Demon Lord’s Redemption: Chapter 18


Author: Literataku

Chapter 18



“You need to be punished.”

Emiyo shivered as he spoke those words, the almost deep growl in the undertones of those words. He had her pinned in place with just his eyes staring into hers, even as she wanted to run and find help, she knew deep down even her mentors would agree with him. She merely nodded her head slowly, fearing what kind of things he might try to do to her. What would he try and how would he pervert the experience?

“So, the question is what kind of punishment would work best for you? Any ideas on what would be suitable?”

Her mind blanked for a moment. He was asking her what he should do? She was trying to quickly think of something that would hopefully satisfy him while making sure he couldn’t make it too sexually intense for her.

“Ummm… Seiza position, or holding buckets of water?”

He chuckled quietly and shook his head. His eyes gleamed softly as he looked at her, bemusement crossing his face while he continued to keep her trapped like a doe caught in a spotlight. She was trying to keep herself from trembling too visibly in front of him but felt she was way too close to letting him see how much he was actually affecting her.

“I do have to compliment you on not trying to give yourself the same punishment you gave Korin. At least you understand the severity of your situation. Now consider this as well. The punishment should also fit with the age that you would expect that kind of behavior. How old were you acting when you decided to do that to me?”

“LIke a child?”

“Yes, a very young child. One who doesn’t think of the consequences before their actions. Now, what is an appropriate punishment for a child that young?”

She trembled quietly, having a sinking feeling where he was headed, taking one last attempt to deflect this another direction. Gulping quietly to clear away the excess before speaking, even though her mouth felt dry with fear, she looked at him hopefully as she spoke.

“Standing in the corner?”

He shakes his head slowly, her heart sinking as she knew exactly what he was about to say.

“And what would you learn from that? No, you and I both know you need a spanking.”

She trembled and shook her head.

“No, please not that.”

“And that is exactly why it is going to be that. Should we do it here? And are you going to give me permission to touch you for your punishment? Or do we go find the head priest or Korin and let them do it in my stead?”

She blushed deeply and shook her head furiously. The fear of embarrassment bringing in someone else to handle the punishment was far higher than the fear of him laying his hands on her. She knew that the head priest would condone this punishment as well, there was no escaping the actual act but she could spare herself the shame.

Haruko waited patiently for her to reply, watching her work over his requests. She swallowed again and spoke quietly, wishing she could go back and stop herself from her little rebellious act. She was handing herself over to him on a silver platter right now.

“Please… Punish me more privately. No one else should see us or know.”

He nodded and stood up straight, reaching his hand out for her to take and pull herself up on her feet. She took it shyly, feeling his firm grip on her hand to help her up she felt shivers go through her body. She could feel the strength in his hand, and yet he was quite gentle, if firm, in helping her. She clenched her backside slightly in fear of how strong was he going to hit her.

“We will go back to your room then. Come.”

He didn’t let her hand go, pulling her closer and tucking her arm underneath his as though he was escorting her like a lady. She could feel the heat rising to her cheeks again as they walked past the various people who glanced their way after exiting the shrine. She could almost overhear some of the girls whispering under their breaths, to each other.


“Being his attendant… why couldn’t that be me?”

Her cheeks grew even redder as she wondered what would they say if they knew she was being escorted away for corporal punishment. He chuckled softly, when he spotted her reddened cheeks, making them turn even redder.

“You are more adorable than I thought you would be.”

The words caught her off guard and she nearly tripped over her own feet in surprise. This man complimenting her, what game was he playing with her heart and mind now? He held her firmly, keeping her upright as she looked at him, stammering and trying to refocus her mind.

“A-ara? W-what do you mean by that?”

“Well, I had about eighteen years to contemplate what kind of girl would my vessel of power be. You remind me a lot of your mother, though you are very much your own kind of person. She wasn’t quite as shy about things, at least she wasn’t for very long.”

Only because you pushed her that way by raping her. Emiyo thought to herself, though keeping her mouth firmly shut, she didn’t want to earn any extra spanks for that kind of comment. His talk of her mother settling her mind back down, remembering that this man was not to be trusted as her guard went back up.

She only agreed to the spanking because she would get one no matter which way, and now she could have something to resent him over. Treating her like a little child and spanking her, she was a full-grown woman, not a toddler! She didn’t even realize they were walking into the quarters until she saw Korin sitting at the table and looking quite satisfied.

Korin moved away from the table and knelt before them, her hands laying on her thighs with her head bowed down to them in greeting. Her clothes were loosened and open enough that her posture allowed for one to gaze directly down her shirt and see everything

“Welcome home, Master. Welcome, Lady Miko. This slave is ready to serve.”

Emiyo gave a stiff nod of her head in return, she wasn’t entirely sure just how to deal with this woman yet. Haruko still hadn’t let go of her arm and seemed to be clutching a little tighter as he addressed his slave.

“Go find out if there is someplace large enough for us to continue practicing inside the temple and how long we can use it. I need to talk with the lady in private so wait outside if I am not finished when you return.”

Korin rose gracefully to her feet, Emiyo felt a little jealous at how liquid-smooth her movements were. It was like watching someone simply morph into a standing position. She just simply rose instead of struggling or requiring help to rise from her knees. Adjusting her clothing she hurriedly bowed to them again.

“As you desire, Master. I will return in time.”

She walked past them, giving a quiet smile and making a kissy face to Emiyo before she headed out the door. Leaving the two of them alone in the room and closing the door behind her. Emiyo started to grow very tense as it began to sink in what was about to happen to her, she could easily tell him to stop and get away from her, but that would only bring more shame from shirking her punishment and possibly mete out something more severe from the head priest.

He led her into her room and sat down on her futon, pulling her over his legs. She gave a slight squeak of protest but fell silent as she felt his hand against her backside. She laid there quivering atop him as she waited for him to begin.

“You know what is about to happen, yes?”

Her mind blanked out again. What was this? Wasn’t he just going to spank her and be done with it? Of course, he wasn’t. He was probably going to strip her and place his hand on her bare skin, tease her. She keeps forgetting he’s a Demon Lord in spite of constantly telling herself that.

A quick smack against her bum brought her focus back on the here and now. It wasn’t painful, in fact, it was rather light, just enough to catch her attention and make noise more than anything else.

“I don’t like repeating myself. Are you going to answer me?”


“Yes, what?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good girl… Do you understand why you are here?”

“Yes, sir.”

“And why is that?”

She swallowed, wishing he would just get on with it, Her body starting to tremble as his hand brushed up and down her bottom. Her cheeks aflame as he admonished her like a parent with a spoiled child. What right did he have to treat her like this?

“Because I behaved poorly and put our lives at risk.”

“And why did you do something like that?”

She flinched inwardly, wondering if perhaps it would have been better to have let one of her mentors handle her discipline. It probably would have been less embarrassing as this was becoming for her. She realized he was going to smack her again if she didn’t say something quickly.

“Because I was still angry from last night.”


“I wanted to see you get hurt, and humiliated as you did me.”

“Do you know what those feelings were that pushed you to do it?”

She paused a moment, tears already threatening to spill out from her eyes and he hadn’t even started spanking her yet. He was making her feel how much she deserved this, part of her wanting him to get it over with so she could serve her punishment already.

“Pettiness, and hatred.”

“Umu. Having those feelings are fine because it is human nature. But, acting upon them was wrong. You need punishment for doing those things, yes?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good girl. Now keep still, I think fifteen swats will be good enough.”

Emiyo braced herself and closed her eyes, feeling his hand move away from her backside, the other hand pressing lightly on her back to keep her in place, though running away was not even in her mind at the moment. Hoping with all hope that he would do it quickly.

It didn’t come yet. She held still waiting, wondering why he was taking so long, the tension making her legs tighten up more that it was starting to hurt a little with how much her body was waiting for his first blow. Was he just teasing her? Why hadn’t it come ye- Smack!

She bit her lower lip and groaned as the palm of his hand firmly slapped across her cheeks. She could feel his fingers pressing into her backside gripping as if to dig his palm print into her rear. Tears started to stream down her face as he pulled back and let her have the second one, it stung across her skin feeling his hand smacking her flesh.

“Two down… Thirteen more to go…”


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