Demon Lord’s Redemption: Chapter 16


Author: Literataku

Chapter 16


It was well into the curfew hour when Emiyo finally slipped back into the room. The smell of sex greeted her with a hearty waft into her nose as she stepped inside. She was trying to be quiet, figuring they would still be entangled in each other as he could sneak past without having to deal with either of them. But to her surprise, the room was quiet and the lamps turned down to a low dim without being turned out completely.

She hazarded a glance toward the bed out of curiosity, seeing the pair lying in bed together with their lower halves covered by a blanket. The silver hair gleaming in the lantern light as Korin snuggled in close to her master. Her face was buried in his chest so Emiyo couldn’t see if she was awake, though her body was quietly moving as if slumber had taken her completely. She ignored the slight tug in her chest as she looked at the elf slave sleeping so innocently in his arms. The cloth just covered across the cheeks of her backside, her legs entwined around his under the covers

Haruko lay beside her, an arm supporting her and holding her close as he lay propped up on a pillow, stroking his fingers through her hair slowly. Her body shivering underneath him as his fingers brushed across her back and making cute whimpering noises when his hand lifted away, only stopping when his fingers touched her again. For his attentions on Korin, his gaze was on Emiyo the moment she stepped inside.

“Welcome back, My lady.”

His voice was a low purr as he greeted her. He tilted his head slightly toward her. She gave a slight bow in his direction. “Thank you, Lord Haruko.” And then quickly tried to move toward her little bedroom on the other corner. She wanted to remove herself from this as fast as possible.

“Come here. Sit and talk with me a little bit.”

She stopped and turned around looking at him. His voice sounded like a suggestion but the look he sent her made it feel like an order. She found her feet slowly making their way to the side of the bed. She stood there unsure of why she was doing this, looking at him as her mind seemed to be having a problem catching up with itself.

“Kneel down, get comfy. I don’t like looking up at people I’m talking to.”

“No, you would rather look down on them.”

She snapped at him without warning surprising even herself and immediately regretted it. He merely smiled at her, though she could see a glint of anger in his eyes if it wasn’t for the fact that he couldn’t touch her without her permission she’d probably be in a lot of trouble at this very moment. She knelt down and gave a deep bow of her head in apology. Her eyes lowered as she mentally kicked herself.

“You didn’t deserve that. I’m sorry”

“I will accept your apology. But before we go further I want My Lady to do something.”

She froze as he said this. What kind of trick would he try to pull on her this time? She looked up at him trying to gauge what he might tell her. Perhaps he wants her to sit here naked while they talk so he can make her squirm. She would not let him touch her that was for certain.

“What does Lord Haruko desire me to do?”

He chuckled softly and nodded his head towards the table.

“Go get yourself a drink of water, and then change into your bedclothes. Then come back here and kneel.”

She felt slightly taken aback by this request, she had half thought he would try to push his pervertedness on her more, especially after how they had flaunted it at the dinner hour. She nodded and slowly stood up, moving to take a drink, sniffing the water to see if he had drugged it, making him laugh.

“Am I to change where you can watch me?”

There was a smirk on his face as he gave a shake of his head. “Only if you want to let me watch. We both know I see it through the shadows. But if you want to avoid the tease and go straight for undressing in front of me you could just strip and kneel here and we all be naked together.”

She shook her head and started moving toward the door of her room to change. Closing it firmly even though she knew it wouldn’t stop him from getting a show, at least it wouldn’t be specific, even if there was barely anything left he hadn’t seen of her body. She could feel the heat rising to her cheeks as she slipped out of her clothing and into a loose-fitting jinbei. It covered her well enough and light enough to sit in during the warm summer weather. Though part of her felt he would find some way to eroticize it anyways.

She opened the door and moved back over, grabbing one of the cushions to kneel upon, unsure how long he was going to have her talk to him. She watched him continue to hold Korin, looking at how he held her protectively. It surprised her a bit from how he had been treating her earlier to realize how genuine he seemed about what he was doing toward this sleeping girl.

He started speaking as she sat down, his voice calm and low so as not to disturb the sleeping elf, continuing to run his fingers through her hair. “My Lady has a lot of confusion to deal with and I wish to try and solve as many of these issues as I can. The three of us are going to be together for quite some time and while I know you don’t trust me I want to clean the air between us.”

“Why did you become the hero?”

He chuckled and looked down at the sleeping girl in his arms as she shivered under his touch again.

“Simply. For revenge on my brothers. Revenge I couldn’t have while I was still trapped under the guise of a Demon Lord. That’s why I let your father defeat me and made sure he got sent home. Of course not without making sure you were left as a parting gift from him first.”

She sat there looking at him with a dumbfounded expression. She gritted her teeth slightly and shook her head. He just up and says it all in front of her? No there had to be more than this.

“So you raped my mother… just so you could make sure the hero got her pregnant?”

“That was all an act for the convenience of everyone else. I told your mother to do that. I asked her to bear a child that wasn’t mine, that she must seduce and sleep with the man who killed me by any means necessary. The rape story just was all made up so everyone could feel pity for her and you.

“It just made sense that when I finally kidnapped her I would wait and make sure she was freshly deflowered so she could claim how traumatic it all was when I took her body. She was so overcome by the horrors of my rape that she needed to know that someone could be gentle with her. I think my one regret was your father was a Divine loving virgin so it almost failed.”

She clenched her hands into fists, this monster was… was calmly telling her that her own mother was another one of his pets! That she had been part of this insane plan for revenge? She took a deep breath and glared at him.

“I don’t believe you, my mother told them you-”

“Did you ever ask your mother for the story yourself?”

She stopped and looked at him with wide-open eyes. How could he dare?

“What. Do. You(Anta). Mean.”

“I see. So My Lady has only read the reports she left with the priesthood clerics. Or only heard the rumors and let someone else tell you what happened. Am I getting close?”

There was a shiver of anger running through her, starting to see red at the fringes of her sight. Her body getting hot with a different emotion now.

“Why would I ask my mother about such things? Why would you tell me these things? Y-y-you have to be lying! My mother hates demons, she would never…”

Tears started to flow down her cheeks, she wanted to move, to attack him, to run away to scream and cry and vent but she found herself unable to do anything but kneel there and listen as he spoke again.

“I’m telling you because I want you to know why I am doing this. Someone else might try to tell you such things or lie about the motives I may have. I’ve simply prevented us from wasting weeks of building up trust and losing it all when you find out because I thought I’d be better off not letting you know. It hurts now, but with the truth out we can focus on the mission. Destroying my brothers and the demons.”

She stared at him, unable to speak to do anything from the shock he was putting her through. Lying in bed with another woman and telling her that what she knew of her mother was all lies. She tried to scramble in her heart to find some shred of hatred for this man. A man who manipulated things so she could be born.

“S-so am… Am I part of this revenge plan?”


She couldn’t hold back anymore and began sobbing uncontrollably. Even if it was all lies it was hurting her deeply. Why? Why? She turned away from him, her legs still not letting her move and she falls over on her side. Curling up defensively and trying to look away from him.

“I know the gods kind of well. I’ve been fighting them for four thousand years after all. They would want a leash on me, and who better than using a Miko that was born of the hero who defeated me? They love rubbing people’s noses into shit when they feel like they have been wronged. It’s about all they will actually get around to doing toward real work.”

“Shut up!”

She heard his jaw clamp shut with a clack of teeth and a grunt of pain. He didn’t speak again as she lay there crying tears into her sleeves. There was silence and it hurt almost as badly as his words. She wanted to tell herself he was lying, this was all some method of breaking her. That had to be it!

He was trying to weaken her, make her crumble and break so he could sweep up the pieces and turn her into a smiling happy slave under his control. He was after his power, she felt it even if unspoken he knew she was the key to gaining all of his strength back. He needed her to tell him to take her virginity. This was all just moves to do that.

Except it didn’t make any sense! Why tell her any of this if the goal is just to sleep with her? Wouldn’t it just be easier to seduce her like Jotaro had the Heroine Hisa? Why destroy her life with this kind of story? Was this some twisted revenge on her father? Making her hurt instead?

She heard the sounds of someone moving behind her, shifting and slipping off the bed. A pair of soft hands touching her back and rubbing softly, she looked up and saw Korin hovering over her. Her eyes seemed sad as she looked at Emiyo, she didn’t want this girl’s pity! Her stare hardened and she shifted as if trying to lunge but Korin simply stayed there and wrapped her arms around her. Pulling Emiyo into a tight hug and holding her. She could smell the sweat and the sex hanging heavy on the elf’s skin. She reached up and tried to push her away.

Korin moved back respectfully and then laid prostrate on the floor if she was any lower she’d be part of the floor. Emiyo could only hold a cold glare at the woman, as she realized she had been moved back upright.

“Mistress this one will help you to your room if you wish.”

Yeah, getting away from this man should be key right now. She tried to stand up on wobbly legs, just barely managing to get up and walking unsteadily to her room. Pulling open the door and sliding it closed with a loud bang as she slammed shut the paper frame that separated them. Trying to make a statement that she was closed off from them.

Korin watched the shadows climb into her futon and settle in, though they could hear her sniffling and occasional sobs coming from that direction. Putting out the lanterns in the room Korin climbed back into bed with her Master. Struck dumb by Emiyo’s orders he could not speak until she gave him permission again. Korin sighed and snuggled against his chest, feeling his arm wrap around her protectively as she entwined with him for skinship and comfort.

“Well,” She spoke quietly, speaking what both of them were thinking, “that could have gone better or worse.”



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