Demon Lord’s Redemption: Chapter 13


Author: Literataku

Chapter 13



Pulling her into the bath, Haruko smiled at his lovely new slave. She returned the look with heat in her eyes, moving up and pressing herself into him running her hands over his clothing as he circled his arms around her, pulling her closer. Their lips hovered just apart from each other, holding still waiting for the kiss.

Neither would move however, she would wait for him to falter, to give in and rape her as she was told all humans do, but he was not normal and he waited as they stared into each other’s eyes. Finally, she decided to test him with words of enticement, giving in and breaking the silent battle of power she tried to wage against him. “The Words of the Seeking Slave”, as taught by her great-grandmother fell from her lips as she whispered enticingly to him. WAnting to see if he was just a man or a Man.

“Veldruk… It’s been so long. This rothe had worried that you had abandoned her like the gods. She wondered if her prayers had ever reached your ears if you would come to claim her as you promised all of us who give ourselves to the collar and chain eternally.”

Leaning in he nibbled on her pointed ears before leaning his head down and sucking on her neck, making her gasp out and press closer against him with a moan. He had unlocked her heat already, and he could tell she was in torment from the desire he unlocked deep inside. His hand resting on her belly as he whispered the “Words of the Master” in response.

“I have come to claim you, rothe. To make you kneel and submit and find joy in being what you are. To devour you and make you mine. Does it please you to know you are about to become the slave you always begged in your soul to become?”

Her eyes widened as he spoke the words she recognized. Few men knew the true words of the ritual of the eternal slave, none of them were human. Her heart fluttered in her chest nervously, he could speak in drow tongue and knew things no man could ever know. Was he whom she had been collared and sent out to receive? She couldn’t help herself but continue automatically. Trained from the moment she had become a slave within the realm of her people the next phrase came from her lips.

“Veldruk, this one was always willing, always ready and needing your guidance to train and make her yours. This body and soul are ready to be claimed by your command and desire. This rothe yearns for the touch of your whip and rod to master her as Oirna Vedlruk.”

She moved her hands to his shirt, he chuckled deeply and let her pull it off his body. Stepping back in as he gripped onto her hair pulling her tighter, she could feel his chest pressing against hers, her nipples rubbing into the hard muscles underneath his skin, she shivered feeling the muscles that had overpowered her, that awakened the woman inside that wanted to be held and controlled by someone stronger than herself.

“My desire is to claim you, as My Oirna Rothe for eternity. You will devote to only me and mine, your life and your children’s lives are mine. Your mind for me, your body for mine, your soul for us. Submit rothe to your fate and speak your name.”

She shivered to feel the magic surrounding her and him, his warmth seemingly growing hotter as he finished his part of the ritual, she swallowed looking up at him with nothing else she could do but give in, this man who she barely knew and yet he knew more about her ways than even some of the men of her own people. Perhaps fate had linked her to this as she lowered herself down before him, her legs spread open as she kneeled down at his feet.

“This one is Korin, Oirna Veldruk. Your rothe for eternity.”

She felt the slaver’s collar fall from her neck and clatter to the ground, continuing to kneel as she felt her body grow flush with desire and need. The words were done, now came the moment he took her body. She heard the shifting noise as his pants fell to the floor, she didn’t look up as he stood before her, waiting for his commands, his orders.

“Let’s get you clean so I can dirty you all over.”

She barely had time to react as he suddenly picked up her up and tossed her into the bath. She shrieked as she water splashed around her, coming up for air she looked and saw him standing before her, his shaft engorged and standing up in front of him. Her eyes focused on his tool and she could feel herself drooling from both mouths.

“Master, would it not be useful to get dirty as we clean? Save time bathing again.”

He chuckled and leaned down, gesturing her to move closer to him, she swam up looking up into his eyes with lust and adoration. He gripped her chin and pulled her in for a kiss, making her body melt in pleasure as he pressed firmly against her mouth, she opened herself up inviting his tongue inside to tangle with her own.

A sudden move and she shrieked again as he dove into the bath, coming up behind her and wrapping his arms around her waist pulling her up and tickling her sides. She started giggling uncontrollably and trying to flee making splashes in the large tub as he held her down until she surrendered.

“I see that Master understands how to ensure this slave’s constant submission.” She muttered into his ear as he turned her around, she wrapped her arms and legs around him, floating underneath him, feeling his shaft brushing her unopened flower under the water. A glance down showed him rubbing across the small patch of white fuzz she left from trimming.

“I know the dark elves, very well, My slave, My rothe,” he whispered into her ear, his hands stroking down her back, taking hold of her hips with a smile as he positioned himself to penetrate her. “Your great grandmother Shilendraha, was one of my most loyal and favorite slaves.”

Her eyes widened with shock but closed almost as quickly as she felt the pain of his length pressing against her, pushing inside and spreading her open, her nails dug into his back as she cried out in pain of being split open by his large shaft. She looked up at him, her breathing hard as he remained unmoving, she clung to him feeling the fullness inside her, the pain slowly starting to dull as she looked up at him.

“Master? Master is truly my Oirna Veldruk?”

“Yes. You are the new eternal slave to serve your Master.”

He began to move inside her, she could feel his shaft stretching her, molding her passage to his length and girth. Her body and mind surrendered to the glorious pleasure he was giving her, moving her hips up to accept his shaft as deep as possible. She clung tightly around him, using her legs and arms to grip and let him penetrate her as deeply as possible.

It was no man who found and claimed her, no man who possessed her body and soul. It was her god who took everything she could possibly give and he gave her pleasure through her entire body. She was lost in the waves of lust and desire as he rocked into her, lifting her up out of the water and laying her down on the floor as he continued to thrust into her, getting faster as she adjusted to him.

She felt something coming and looked up at him fearfully, he smiled and leaned in kissing her lips and pounded his hips into her even harder. She panicked as the waves of pleasure grew even stronger and overwhelmed her, her body shaking, she cries out and clings to him pushing her hips up wanting to feel him deep inside as he pushed her through her first climax.

There was an uncomfortable bump deep inside as the tip of his shaft hit something unfamiliar to her. She shuddered and gasped looking back up at him taking deep breaths, watching his body continue to take her. Each thrust deep she could feel him pressing against something making her wince.

“Master, what are you …?”

He chuckles and slows down his pace, easing her down and giving her body a chance to recover from her high as her hand traced over her belly, feeling how deep his shaft was reaching inside her.

“That’s your womb, where you will bear my children someday.”

“Children from Master?” She asked in a daze, feeling her passage squeezing around his shaft at the thought of him making her carry his seed. The idea frightened and excited her all at once, but she smiled at him as she realized one thing. She had no choice in the matter anymore, she had given up everything to become his slave. That thought sending her desires floating back up rapidly as she clung to him again.

“Master, this slave has a greedy request. Please let this slave feel that pleasure again.”

He smiled and began to press in faster, rocking in deep, making sure she felt him claiming every inch of her passage. His hands slid down and shifted her hips slightly, pushing her up as he angled his hips downward, she moaned and squirmed underneath him the feeling of him hitting her lower walls and stretching her in new ways was incredible, she curled her toes as the waves came rushing toward her. Hands gripping his shoulders and rubbing down his back as she pushed her breasts up toward him craving the feel of his body as she climaxed again. His length pressing down against her cervix as she heard him growl and the strange feeling of a pulse of his shaft pouring inside her followed with a warmth spread deep in her core. She was pushed over again in the middle of climax and cried out as she was hit over and over, unable to stop as her love tunnel massaged his length trying to milk all of his seed into her baby room.

She lay there feeling the weight of him atop her, slowly her vision returned and she saw him smiling down at her, his head laying atop her breasts. She could still feel him inside her, still firm and pulsing, keeping the liquid heat trapped even deeper inside her. He brushed a hand through her hair as they lay resting a while longer.

Before she started to feel sore lying on the hard floor of the bath he slowly lifted her up and pulled her into the bathwater, keeping his length buried within. She felt little tings of pain from being stretched around him after being freshly deflowered but she found she didn’t mind as long as she was connected to him like this. They floated in the tub a couple of moments, exchanging kisses and caresses while they cooled down.

She sighed in contentment closing her eyes before she felt a cloth brush against her face. Opening them she saw a washcloth dangling in front of her eyes. She reached for it as he chuckled and sat down keeping her impaled on his shaft as he settled back.

“Clean me, slave. And then yourself. We have much more to do tonight. Your master has eighteen years of blue balling to work out. Is my slave willing to learn and service her master today?

She smiled widely, shifting her hips a little to feel his shaft pressing in deep against her womb, feeling his seed sloshing inside her. She gave a cheeky grin and bit a corner of the washcloth, looking sultry for him as she tried to imagine how else she could be used to make them both feel good.

“Yes, Master. This rothe is willing to serve for all of Master’s desires, no matter how hard and long they may be…” They both share a laugh as she starts scrubbing his body, exploring the man she understood as the god of her people, but more importantly, her Oirna Vedruk, Eternal Master.

She scrubbed along the arms that had prevented her escape, such iron rods she had no choice but to give in. the broad muscles of his chest she gasped softly as he flexed and his strong abs, they had trapped and wore her down, overpowered her and opened her body and soul to be claimed by him. She pressed up close as he wouldn’t allow her to slip off him, scrubbing his back by wrapping her arms around him, her breasts pressing into him, the two looking into each other’s eyes. She could feel him twitching inside her with every move she made, her own body responded back squeezing him gently, her body craving more heat from his seed.

When she reached down to the base of his shaft she looked at him with a smile.

“Master I cannot clean any more without disrupting Master’s pleasure.”

He chuckled and leaned in to kiss her lips, drawing his hand along her back. “It’s cleaning itself inside my slave. My slave needs to get herself scrubbed down quickly.”

She nodded and began to wipe herself as quickly as possible, feeling his hands gripping her hips as she scrubbed across her neck and shoulders, she gave him a half curious look but said nothing. When she began to clean around her nipples she gasped as he began moving inside her once again, she reached out for him instinctively but he stopped her with a soft growl.


She widened her eyes and tried to work on finishing cleaning off her body as he bounced her in his lap making her shiver and moan each time he pushed in against her womb. The more of her she cleaned the faster he was moving until the water was sloshing around them making tiny waves. Scrubbing down her belly she reached down where they were connected and whimpered looking at him.

“I’m clean, Master…”

He chuckled reached one hand to grab her hair and pull her in close, pulling her hips down hard onto his shaft. She could feel his length twitching and getting harder inside her, ready to pour more of his warmth into her womb.

“That’s a good girl, you can cum for me now.”

And she did with a cry of surprise, clutching onto him as if her life depended on it.


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