Demon Lord’s Redemption: Chapter 15


Author: Literataku

Chapter 15



As Emiyo escaped the room, Haruko chuckled as she didn’t even bother to slide the door closed behind her. Finishing his bowl he exchanged a glance with his slave as she sat there, eating slowly, her body wriggling in the lamplight seductively for him. It made him smile watching her learning so quickly with how to please him. He sat down cross-legged and beckoned her with a single finger to come to him.

She returned his smile with a smoldering look and crawled around the table to climb back into his lap, wrapping her legs around him, pressing her body against his, her breasts rising up into his face. She whimpered as he took a nipple into his mouth and sucked on her gently, her body shivering as he took all she offered, feeling his hands drawing down her back.

She sighed in pleasure and rocked her hips against him, feeling his shaft poking her from underneath the hakata while she left a wet spot across the bulge. She did nothing more because he had not told her to do anything else, this was a result of her second hour of training this afternoon. Master takes what he wishes when he is ready, not a moment sooner.

“What do you think of our little miko?”

He asked her before his tongue started to swirl around her areola, teasing the nub in the center and sending sparks through her entire body as she panted and held onto him. Watching him skillfully tune her lust-ridden body into his instrument. She took a breath and spoke as best she could.

“Mmmm Master… She is adorable and sweet. She would make a great slave. Seeing now how she was looking at you like a lost girl hoping for a firm hand to guide her. I think she was more upset I was collared and not her… Why do you tease the girl so? One snap of her fingers and you could have us both naked, collared and serving you.”

He nippled one of her buds and she winced slightly before he started tugging and she leaned her head back with a deep throaty moan. He was teasing her too much but she had to hold on.

“I have reasons. I want to let her fall of her own volition. To willingly strip herself naked and spread open her legs begging me to take her. I could certainly demand her too, and I doubt she would fake resistance for long. But that isn’t the game I want to play with her.”

He bit a nipple again and tugged firmly, she squirmed as her juices began to flow more readily and turning his hakata into a wet puddle of fabric. She closed her eyes and dug her nails into his back.

“Ah-h-h… Master this one cannot… Mmm… “ She whimpered as he let go, though her nipple stung as if he was still biting on it. She breathed hard, gazing at him with lust-filled eyes. “What game does Master play?”

“A game where I secure and enslave the daughter of the only hero who can claim to have actually defeated me. Of course, I purposefully let him defeat me.”

She looked down at him in surprise, her hips still grinding into his shaft, unable to stop her movements with how driven by desire she had become, but still, she let him do as he pleased. Listening to him speak as his mouth explored her breasts. Running his tongue across the underside of each.

“So Master faked his defeat?”


She tilted her head slightly, wondering many things as she watched him suckle on her nipples, gently nipping them, cultivating her body to his pleasure. She wished the cloth would vanish from under her legs. Let his bare thick shaft pierce her deeply and take her body like he had her soul. But this was all about him, his pleasure his desires. She was nothing but his tool for those things. And she relished that fact almost as deeply as she would his seed pouring into her womb as she gripped him in orgasmic bliss.

“Master… Why?”

He chuckled softly and moved to kiss her lips, his hand holding the back of her neck and squeezing along her collar, her body shivering in ecstasy as he toyed with her more. He looked at her with deep smoldering eyes stroking his other hand down her front and stroking her belly. She was not asking his motives, one does not question a god for his doings. But rather why he was telling her these things.

“Because, slave. You cannot betray me, you are mine eternally. You will give me your service and push my plans forward. Do you deny such words?”

She shook her head, craving to feel his kiss again but holding back as his hand moved around her neck, giving her a squeeze as she looked deep into his eyes, growing lost in the desire she saw in them. She took a shuddering breath as his hand slid down and tickled across her clit sending sparks flying up behind her eyes.

“Never, Master. Until death and even beyond I am yours.”

He chuckled deeply and she felt a brushing of something and then the feeling of bare skin in contact with her own down below, something long and hard as steel poking at her entrance. She looked at him, licking her lips and giving a sultry look as she felt the thing she was craving pressing against her drooling sex. He held there and she shivered, her voice trembling as she spoke again. This was the lesson of her third hour of training.

“Master, bless this slave’s yearnings and pleasure yourself with her body.”

He leaned into her ear, nipping on the pointed lobe as he began to press inside her, she moaned deeply as her body welcomed him inside. She could still feel him stretching her passage as it wrapped around him, inviting him to the end, the tip of his shaft lightly tapped her cervix and filled her with pleasure.

“Tonight, I will break you in delicious ways. Tomorrow, I will teach you how else you will serve me.”

She clung to him tighter and whimpered, his hands gripping her hips and starting to rock her in his lap. Bouncing her up and down filling her with his rod over and over, she ran her hand along her back until he moved away, leaning back and letting her move as he propped himself on his hands. Enjoying the show of her bouncing breasts and they jiggled with every bounce on his length. She followed his lead and leaned back as well, bracing herself with her arms and looking down between them and watching her sex swallow his shaft into her body.

She rotates her hips, giving him new angles to penetrate her with each thrust into her. Watching him with a feral grin, trying to tempt and tease him into grabbing her body and taking control of her movements once again. She lifted herself up and let his shaft rub her lower walls, pushed down hard and felt him pressing hard into her cervix as she squeezed herself tightly around him.

She started breathing harder, continuing to bounce and move, whimpering as her legs started to shake from exertion she couldn’t hold on much longer and while she could see how much he was enjoying her service she knew he was still in full control. That only sparked her desires more whimpering as she set up into his lap and attacked his mouth with her own kissing deeply as she ground her hips down on his feeling his length buried to the hilt inside her. She lost, he won, the balance tilted in his favor again as she surrendered herself to his power even deeper.

She pulled out of the kiss seeking air desperately, clinging to him and feeling her building orgasm starting to rush toward her. Her fingers gripping into his skin as she spoke quietly in his ear.

“Mmm m-Master… How do you make me feel like I cannot stop surrendering to you? Every time I think I have reached my deepest you drive me deeper..”
He chuckled in her ear, his hands gripping her hips as the world tilts and she finds herself on her back and underneath him, his length pounding into her deep and fast. He was pushing her to her limit of pleasure and moaning with every thrust hitting the back of her passage.

“Because, My Slave… You’ve only just begun to surrender yourself to me.”

Her eyes widened in shock as his words hit deep inside her, sending her over the edge as she plummeted down. Gripping onto him as she orgasmed, feeling his shaft deep inside, but something was missing she could feel it even though her pleasure had spiked it wasn’t as satisfying as before.

She lay there underneath him breathing hard and whimpering with a need she didn’t understand at that moment. All the actions had been the same but there was something- wait. She felt him starting to move inside her again, gripping onto his shoulders she gasped and his shaft begins pushing in slow and deep, she still hadn’t finished crashing and now she was being sent flying once again.

He hadn’t cum yet! Her body trembled in anticipation as she then understood why it felt so off, his seed was yet to fill her womb again. And his intense thrusts into her sensitive body was only making her craving worse, each push of his shaft down made her body shake.

“Master… Please, Master… Please…”

She could hear herself begging nonstop, but it barely registered to her, she was trapped in waves of pleasure when his rod pushed into her cervix, begging and craving his seed to explode inside and fill her with warmth, and then feeling of loneliness and crying out with agony as he pulled back until only the tip remained between her lips, her body feeling so empty without him deep inside. She clung and tried to keep him inside her, pulling on him with her arms and legs but he overpowered her as she lost strength to his will and her pleasure.

It sunk in again that she had no choice anymore in what he did to her. It frightened her as she felt understanding hit her, each press inside told her she was owned, each time he pulled she felt his control. Owned and controlled, owned and controlled. They hammered her thoughts as he rocked into her, taking his pleasure from her body. He could break her, destroy her, turn her into nothing more than breeding sow and she couldn’t stop him anymore. And she loved that feeling of helplessness, of knowing she had willingly put herself there.

His breath tickled her ear, when had he leaned down to whisper to her? She couldn’t remember anything but his hands on her hips and his thrusts into her craving body. One of his hands caressing through her hair, stroking down her back.

“You are so beautiful, my slave.”

Warmth filled her from those words, her body responding even more as she felt her next release approaching her swiftly. She was getting frightened of this one, it felt so strong, stronger than she had ever felt before even after hours of constant lovemaking. She whimpered and pleaded with him wordlessly, begging him to hold onto her as she clung tightly.

“Cum again for me, slave.”

His words set her off and she died, and lived and died again, she couldn’t control herself as she gripped tightly to his body, the only thing that she knew was real, not sure if she was screaming in her mind or in reality. Were her eyes open or closed?

She didn’t even realize the world had stopped moving until she felt something cool brush her lips. She opened her eyes and saw that somehow they had returned to sitting upright. A cup was in front of her lips and she opened her mouth to drink. She drank her fill, looking up at him with adoration until she felt him still pulsing and hard deep inside her

Even as strong as that orgasm had been she still didn’t feel sated. The warmth that could cool her body’s cravings was still not there. She looked at him, trembling with fear as he slowly stood up, his shaft still buried deep inside as she realized what was about to happen. He said he was going to break her tonight.

She whimpered with pleas that fell on deaf ears as he carried her over to the futon and laid her down on it. She begged with rough whispers ‘not like this, Master’ even as her legs wrapped around him and opened herself to his deep penetrations. She moaned loudly as he began to thrust again.


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