Demon Lord’s Redemption: Chapter 19


Author: Literataku

Chapter 19



She was rubbing her backside after Haruko had let her back up, it tingles with pain across her cheeks. The stinging certainly serves as a reminder for now that she had earned this from him. Her eyes red from tears as she looked at him, trying to decide if she could glare at him for the humiliation or if she should remain penitent, all the while wondering why he was still inside her room. Her only safe haven from his presence and it was still being violated after suffering punishment by his hand.

He pulled out a knife and she backed away looking fearful. He motioned to her and leaned forward placing the knife against his skin and drawing it down slowly, She watched in disgust and curiosity as the blade separated his skin and began leaving a thin trail of blood. He pulled the blade away and began to speak.

“Those powers are to protect both of us. The lowest rank ensures that I can keep us both alive even during surprise attacks. Short of someone finding a way to instantly kill me anyone lower than a lesser demon cannot hurt me enough to actually kill me. That is while my power from rank seven is active at any rate.”

She looked at him and realized what he was saying as the blood continued to ooze out of the cut from his arm. Coughing she cleared her throat and then managed to speak.

“P-permission to use permanently all of rank seven, granted.”

He held up his arm and she watched as the blood seemed to flow back into his open cut, the skin sealing itself closed as if everything had just happened in reverse. Not a trace of blood nor scar remained on his skin. He drew the knife up and down his arm, the wounds sealing themselves almost as fast as he could cut himself.

“Without those powers, I am an ordinary man. A man with the strength of a hero, but, still a man nonetheless. Outside this town, we will become targets of assassins, demons of shadow, even bandits. The entire underworld will try to kill us. I am no omniscient being, I can be caught off guard. If I can’t react fast enough this will buy me the time I need to keep you safe. As long as only the four of us know what you are they will try to kill me first. A hero’s bounty is thousands of times higher than a miko. You’re probably worth more sold into slavery than dead so that will be your protection from mortal men.”

She listened to him quietly, the danger he spoke of made her tremble but she nodded in understanding, the depth of what she had done starting to sink in. It hurt and it was humiliating but now she slowly realized he was trying to protect her. She felt the urge to speak as a question rose to her lips.

“Why didn’t you do something perverted? You could have made me strip naked to spank me or some other things I’m sure.”

He chuckled deeply, sheathing the dagger away now that the point was made and slowly stood up. He looked at her and she felt the piercing gaze of the hunter buried within those eyes, the monster that she knew hungered to have her. She trembled softly but didn’t flinch as he stepped in closer, deep down she started to understand that he wasn’t going to hurt her.

“I could have, but that wasn’t the point. This wasn’t about pushing you into perversion, teasing your body and making it lustful. This was about my life and yours and keeping that safe. I need you to understand that more than I need your body to crave mine.”

She shivered softly and nodded her head, puzzled over his actions. All it would take is pushing her down onto her futon and he could be free. Instead, he teases her and punishes her for transgressions without making it some sensual affair. Could it be he doesn’t know that one simple action separated him from his powers?

“I need to return to Korin. We have more training to do before we start preparing for departure. I want to make sure she is ready to protect you while I’m killing all the bad guys.”

“She is going to be my bodyguard?”

“Only while I’m busy and some idiot thinks they can get the jump while they think I’m distracted. People underestimate my oirna rothe and tend to die very quickly. She has been trained very specifically to help me, even if she doesn’t entirely know that yet.”

“What is oirna rothe?”

He chuckled and slid open the door, starting to walk outside as he turned to give her a smug look. Flashing a grin as he started to pull the door closed.

“Why the eternal slaves of their god. What else? Take it easy on your backside for a little while, at least until the stinging calms down. Though if you want to explore your pain-pleasure discovery without me, then go ahead.”

Her eyes widened in surprise at his comments but he was gone before she could say anything in retort. Continuing to rub her sore behind she paced around the room, for now, wondering what she was supposed to do now. The stinging was starting to dull and was actually feeling a bit nice now while she continued to rub her skin. Now that she was alone she slipped out of her kimono and laid down on her futon to rest, the heat mixing with the cool air and sending a soft tingle through her body.

His last comment continuing to echo inside her head, as she felt the tingling in her bum start sending a signal of warmth deep inside her. She groaned and laid her head down trying to fend off her thoughts away from thinking about such things. He was getting in her head again.

Korin was kneeling outside the door, her face contemplative as she overheard the sounds of smacks from inside. They weren’t that loud but dark elf hearing was extraordinarily good. Her master was spanking the miko girl. The rhythm sending tingles down her spine as she imagined the scene, though the odd rustling killed part of her imagination, the miko girl was still clothed by how dulled the sharpness of the smack compared to if it was bare skin.

She felt a little jealous that his attention was on that girl, her own ass tingling slightly wishing to feel Master’s hands gripping onto her instead. Perhaps she could tempt him into some spanking play herself later tonight. A tantalizing thought of the two girls bent over side by side receiving his spankings and then his delicious body together. But that was something to be filed for much later down the road.

As she fantasized about things, her master opened the door and stepped outside. His face was held in concentration as if he was trying to hold back about something. She smiled up to him and arched her back, emphasizing her body to him as she purred out to him in greeting.

“Did Master enjoy his time with the lovely miko?”

He chuckled, reaching down and seizing her hair, pulling her up into a deep kiss, her hands resting on his chest as their tongues tangled with each other, setting her lower body aflame with desire. She moaned softly as he pulled his lips away from hers, looking into those smoldering eyes that declared to her so firmly she was his.

“We had a good conversation, and that is all you know of it, minx.”

She giggled softly, so he hadn’t played with the Miko after all, she could feel it in the way his hand slid down and grabbed her ass possessively. Kneading the firm flesh in his palm, she pressed herself into his hands wanting to feel that claiming touch even through her leathers.

“I understand, Master. But this one does wish she could have some fun too.”

She jumped as he smacked her, feeling her cheeks bounce from the slap and grinning as he dug his fingers into her skin. He growled low into her ear, sending shivers up and down her spine. Her body getting warmer and wishing she wasn’t confined in this armor so he could have his way with her right here in the hallway.

“Let’s finish what we started this morning first. Then I’ll finish this in the bath afterward.”

“Mmmm… Yes, my Master. It’s not wise to leave things unfinished, is it?”

“No, unfinished things leave me troubled and very displeased.”

He chuckled deeply and kissed her one last time before separating their bodies, gesturing that she should lead him to their new workout hall. She turned and began to lead him through the temple, heading into a ninety tatami sized room.

“They said we could practice here. It’s the men’s sleeping quarters so they said be careful. They don’t want any lustful scents left behind to tempt the poor men into sinning improperly.”

“Can my pet hold back her lustful scents for a couple of hours?”

She smiled and walked out into the center of the floor, drawing her knives and sliding the flats along her curves, taking care not to cut the armor. Sticking her tongue out at him teasingly.

“It will be hard but this one will obey her Master’s commands.”

Her master chuckled and began to walk in slowly, drawing his own set of daggers and preparing to come at her. Circling her like a hungry predator as he licked his lips and crouched down.

“Well then, pet. Fight well or you might be walking back to my quarters naked and dripping with sinful scents.”

“Mmm… Master makes it so hard to fight back with that kind of promise.”

The two laughed and lunged at each other like tigers leaping into battle with each other, knives clashing against each other and sending sparks as their dance of blades resumed with new vigor.


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