Demon Lord’s Redemption: Chapter 21


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Chapter 21



I’m going to explode! Oh gods, please protect me! Emiyo could only look on in terror at the fallen body. They hadn’t even left the temple lands and everything was over. Korin pulled up to her and grabbed her arm. Squeezing firmly as she looked in Emiyo’s eyes and gave her a shake.

“Calm down, we’re surrounded and panicking is not going to get us out of here.”

“I’m going to die… I’m going to die..”

“Hush! I’ll make sure you get away, just get ready to run when I give you the chance.”

Emiyo shook her head, this girl didn’t understand! She had no life to save anymore.

“No! Run! Getaway before I end up killing you!”

A largish looking man stepped out from the trees, grinning lecherously at the two and stepping over the body of the former demon lord. He chuckled while twenty other men stepped out from their hiding places. Arrows knocked onto bows and aiming at the pair still on horseback as the group encircled them.

“Isn’t that adorable… Two beauties and one hapless idiot just as the report said. Though I thought he was supposed to have silver hair… Eh, doesn’t matter. You! Bitches! Get off those horses, now! I don’t like making damaged goods but broken arms and shoulders won’t hinder using what’s between your legs.”

Emiyo stared at them with frightened eyes, her body started to shake as she wondered how long she had left to live. Would she die before they raped her, or would she suffer under them for hours? Would her death kill any of them as well?

Korin looked around at the men surrounding them, a glare in her eyes and her teeth clenched together. Her sword still held at the ready, forcing the men to keep their distance as she threatened them. No one was brave enough to challenge an angry Dark Elf on horseback directly, though several of the arrows pointed at her more than Emiyo.

Korin looked around trying to gauge which would be the easier target but her search was coming up in vain. Any move would find a dozen arrows buried in her body before she could reach any one of them. She gritted her teeth in aggravation as she let the sword fall to the ground.

The bandit leader smiled and motioned for her to continue. “That’s a good slut, now dismount. Both of you! I’m not going to ask nicely the second time.”

Emiyo glanced to Korin questioningly, she nodded and gestured for her to climb down as well. Her eyes narrowed in concentration, trying to find a way out of this while they could. Emiyo was impressed with how well Korin seemed to be holding it together, on Emiyo’s side of things she was just grateful she hadn’t wet herself yet. Her body still shaking as she dismounted, both of them setting foot with the horses between them and the bandits.

What if them raping me unleashes the power instead? She clung tightly to the horse as a strange thought comes unbidden, tears starting to flow down her cheeks, Not paying attention to the bandits closing in with greedy and lustful looks in their eyes, nor to Korin slowly sliding something down the sleeves of her armor.

“Come on out sluts. Your man is long dead and we can have some fun with you before we sell you to the slavers. How much fun and how much in one piece you are afterward is all up to how well you behave right now.”

Emiyo shivered and wrapped her arms around herself, huddling tightly to the horse as her last protection. The chestnut getting nervous as the bandits closed in and sensing the fear radiating off its rider like a beacon. A purple mist began to seep around their feet, a strange miasma sliding across the ground around them adding to her fear as it softly clung around her feet.

“I think you gentlemen need a lesson in properly killing someone.”

A dark voice rang out from around them, Emiyo looked up in puzzlement and fear. That voice all too hauntingly familiar as it dripped with a smugness she had only heard a few times. A ghost? No.. it couldn’t be as easily explained as that.

The bandits also paused, looking around for the source of the voice. One of the men giving a slight shriek and pointing behind the leader. “Boss! The body is gone!” They all turned and looked, seeing the absence of body and head of the man they had decapitated just moments ago.

“There must be someone else out there. Picked it up while we were distracted.”

“How? We’ve been alone here for hours. No one could sneak up on us like that!”

“Shut up! The sluts are probably witches. A last resort.”

The disembodied voice laughed at them, starting a panic among the thieves as it echoed around them. All eye glaring at Korin and Emiyo, Emiyo merely stood shaking quietly trying to keep hold of the reins while her horse shifted uneasily. Korin was standing at the ready to see if the bandits would try to move in closer, her eyes narrowed and watching.

“Rule number one…. When you are trying to kill someone…”

A shadow rose from the purple mist behind one of the bandits. An almost humanoid figure arising from the ground though its arms were pointed like scythes. They stabbed into the man from behind, making him choke as the wind was knocked out of him, the men who had stood beside him screaming in surprise as the shadow impaled the man’s back thin shadows sticking all the way out of his chest from where his heart would be.

“Make sure you can, well ha ha ha you know, actually kill them.”

Two of the braver men rushed forward slashing at the shadow with drawn swords, not caring for their comrade, who was no doubt long dead, stabbing through to try to attack the shadow creature. Their blade piercing through but the shadow merely laughing and withdrawing’ its shadow arm blades from the dead man’s chest, slashing them out in and separating the men’s heads from the rest of their bodies.

“Rule number two!”

The bodies slowly fell to the ground, blood seeping out of the open necks, creating a larger panic as several bandits loosed their arrows into the shadow monster. The arrows flew through the apparition and caused it to twist and vanish like mist being dispersed by the wind. The moment of relief only lasting mere seconds as three more bandits cried out in pain, spikes rising from the ground and impaling them from below, their screams cut off as more shadows rose from the ground and slit their throats.

“When you do attempt to kill someone, make sure they actually are dead before you leave the body unattended. Failure to follow this rule can lead to vengeful and/or amnesiac heroes who will ruin your plans later on.”

Another four bandits tried to attack the shadows again, their blades passing through harmlessly as the shadows lunged and slashed the men in half, their upper bodies tumbling away from their lower halves as they screamed in agony before bladed arms stabbed into their chests and finished them off.

The rest of the bandits started to scatter, fleeing the road as the purple mist followed them and clutching to their feet. They dove into the trees, only for screams to ring out from the shadows as each met with grisly fates unseen. The leader watching his band fall apart growled and started making his way hurriedly toward the girls.

“I’m going to kill you, bitches!”

Korin flipped her hands and pulled forth a pair of daggers that had been hiding in her sleeves, ready to meet him, but her action was unneeded as the bandit leader was stopped in front of her, his eyes glazed over as he looked down at the arm sticking out of his chest, His beating heart held in front of him in a bloodied hand as it raised up to his face and squeezed, forcing the leader to watch his heart getting crushed to pieces in front of his very eyes.

“Rule. Number. Three. Always make sure that if you can’t kill your target, you can run very quickly and hide because they will come after you. Failure to follow these rules will result in very short and unhappy lives. Like yours. So do pass that on to the others, will you? Oh, right… You failed to follow the rules already. Whoops.”

The arm dropped the remaining pieces of the man’s heart and pulled out of his chest. Unable to stand on his feet any longer the leader collapsed to the ground revealing the perfectly formed Demon Lord standing behind him and cleaning off his arm as if he was simply dirtied from some mud.


Korin beamed and rushed over to him. Stopping herself from leaping into his blood and gristle stained arms. Emiyo could only stand there in shock, a mixture of emotions running through her brain. She wasn’t going to die, her chastity was safe, Haruko wasn’t dead and there was no danger of exploding. And yet, he had massacred these people like they were nothing.

She stared at him and the bleeding remains of the men he had brutally destroyed in front of her. Rapists and bandits, they would have abused her body, broken her and then sold her as a slave, they deserved death. The laws allowed any who came upon bandits to kill them in self-defense, and yet the way he dispatched them all… that wasn’t self-defense, it was a slaughter.

He chuckled softly, giving Korin a soft kiss, letting her cling to him in a hug while he made his way closer to Emiyo. She looked at him, wishing to draw away from this monster as he looked at her, concern showing on his face.

“I know you aren’t hurt, but are you alright?”

“Y-y-you just killed them all.”

“Yes. I did.”

“They already were running away, why not let them…?”

“Let them get away to kill someone else and rape other girls? I gave them the same mercy they would have shown someone else.”

“But did you have to be so… excessive?”

He chuckled deeply. “While domination is my power I can feed off of fear and some of the more negative emotions from time to time. At least the ones not governed by my brothers. Shifting my body like that uses a bit of energy and I didn’t make many gains from this, but still better than nothing.”

She looked at him with incredulity, this man was playing games with people’s lives and killing them just so he could feed off them. She trembled, though from fear, rage or something else she didn’t know. All she knew was that this man was proving to be a monster more and more. She stood by her horse quietly as Korin and Haruko piled up the bodies, or rather the pieces of bodies, on the side of the road.

“We will let the next town know about the mess. Nothing really worth looting from them, though hopefully, the reward will give us a good meal and a place to sleep.”

The trio mounted up once again and resumed their trek down the road, leaving the bloodied road and the corpses for scavengers to deal with tonight. Guards would come on the morrow to bury them in a mass grave. The first evils slain by the new hero or the first victims of a Demon Lord’s plot for revenge, none could say for certain which they would be remembered for a long while to go.



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