaver nodded his head slightly, the gears probably turning on how he was supposed to calculate her value now. She was sitting and acting like a pet at his feet, her eyes only on that man. She was the tamest of the group of dark elf slaves he had, and that was before this man had turned into this. He almost shuddered thinking about what might happen if he failed to sell her now.

“I will sell her at my original price, exotic beauty and a fighter, even not as tamed as she is now she was the most obedient elf I have in my stock. Eight Gold.”

“Is that including slave magic transfer?”

“Of course, I do not do like others and hide the surcharges for afterward. I run an honest business, sir.”

“I don’t need the slave magic.”

“But sir even if you have control over her-”

“I have my own I can cast, and my own collar so a temporary one will suffice. Long enough to get her home where I can perform the ceremonies myself.”

The slaver looked surprised again, but he recalled that this man was not his normal client by any means. Taking a moment to work out the math in his head he sighed over taking a small loss but at the same time, this man could possibly bring more business later down the road.

“Six gold, ten silver. I’m making almost nothing on this deal sir.”

Haruko chuckled and pulled out seven gold coins from the bag, tossing them to the surprised slaver. He reached into his own money bag when Haruko shook his hand slightly.

“Keep the change, as a bonus for some extra information while we take care of the paperwork.”

The slaver smiled and nodded snapping his fingers as a servant brought forth the proof of sale papers. They were prefilled, of course. One must be ready to sell at any time and you never knew if the buyer would be on the road, impatient or illiterate.

“What does the sir wish to know?”

He offered Haruko a quill to sign to complete the purchase agreement.

“Who is running the Kingdom of Shihaicho?”

“That would be King Utholahn the Third, who else-”

“Whos really running it?”

“I don’t understand what you mean sir. I’m just a humble-”

“You still don’t recognize me, Senichi-san? It’s been twenty years but…”

“Wait…. Haruko-sama? Everyone said you are dead!”

Haruko chuckled deeply and gave a shrug.

“Well, I’m not as dead as some would like to believe. Now which of my idiotic followers took over while I’ve been away?”

“I’m afraid your brothers supported and gave power to Jirouichi, Lord Haruko.”

“I was afraid of that… Bastards. They know he is going to run everything I had built into the ground. At least I know who I am going to kill first. Don’t let anyone else know I’m alive. You’ll know why soon enough.”

“Of course, My lord. I would not doubt your reasons.”

A short few minutes later Haruko and Emiyo stepped out of the tent with his elf slave following behind obediently. Emiyo blushing deep in embarrassment and trying not to look behind her. The dark elf had not redressed and was following behind with a bounce in her step, showing her glorious nude body that was owned by her master.

“I can’t believe Haruko-san didn’t tell her to put anything on.”

“Knowing Senichi he would have charged me for the shift. The guy is honest but he loves to get gold wherever he can. And this way we don’t have to burn anything she was wearing.”

“You haven’t even asked her name!”

“She won’t say it until she is completely mine. It’s a matter of pride among Dark Elves. A slave is only known as a slave, she has no name unless her master gives her one. Admitting her real name is the same as saying I deem you worthy of knowing who I really am because I am eternally yours.”

Emiyo quieted after that remark, it was true enough that she didn’t know about the other races at all. She glanced behind her, wondering if the elf girl was listening to them. Her face seemed pensive, though still joyous and looking with longing at Haruko. It was a face only a woman could have when looking at a man, one that Emiyo hoped that she could keep hidden from this man as long as possible. Still, another question came to her mind.

“How do you know so much about Dark Elves?”

Haruko chuckled and glanced behind him, leaning in closer to whisper into her ear, quiet enough only she could hear him speak. His breath tickling her and making her body feel a bit hot with the intimacy of his closeness.

“Well, I have a cheat to answer that question. I created the Dark Elf race.”

She stumbled over herself, tripping into the ground as she stared up at him with shock and surprise. The stories and myths about the rebuilding of the world had always claimed the heroes had found no life on the land when they began to restore the lands. But that they had actually made the races too?

He offered her a hand up, and she took it, trying not to feel too flustered with herself or this mild revelation. She merely stared at him unable to speak as he pulled her back up and helped her continue back to the temple. The dark elves created by Haruko, which in hindsight started to make sense with what she knew about the race as a whole.

Mostly dominated by women, the society was built on the strength and intelligence of its rulers. An ordinary dark elven woman was as strong as a human guard, and their leaders were often even stronger and faster. The men were often as strong as a normal human male, meaning the women tended to overpower them. Thus the men leaned into working with intellect and subterfuge, impressing potential lovers with their skills. The smartest and strongest paired together to continue to lineages of power for both sexes. The women were often accused of being lesbians because of their distaste for men outside the closed halls of their society, a stereotype that many women who ventured outside embraced just to mess with the other races.

Emiyo spent the remaining time in quiet as they returned to the temple. Causing a new stir as people watched them lead the dark elf slave into the temple and toward the hero’s quarters. She could already hear the rumors that she was going to be participating in a threesome with the elf girl and the hero. Her reputation was stained by unfounded accusation as it was, what was another one thrown on the pile?

Haruko pulled the elf into the bathroom to clean her up for this enslavement ceremony, Emiyo almost swearing there seemed to be a bounce in her step as she followed him inside. Not wishing to be nearby while they did things she didn’t want to know about, Emiyo changed into her normal outfit and slipped off to the library, ignoring the sound of giggles and shrieks coming from the hero’s bathroom.

Ready to distract herself she began pulling out a book about Haruko and his followers. It sounded like he was going to deal with his own house before tackling the other Demon Lords. The more she could know about what he and his followers were like the better off she would be in getting knowing if there was an ulterior plan to Haruko’s actions.

She sat down in her quiet corner to read for the next several hours, she would return to the Hero’s quarters when dinner was called to eat. Until then she would busy herself here and learn as much as she could about facing her literal personal demon.


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