Demon Lord’s Redemption: Chapter 14


Author: Literataku

Chapter 14



Emiyo sighed as she walked back toward her shared room, part of her wondering how she was going to handle this newer development. On one hand, at least it would divert his attention away from her. With a slave at his beck and call, he wouldn’t have to tease her as much, and she could more easily avoid him when he needed to use her. On the other, it was another person traveling with them and while she had a place to go and hide, that might not be a possibility later down the road.

She could smell the food as she walked down the corridor seeing one of the kitchen staff just now arriving at the quarters and carrying a large tray. He started to knock but paused and looked a bit surprised to see her walking up to him.

“Oh! Ah… Good evening, Lady Miko.”

“Good evening. Please put the meal in quickly, I am very hungry.”

“Lady Miko I’m not sure-”

She slid open the door and paused before stepping inside. Thanks to the removal of the privacy screens, she could see the pair lying on the hero’s futon and cuddling against each other, completely unclothed and uncovered, both glistening with sweat and the smell of sex permeating the air. The one main difference she could see was the iron collar had been removed from the girl’s neck.

She shook her head and stepped inside gesturing for the staff to hurry up and put the food at the table. Which he did so and hurried out as fast as possible, sliding closed the door behind him. She turned and looked away, even though she had seen both of them naked already it felt awkward for her. Praying for strength as she moved to kneel at the table and ignore them while she gathered her meal.

“Please put on some covering if you plan to eat dinner. I don’t want to see you like that over here.”

She heard a giggle and a soft whisper from behind too low to hear what was being said. It was the smack and yelp that made her jump, looking behind her the slave girl was rubbing her backside as Haruko leaned in and growled something in her ear. She nodded and then lay prostrate on the floor as Haruko stood up slowly, wrapping a hakama around his waist and walking over to the table.

To Emiyo’s surprise the girl stayed on all fours and crawled over to sit behind him, She bowed her head toward Emiyo and looked apologetic as her eyes stayed down to the floor.

“My apologies for what I said about you, Mistress. This slave will accept any punishment you desire to give her by her Master’s order.”

She raised her eyebrows and looked at Haruko, he merely smiled and nodded his head to her. She felt quite taken aback by this, she didn’t want to punish this girl, she didn’t even like telling people what to do and he was expecting her to punish his own slave for some comment she didn’t even hear? She sat there quietly trying to think of something quickly, continuing to glance at Haruko as his smile got a little larger each time she looked at him. It was almost infuriating her, what was making him so pleased that she couldn’t think of anything.

“Umm.. nothing sweet for two days..”

She immediately knew she had failed miserably, Haruko leaned forward and covered his mouth while his body shook in quiet laughter She glared at him, and he snorted and nearly fell over from how hard he was trying not to laugh. Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore and asked him with a huff.

“What is so funny?”

“Mmm, My Lady doesn’t have a dominant bone in her body. You could have told her no sex with me, asked me to whip or spank her, took away her rights to leave this room, made her sleep in another part of the temple, and that is some of the nicer things. Instead, you just take away dessert from her like she is a five-year-old child.”

She felt rather taken aback by his suggestions, looking surprised at a couple of them. Deprive him of his own slave? She could have done that? He chuckled as he read her facial expressions, motioning for the girl to come closer to the table.

The dinner was a mixed rice and beef plate with long cut vegetables, easy enough to eat with chopsticks, or fingers if one wanted to be uncivilized. Picking up a largish piece of meat, he held it between a pair of his fingers and moved it in front of the slave girl’s face. She looked surprised for a moment but obediently opened her mouth and let him feed her the piece.

He lowered it between her lips as she closed her eyes and ate from him like a dog devouring a treat being fed by its master. As she finished he slid his fingers into her mouth, making her suck and lick them clean before pulling out of her mouth and turning back. The elf girl stared at his back with shock and admiration, still sitting on all fours and wriggling her backside excitedly her eyes wet with lust. Emiyo could only stare at the pair while she tried her hardest not to squirm in front of them.

“You could have even made her eat like this. Though I know that is far too heavy an idea for you..”

“Because she is a person!”

He nodded and leaned his head down, catching the girls chin and pulling her up for a kiss. She readily accepted his lips to hers with a soft moan. He pulled away, leaving her with heart-shaped pupils in her eyes looking up at him. Emiyo was unable to comprehend how she could look at him like that, or perhaps more unwilling to understand.

“She is a person, and she is a strong and powerful woman. Strong enough to let herself become this, a slave to me, and not feel like she has made herself any less of a being. She wants to serve, she chooses to serve and freely gives away her power of choice. Is that not what you have done for me, Korin?”

The elf girl nods her head, sitting up as he gives her a gesture of permission to get off her hands and elbows. She sits upon her knees almost regally her back straight, that if it wasn’t for her lack of clothing one might mistake her for a noble.

“It is as Master has said. I gave myself to him willingly. I said make me a slave and take away my freedoms so I could serve with all my heart and soul.”

Emiyo sat there in silence for a moment, the girl seemed to be saying it all of her own accords. Perhaps she had been corrupted already by demonic influences? Haruko claimed he had created the Dark Elves, maybe he knew secret buttons to push to make her fall for him. She shook her head and sighed. Did it matter as long as she could survive his influence? Her father was the one who defeated him last, maybe she held some secret that could stop him from corrupting her.

“Let’s just eat please.”

Haruko chuckled, giving Korin permission to sit at the table and eat the rest of her meal like a person. A naked person but Emiyo was grateful that he wasn’t forcing her to eat like a barbarian or animal anymore and that was suitable enough for her. She was starting to get back into trying to eat as quickly as possible when Haruko interrupted her.

“My Lady, I will need permission for a spell to use. I need to finish collaring Korin to me. Mostly for appearance’s sake, but also to make sure that Senichi doesn’t have some lost slave return spell. It’d be a pain having to go back and pay more gold to get her back because I didn’t finish making her mine.”

“Sigh… Go ahead and collar her. Only her though.”

Haruko laughed softly giving her a cheeky glance before moving toward Korin, placing his hand to her chest, she sat up straighter and looked at him with adoring eyes. She couldn’t believe that this man could bring such emotion, such, dare she say it, love?

“I only use this on those who ask to be. Perhaps one day this will be you…「Seal of Enslavement」”

There was a soft flash of light and Emiyo watched as a gold and black collar began wrapping itself around Korin’s neck, locking closed behind her neck. It was very simple aside for the decorated pattern that appeared to be the seal of Haruko’s demon household. There seemed to be no way to remove it either. She reached up to brush her hands across the collar with tears of joy in her eyes.

“Master… Is this?”

“Yes. It’s permanent unless I undo the spell.”

She almost leaped into his arms eagerly kissing him and wrapping herself against his body. She was crying and clinging to him with a big smile plastered on her face. Emiyo found herself stunned and trying not to blush, turning her head away to avoid watching this slave give thanks for her collar. Why were her cheeks burning? She could feel a slight twinge in her chest and she quickly shut down such thoughts. She was not jealous!

She turned to look away as Korin let out a soft moan and a giggle. She kept her eyes down until she heard a slapping noise followed by a brief shriek. Curiosity besting her will this time, Emiyo took a glance and saw the Korin was sitting in his lap, wrapped around him as his hand possessively gripped her backside and holding her close. Her skin was darkening slightly in the shape of his hand on her cheek.

“Time to eat now, My pet. Have some food and recover, and then I’ll have more of you.”

He growled into the girl’s ear, Emiyo watched her shiver visibly as if the growl was affecting her body all the way down. She slowly removed herself from his lap and sat down, her legs slightly apart as she knelt, leaving a view of the heat and moisture of her sex running down her legs from excitement. Emiyo shook her head and glanced toward Haruko wanting to complain and have her clothed now.

Her eyes caught with his and she stopped, unable to speak out for some reason. He smirked at her knowingly and gave her a look that told her she was still prey to him. She felt a tremble through her own body. She wanted to- No!

Forcing herself as her cheeks burned red, she turned away in disgust, yes disgust, they were playing like newlyweds in front of her with no sense of shame or decency! She was most certainly not jealous of some slut climbing all over such a perverted man. A man who she said made her want to give up control. Control was all she had of herself right now.

Trying to shut them out she tried to eat as fast as possible so she could retreat back to the library for a few hours before curfew and have time to gather herself. Ignoring the heat growing between her legs and sitting as still as she could so he wouldn’t know how he was affecting her.

He’s a monster… He’s a monster… She kept repeating that in her head, turning into a mantra to get her past this dinner. No sooner was her bowl emptied and back on the table then she was gone from the room fleeing for the safety of books that could distract and calm her down.


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