Demon Lord’s Redemption: Chapter 3


Author: Literataku

Chapter 3



A loud bang from the entryway, the music stopping as all eyes turned on the intruder that began striding into his inner sanctum. He had known this person was coming, and the inconvenience annoyed him to no end. He was tired of playing this game with the Gods. Would this one be the key to ending it all?

The Hero stood proudly and raised his shield and sword in preparation for an attack that did not come. He certainly looked young, his black hair and eyes and rounded Japanese face reminded Haruko of himself millennia ago. Innocent and courageous eyes, untested in the real world of pain and disappointments Keeping his stance as he declared the normal battle greeting between Heroes and villains.

“Demon Lord! By the powe- Why are all these women naked?”

The Demon Lord had to laugh at this. Looking across the room and seeing the blushing cheeks of this fledgling hero. A hero dumb enough to challenge him first. The oldest and first of the Demon Lords. And the gods send a virgin to come and fight him. Standing up he clapped his hands and dismissed them all to the sides. His women loved to watch him destroy useless people after all.

“Never seen a naked woman in the flesh before, Hero? Perhaps you would like to acquaint yourself more closely. I’m sure one of my lovely succubi would be happy to train you.”

“N-no thank you.”

“Are you sure? A couple of my girls love breaking in virgins.”

“No, thank you. I am sent by the Most Holy to defeat you, Demon Lord.”

He raised his eyebrows and looked at the Hero standing before him. Now which of those seven had decided to call themselves ‘Most Holy’? It would be a wonder if there was even a Hero they could summon that would call them such, the fighting amongst the gods themselves would have turned into a holy civil war.

“Most Holy? Child, do not make me laugh. Those gods are far from being any sort of divine power. Let me demonstrate.”

Calling forth a whip made of his demonic power, the shadows twisting and coiling around his arms before forming into his desire. He was keeping it low powered because he didn’t want to erase this foolish one, he was hungry for some answers to his questions before he broke this new toy of the gods if it proved false. This could be the key he had been seeking for five thousand years after all.

Reaching back he flicked the weapon at the Heroes blade, aiming to disarm the child. The Hero raised his shield to block keeping the sword in the right place as his whip coiled around the sword and he prepared to yank it back until a bright sheen of golden light came out of the blade.

His whip disintegrated in an instant, leaving him standing there dumbfounded for a moment. Only Divine Magic could destroy his whip. He had to smile as the realization hit him. Four thousand years of planning, and finally everything was going to pay off.

“I do not come by the will of other gods, but the goddess herself. She will not let you defeat her champion summoned to this realm to destroy evil.”

Haruko paused and stared at the hero. Goddess? There was only one goddess and she was… He started to laugh, it started as a good chuckle before slowly turning maniacal as the hero looked at him and backed away, his eyes unable to look anywhere else because of the amount of exposed feminine flesh surrounding him even though he seemed to not want to look at the demon lord.

Leaping forward, the demon lord charged, dark energy surrounding his fists. He rushes in and swings at the hero who barely manages to react in time to dodge, taking a glancing blow and sprawling across the floor with a screech as his armor scratches up the tiled floor. His eyes widened in fear as he started to understand the disparity between them, but narrowed in determination as he remembered that he was chosen by the goddess and couldn’t lose.

Scrambling to his feet as the demon lord charged again he managed to bring up his shield quickly enough to receive the next blow, a loud clang echoed in the chamber as the right fist smashed into the shield. The left fist snaked around the edge of the shield and he barely lifted his sword to deflect the blow.

“That won’t happen again!” he declared as he shoved forward with his shield.

Haruko chuckled and took a step back, waiting to see how the boy would fight back. To his pleasant surprise as both weapons began to glow with holy light. The hero moved in, using the shield to bash at him while his sword stayed on the defensive. The two began to exchange blows, moving back and forth across the floor each trying to seek an opening.

With each block and deflection of his fists, he could feel the demonic magic that covered him slowly fading piece by piece. If the blows connected with any other part of him it might hurt. Was that all this magic was good for? Enchantment?

The boy was doing something behind the shield. The Demon Lord could sense the gathering of energy as both his weapons maintained a steady pulse. Dismissing the dark energy he summoned a two-handed sword and began to batter down on the shield, his blows getting lighter as he found the blade also being dismantled similarly, switching to even deadlier weapons as his “desperation” to defeat the hero grew.

He could hear some quiet mumbling as the hero kept his voice low and the words spoken under his breath. They continued to fight back and forth, Haruko trying to discern what the hero was doing. Aiming for a shot at the hero’s head to try and distract him from his spell the hero blocked with his bardiche and ducked down, aiming for his legs with the shield. Taking the blow he tried to catch onto what the hero was doing without avail.

The jolt of pain through his legs was immense, that divine was indeed divine magic. He was getting a bit annoyed and tired of this fight. Perhaps it might be better to kill this one and prepare with the next hero, maybe pretend this one got him with some curse before he died. The Divine magic this kid was wielding was overall coming off as disappointing.

It was time to force someone’s hand, the demon lord charged forward, getting into range to use his most deadly attack, no playing around with the kid any longer! A spear growing from his hand and swirling with the blackness of demonic energy his ultimate blade, the corrupted weapon of his fallen self.

“{Taste Oblivion!]” He called forth the scripture of his unholy weapon. The dark light getting blacker as the air around it seemed to vanish as he thrust forward, erasing everything in its path even the very air particles. The spear collided with the golden shield, connecting, but to his surprise, the shield withstood the blow and deflected the erasing power of his spear.

“… power to victory is your forever… Amen.”

All this time the hero had been praying? The golden Light exploded around the Hero, catching everyone else off guard as he heard screams surprise among his harem, Then the light hit and he felt pain ripping into his body. Obliterating his weapon and his defenses, feeling the power of this magic attacking him to the core of his soul as he screamed in actual pain for the first time in four thousand years.

There was a blast as he was thrown back across the room, landing at the foot of the stairs leading up to his throne. This wasn’t exactly how he had intended to die, but the power of the divine magic had disrupted the magic in his body. He couldn’t even move any of his muscles, he couldn’t shapeshift. Trying to gasp for breath and get back onto his feet he saw the hero moving forward above him. His sword in both hands and pointing straight down toward the demon lord’s chest.

“May the Divine forgive you of your sins.”

“Fat chance in hell…” The Demon Lord spat back as the sword pierced through his chest, pinning him down to the floor, the wind knocked out of him as he felt his ribs break and his heart stabbed through and destroyed. He knew this life was over but had it always hurt like this? Something else felt wrong as well.

Normally he could leave his body as soon as it started dying, but this time he was still trapped. As if his soul was pinned to the floor by this sword. He could only lay there as he bled out on the floor, watching his harem flee from his throne room to getaway. Most of them would go into hiding and wait for his return, raise his children for the time of his next revival and hope they would live long enough to see him again.

The hero let them all leave and scatter without hindering any of them. Moving up to the throne and the newly broken priestess still chained there. She was crying, unable to do anything else but plead for freedom and mercy. The hero took pity on her and used his sword to cut the chains free from the throne.

The girl threw herself at the hero with deep sobs, wrapping herself around him and kissing him deeply. The hero was taken aback by this, unsure of what he should do, simply wrapping his arms around her as the girl continued to switch between crying into his shoulder and kissing him.

“Please… save me from this taint. Teach me the love of a real man!” She pleaded as her hands tugged on the hero’s armor and clothing. Trying to free him from his pants as she cried and pressed against him. The hero was left dumbstruck for a few moments, though his soul finally bent to her pleas and he began to hold her tighter.

As the two began to embrace the Demon Lord’s body began to grow cold. His body finally dying as he breathed his last in this form. A faint trace of a smirk on his face as he passed on. At least things were going to work out in the end.


“Haruko! Awaken and pay attention!”

The voice brought him back from his reverie. Looking up at the room now filled with his mortal enemies. Heroes were just an inconvenience. These giants of incredible power were the true adversaries of his life. And now he was their captive and his soul bound and vulnerable for the first time in five thousand years. It was time for his judgment.

The Seven Gods had appeared and sat down in front of him, their forms only in the basic shape of men, just shadows and silhouettes without any true substance. Their work at trying o keep mysterious and mystical to the mortal that rarely saw them.

“Demon Lord Haruko. You have finally been brought before us to face the Judgement of the Gods Do you have anything to say before we pass our sentence?”

“Why don’t you all just go back to Hell and quit pretending to be so righteous you conniving, backstabbing, filthy sacks of divine dammed shi- Mmmph”

His mouth was blocked before he could continue, growling at them all and wishing they would stop with this charade and just erase his soul. The one on the far left voiced a similar opinion.

“That is uncalled for Demon Lord. We tried to give you mercy but you refused and spat in our faces. Now I declare that his soul is to be torn asunder until nothingness for his crimes against the Gods. Does anyone have objections to this judgment?”

“Umm… We might have a small issue…”

Haruko couldn’t tell which one was speaking but the other all looked visibly annoyed. Their voices going mute as they conferred with each other in silence for several minutes. He tilted his head wondering what the hell was going on now. Trying to chew on the gag as best he could, unable to do anything else since the Gods had managed to bind his powers.

“E-hem. Demon Lord Haruko. There is an offer to be made for you. If you would complete a task for us, and instead of destroying your soul, we would return you to human form and send you back to your homeworld.”

The gag was quickly removed to allow him to speak, looking up at the gods with incredulity and surprise. A mask to keep his mind from being caught out if any of them had the power to do so. Were they truly so stupid as to think he wanted to return home after all these years? After they had stabbed him in the back?

“And what, pray tell, is this task that would allow such a… Merciful offering be given?”

“Destroy your brothers. The other Nine Demon Lords.”

This gave Haruko pause for a moment, trying to rack things in his brain before he started laughing. It began as a small chuckle and grew louder with each second as he realized what had happened. Barely able to speak as he swayed in the chains binding him tightly. He won!

“Y… Hahaha… You- You fucking went and- Oh- Hahaha. You went and sent him home? Didn’t you? Haha- The onl- haha The only one who- and you sent- You sent him back!”

He couldn’t hold back his laughter to speak anymore, howling with laughter at the Seven Gods. their silence and quiet glares toward him only increasing his laughter. The sounds echoing across the heavens as the Demon Lord reveling in this very moment. He was going to win! Everything was falling in place for his ultimate victory.

“Hah… Hah… Hah… That almost makes the last four thousand years worth it. To think I would see the day I get my ass kicked and you still fuck yourselves over… Phew… Alright, I’ll do it!”


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