Demon Lord’s Redemption: Chapter 2


Author: Literataku

Chapter 2



He stroked the fallen priestess’s hair softly, giving her a fond smile before stepping forth, walking down the stairway from his throne. Using his magic he called upon the power to see through the eyes of his watchers. Gazing into the scene surrounding his castle while three girls of his harem came to lay at his feet, clinging to him as they were trained to do. Naked breasts rubbing against his skin, dripping sexes sitting on his feet, kisses along his thighs and calves, one girl slipping underneath his loincloth to clean his shaft, showing their devotion giving him their submission to feed and power him for the upcoming fight

A massive army had come forth and surrounded them, he frowned looking at the banners lifted above the regiments marching at his walls. Local soldiers who were supposed to be holding truce with him, they would be among those who would pay when he returned to power. He knew they wouldn’t remain loyal for long but he had at least expected them to wait and see him start to lose.

The ramparts were filled with archers trying to shoot as many stragglers and unarmored targets as they could. However, most of their aim seemed to be missing the hero and his party even though the common soldiers were mowed down with stunning accuracy. The power of his Dark Elf rangers, perfection in ranged combat and assassination, seduction and servitude, his favorite race among those that secretly worshiped the demon lords.

Haruko watched the Hero moving forward toward the castle, standing so openly and making himself a large target as anyone possibly could be for a sniper. His golden shield lowered and his helm leaving a gap wide enough to fire a Dark Elf arrow into his neck. One simple shot and the fight would be over before he set foot in the castle, but that wasn’t how the story goes. No, the arrows were missing the hero on purpose to maintain the idea that the hero was invincible to all but the Demon Lords.

His ‘protection of the gods’ was simply Haruko’s preference of not having to deal with more than one hero a revival. Not after the slew of constant fighting he had gone through almost two thousand years ago. That mistake was not going to be repeated, not after having to fight six heroes all at once. It took nearly half a millennia just to get back down to one hero every time he ‘revived’.

Fortunately, the gods were lazy enough to care about how much power they were putting into summoning heroes and cut back when he got ‘complacent’ and started dying properly again.

Choosing a spot in the middle of the room he twisted his hand calling forth a projection of his general into the area. He made it large enough for the entire room to watch his conversation.

The tigerkin general stood tall and proud, saluting in military fashion, facing the demon lord with squared shoulders and a full bow at his waist. His face was haggard and tired looking, but he held nothing but respect and pride of serving the man who called this castle his home. His tail was kept straight and at his side like a flexible baton that hung from his waist.

“My lord, the Hero is being accompanied by soldiers from the traitorous Kingdom of Shihaicho. They are pushing us back fiercely, but they haven’t exceeded your expectations. Thus far.casualties are still within the range of My Lord’s acceptable losses for both sides.”

Haruko smiled quietly, after 4000 years he had learned to play this game with the kingdoms and the gods. Unlike his brothers, he rarely lost more than necessary when the summoned heroes came to his doorstep for their final push. Only enough loyal followers to seem like he had put up a good fight, and enough men who died to make sure the heroes could come “slay” him without making them believe he was stronger than the last time.

“Good work, my loyal servant. How is the evacuation and dispersal going, General Raikon?”

“Aside those who volunteered as sacrifices to the cause, everyone save the throne room has been emptied of important members. The rest should be able to leave on their own as they ‘break free’ from your will.”

Again Haruko smiled and shifted himself to look around at his harem, the most loyal of his women and slaves. They all looked back with adoration and sadness as they knew this was the turning point that they would have to separate from him if only temporarily many hoped. A few of them stroking the rounded bellies that carried his children, children who would be ready to help their father when he returned to reclaim what was all his.

“Is there hero as the rumors say, General?”

The general paused and looked uncertain, giving a noncommittal gesture while looking apologetic he bowed his head down toward his lord and master.

“I cannot say, my lord. They seemed to have noticed we have no true demons in our ranks, the Harkumet Temple is keeping their demon sealers in the backline instead of staying by the Heroes side. It could be they tried and we are unaffected by it? We cannot confirm if the hero is using it or not.”

Haruko bit his lip in agitation, that was not news he wished to hear, but the priesthood of Murmur -the temple responsible for summoning this new hero- had kept unusually quiet to the point that nothing substantial could even be said. To be fair, however, Divine magic hadn’t been seen since the fall of the Ten Heroes, and there hadn’t been any need to test if the magic could affect the other races besides demons at the time. But this plan required knowing for certain if the hero had Divine magic or not. It wasn’t as if he couldn’t reset his plan for another time and another hero, but it was pretty fucking annoying when he had it all ready to go now.

“We will continue as if he still does, if the gods are trying to keep quiet then most likely it means those idiots finally did stumble on a Divine user. They’ve never been all that cunning as highly as they like to think of themselves. They probably think they are going to catch me by surprise by trying to keep it a secret.”

Raikon gave a small chuckle.

“They underestimate my lord.”

“My General, they always have. It’s like some disease of rampant stupidity swept through them all thousands of years ago. But I’ll gladly take every inch they will give me and then shove it back up their asses the old gods will revive and scream in pain.”

There was a loud explosion, probably the sound of some foolish mage overdoing his spell to blast the doors to the main entrance. General Raikon glanced behind him and then turned back with a sorrowful expression.

“They are reaching the Great Hall, my lord.”

“Go and fight like the monster you are General, make sure the hero reaches me. Alone.”

Raikon salutes him with a broad toothy smile, he almost started to look quite feral as his tail suddenly swishing back and forth excitedly at the prospects of participating. Giving another deep bow and crossing his arms over his chest.

“To the fall of the gods, my lord.”

Haruko gave him a small salute in return.

“Fight well, and if you survive and escape, run to Shilendraha and tell her to prepare for me.”

“They will fear my name for five generations, my lord!”

Haruko laughed and let go of the magic, dispelling the General’s presence and turning to his vast harem, all of them focused on him, sitting quietly in waiting for him to speak. He reached down and tugged the three girls up onto their feet, giving them each a deep passionate kiss, smirking to himself as he overheard a few girls bemoan their lack of initiative to get some last close attention of their Master.

“My slaves, My women. My loves. While we must part ways soon, with luck this will be the last Hero to set foot in this world, the last time the gods interfere with my plans, I will destroy them all and then reign in glory with all of you at my feet once it is all over. My revenge of four thousand years will come to fruition.”

He could hear some of them applauding, though many remained somber as he walked back toward the throne. The fallen priestess looked up at him, tears running down her cheeks as he tilted her head back and kissed her lips, she met his eagerly, wantonly if her arms were not bound to the throne she would have clung to him and attempted to offer her body again.

“And you, My slave. Are you ready for your task? Are you ready to serve me in a way no one else can?”

She whimpered softly, looking up as she spoke quietly to him.

“My Master! I am loathed to desecrate myself in this way, but I will do as Master wishes. I will take the burden placed on me even if I am reviled and disgusted by such ideas. I will do all and pray Master will one day come and purify me of the taint I must bear until your return.”

“Mmm do not think of it as a taint. Think of it as ensuring that your Master will have everything in place when he comes back. It is a deep honor that I am trusting you with this, you will give me the key I need to win.”

She looked down as he let go of her face, her body trembling as she swallowed back more tears.

“Yes, Master. My body, my heart, and soul belong to you always. I will serve you even if it betrays my deepest desires.”

Haruko smiled and pulled her head back for another kiss, he could hear the sounds getting closer to the throne room, the roar of his general attacking the Hero’s party. Pulling away he stroked his fingers through her hair.

“You will always be among my most loyal of slaves, Sumiye.”

Standing up straighter he faced the doors as they shook with the pounding of the Hero’s approach. He laughed to himself and took a deep breath, it was time to put on the best performance he had ever had.

“This one should be to die for….”


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