Demon Lord’s Redemption: Chapter 17


Author: Literataku

Chapter 17



Curling up in her bed, Emiyo had managed to cry herself to sleep, but her rest was not without its own troubles. Turning fitfully in her sleep, she found herself immersed within a nightmare of floating texts surrounding her, a screen that resembled the one that displayed Hero’s status and powers. She tried not to look at the words that scrolled in front of her, closing her eyes, trying to turn her head away. But to no avail, as it persisted through all her attempts.

Name: Emiyo Krireshizaghi
Level: D (DD when she grows up more. Am I right Kasadya?)(Murmur, I swear to us. Stop messing with my notes!)
Race: Human, (possibly corrupted child of Demon Lord)
Origin: Ten Kingdoms of Herutshan, (Anomalous conception listed. Maybe we should look into this? Do you guys even read this shit, or am I just wasting my time? Anyone? Hello?)
Attributes: Demon Sealing, Su{ERROR}on, (Stop it!) Piety, {Hidden}, (Hey no!) Shrine Maiden, {deleted} Sub{error}n, (Fucking cut it out!) Anchor of Demon Lord, {ERROR}ion, (Something is wrong here.. Guys? We need to talk about this! Who is going around editing my system! Murmur I swear if you are changing my codes I’m gonna take your temple and shove it right up your-)

Emiyo woke with a start, clutching onto her blanket and looking around at the strange room she was inside. Right, she was sleeping in her private alcove, it was strangely quiet outside, though perhaps those two had passed out from too many lascivious acts and were sleeping the morning away. Though she couldn’t entirely tell the time she had always been good at waking up at the proper hour after her roommates continued to ‘forget’ to wake her for morning prayers.

Ignoring the haziness of the nightmarish dream and dressing into her Shrine Maiden outfit she had slid the door open to find the deviant pair had left with breakfast sitting quietly still steaming in its basket on the table. Gyoza stuffed with chicken and yams, she ate quickly in case they returned, though she started wondering where they had gone off to. A part of her hoping they wouldn’t return for a while and give her a few moments of peace. She couldn’t stand seeing them naked a moment longer after last night.

A thought flashed in her mind that they might be doing perverted things outside somewhere in the temple. She prayed quietly that she wouldn’t have to deal with that form of dishonor hovering over her head. Just knowing anyone passing by yesterday would have overheard their lustful escapades was enough of a headache for her. People already suspected she was involved already in such acts with them.

The thought continued to tickle in her brain as she tried to ignore it and head toward the shrine for morning prayers. Even though she had basically been excused from all her temple duties, she still wanted to show her devotion was still with the gods, especially now. She needed time to pray and consider all the things she had been told last night. The sun was just barely starting to rise over the tops of the buildings, most of the morning prayers should be over by now, a perfect time to slip into the shrine and spend private moments alone with her thoughts and contemplating the messages of the gods.

As she closed in on the main entryway she noticed a peculiar amount of people gathered near the gate in the courtyard. The sound of clanging metal reaching her ears, as the people gathered quietly murmured amongst themselves. Was someone was fighting in the temple? She had a feeling who it was, but curiosity got the better of her judgment and she closed in on the crowd to see if she could peer through.

In the center of the gathered crowd, Haruko and Korin were clashing against each other, both wielding pairs of daggers and whirling against the other like acrobatic dancers. Their blades connecting with each other at every swing no matter the direction and angle. Emiyo could only watch in awe as sparks flew with each connection. The two moved together like a flowing river of death, neither seeming able to take any advantages over the other.

Korin was dressed in light leather armor to allow her freedom of movement and flexibility, and speed was key to her even having a chance of keeping up with her master’s power and ability. Her face was glistening with sweat as she kept concentrating on his movements, her hair lightly sticking to her face from the sheer exertion. Weaving beside and around him she tried her best to find an opening while keeping herself defended and continued to find no purchase in their miniature battle.

Haruko was wearing light armor pants and a strange contraption of metal bands that ran along his arms, their design to deflect swords and blades with the back of his arms and hands but offering no other protections from any other kind of weapons. His skin was also shining from sweat but his demeanor was one enjoying the game before him. Daring his opponent to even land a scratch on his exposed upper body.

Emiyo stood and watched them, wondering how much of this was from his cheat abilities she had been told to give him permanent access to. A thought slipping into her mind as she watched them. What if she took them back? She didn’t think Korin could mortally wound him on accident, and it would serve him right being so haughty.

A small voice in her head seemed to warn her that such an act of rebellion could lead to punishment down the road but she didn’t really care at this moment. Concentrating for a second she willed away all his abilities in her head. Wondering if such a thing would actually work on him.

Continuing to watch, Emiyo couldn’t really see any difference as the pair exchanged another series of blows. However, Korin took a leap back and lowered her guard looking at him with slight worry. “Master?”

Haruko paused and looked out into the crowd, his eyes connecting with Emiyo’s and making her flinch backward. The glint in his eyes told her everything she needed to know at that moment. Panicking, she tried to think on how to undo her mistake quietly, seeing if she could give him back permission of all the things she had removed from him.

He looked over to Korin and made a motion with his hands. Telling her to sheathe her blades and stand down completely.

“We’ll pause for the morning, my pet. Go get breakfast and we will train afterward.”

Korin bowed deeply to him before turning and heading toward the Hero’s quarters, the crowd now dispersing back to their normal routines since the show was anticlimactically over. Many looking amongst themselves in askance of why it stopped so suddenly and having no answers for anything that had just occurred.

Emiyo had taken the momentary distraction of Haruko’s and fled into the shrine room, kneeling down and pretending to pray hoping that their divine protections would keep him away from her. She heard the door sliding open and the steps of someone entering. She refused to turn around, keeping her eyes closed, wishing that she could be invisible at this moment. The door closed, lowering herself toward the floor and praying for protection as she heard the steps getting closer, she felt his presence standing right behind her, her heartbeat picking up as she feared what was about to come.

“Being upset with me doesn’t give you the right to put my life in danger because you are unhappy. You are quite fortunate that Korin and I are skilled enough to recognize what you did to me at that moment.”

“I didn’t think-”

“You are absolutely right there.”

She flinched at the harshness of his voice. She wanted to cry because he was upset with her, she couldn’t understand why she was feeling like this. She knew she had done something wrong but, hadn’t he deserved her ire? This was a Demon Lord! He was only an ally because of his plans for revenge, he wasn’t any kind of person she should feel upset for making him angry. She was just a tool for him, she wondered if he even considered her and Korin as people at all.

“I… I wanted to see how much you were doing was from your powers.”

“Liar. You wanted to see if I could get hurt, you wanted to see me fail against my slave, let her beat me because you think I can only cheat my way to victory.”

She could feel her cheeks burning in shame as he spoke. His words stung her deeply and she couldn’t deny their accuracy at all. It would have served him right getting beaten by those he considered his lessors. When was the last time he’d been humiliated? Eighteen years ago? No, he said he did that on purpose. She could feel something eating at her in the pit of her stomach. A cold realization starting to come to her as she thought more about it. Just how many heroes had simply been lies?

“When was the last time you actually lost against anyone?”

She could feel him hesitate for an answer, her heart sank as she started to understand a truth she wished couldn’t possibly be true. She begged him to say anything to stop this quiet realization forming in her heart, even if it was a lie she would take anything.

“Sit up. I want you to understand something about our particular arrangement.”

She obediently rose to her knees and looked at him, his gaze was firm and she almost felt like a child being scolded as he moved so he could face her directly. Their eyes looking into the other’s, she could feel her heart beating wildly. *Doki Doki Doki* No! No! She was not going to go Doki Doki over this man! She was just afraid of what he was about to do.

“We both have to keep the other alive. If you take those away from me and I am not aware of it, or we get caught in a surprise attack, what are you going to do if I get killed?”

She gulped quietly, she’d probably die from her body being overloaded if the attackers didn’t kill her as well. He nodded as if he saw her starting to understand. Leaning in closer to her.

“Fortunately, this was the best place for you to try this kind of stunt. But outside this temple doing that could be the end for both of us. Do you understand?”


He leaned in closer, she could start to feel the warmth coming off of his body and radiating towards her. She shivered and felt trapped by his presence even if she could simply bolt for the door and escape.

“Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand.”

“Yes, you understand what?”

“I understand we could die if I do it again.”

His face leaned in closer to hers, almost touching as his gaze bored deep into her eyes.

“What is the proper way to address your elders?”

She felt her heart harden at this comment. He wanted her to put herself beneath him? She started to gather her will to deny him before she stopped herself. She was in the wrong, even after what he had said last night, even if it hurt she had acted in pettiness and jea- no, no it was just pettiness. She had done wrong and it was only right to admit that.

“I understand, and I am sorry… Sir.”

He nodded and reached as if to pat her head before stopping himself, recalling that he couldn’t touch her without permission.

“Good girl. But, sorry isn’t going to cut it. You know what needs to be done now don’t you?”

She shivered and her heart kicked back into overdrive, eyes widening with shock as she nodded her head slowly. Biting her lower lip slightly, she didn’t want this but she knew deep down she had earned what was coming to her.

“You need to be punished.”


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