Demon Lord’s Redemption: Chapter 5


Author: Literataku

Chapter 5



Emiyo shook her head wondering who had planned this prank out. Of course, if the girls would go to the trouble of ruining her breakfast they would try to poison her reading time as well. Standing back up she walked over to the table she had grabbed the book from and paused, staring at the display. She closed her eyes and gave thanks that this wasn’t another prank.

A display had been set upon the table she had picked the book up from and she hadn’t even paid attention. It was set up in celebration of the forthcoming summoning ceremony, books detailing previous heroes and the triumphs against the Demon Lords were placed for any to pick up and read. She had just been unlucky enough to pick the one book that detailed her inconclusive past.

Putting the book back on the table she chose a different one to read instead. Hoping it could distract her long enough to get to the lunch hour. The Cycle of Corruption; the Heroine Hisa’s recollections of Demon Lord of Lust Jotaro. It felt like it would be distracting enough, even if somewhere in the back of her mind she felt that this one was a book that wasn’t meant for young Mikos to read.

Finding a place in the far back of the library she settled on a chair, curling up and allowing herself this time to attempt and engross herself into this tale. There appeared to be no one else in the library, which suited her fine. The head librarian was most likely helping the Head Priest complete the preparations for the ceremony. No one in the temple knew the exact specifications offhand since there had never been a need to know, and none of the other temples had volunteered to send anything more than documents explaining the ceremony.

She shook her head clearing away thoughts about such things. She was alone and that is what she wanted right now. Looking down she picked out a passage at random and started to read. Her eyes focusing as she blocked out any other sights and sounds but her own breathing.

Jotaro’s greatest strength is in finding ways to exploit the weakness of others. Especially among the physical. I was told to write truthfully and as detailed as possible, but do the priests really wish to know that my days in pursuit of him and our subsequent battles were the best sex of my life? Stupid quill!

Emiyo paused, rereading the paragraph again. And again. A heroine, the champion of the virtues of the gods, had admitted to having sex with a Demon Lord, and liking it? She could feel a blush on her cheeks rising. Shaking her head trying to stop thinking about such impure things.No that wasn’t it, heroes too could be corrupted. Maybe Hisa had been still feeling the effects of the Demon’s corrupted power while she had been writing.

Our fights were about fifty/fifty when it came to actual combat versus my riding on his ten-inch cock for all I was worth. For someone who I was supposed to kill and vice versa, he was surprisingly considerate about my health. Though I suppose each time we embraced he was feeding on my desires. I knew deep down he was evil, but gods I didn’t want to stop laying under him, or on him.

Emiyo swallowed and nodded to herself. Yes, as she had thought, the Heroine had been corrupted by the Demon Lord’s power. She was giving him the power to grow each time he used her like that, made her addicted to his presence so he could predate on her weaknesses like a parasite. That was the truth of Demon Lords, monsters who stole the prayers of the loyal by corruption.

The first time I met him, it was just after his revival. He was kind of sickly and weak, his body didn’t seem to hold together. I felt sorrier for him than I had any desire to kill him, which maybe it was a mistake and I could have avoided the next ten months of pursuing him. But all that sex was probably worth it.

Another lesson to learn, kill the demon lord before they gain enough strength. Then she would have lived happier and he wouldn’t have grown in power or corrupted her as obviously as deep as she had been. She felt sorry for Hisa’s trials and quietly swore to herself she would help the hero complete their task weakened demon lord or not.

Over the next few months, we clashed swords, but more often than not he simply ran away. Hiding in the mountains of Hymulia, the cave and mountain range was enormous and often forced us to wait until he appeared in a town to recharge his lust based power. It was in the third month we met that everything changed.

I was injured seriously during a chase that ended up with a rockslide that buried most of my companions. The lone survivor, he pulled me out and cared for me. Tending to my wounds and giving me healing. I asked him why he was doing this and he replied: “I won’t fault the heroes for what they do, does a man blame the tiger when it tries to kill the beasts in the jungle?” When I asked what he meant he smiled and looked at me. “Think of me as a forest ranger who protects and heals the tigers. Though we are both tigers who must follow our laws of nature.”

Emiyo could feel her head tilting slightly at these words. Was that the supposed seduction this Demon Lord had used on her? Why didn’t he just rape her and leave her to die? Was this some greater scheme of the Demon Lord’s?

I asked him what he wanted in return for saving me. He jokingly said my body. Imagine his surprise when I said he could, imagine mine when he denied me. The back and forth teasing that night escalated to great heights until I was in his lap begging for him to slide into me.

We did share time alone while I recovered, a tender man that I couldn’t believe was called lust demon, On the other hand, he knew how to make me scream his name over and over while he plunged fingers into me, touched me, claimed my body with his shaft covering me with his… Umm, can I have a few minutes of not writing, please?

There was another swallow as she read. It must have been some trick right? A game the Demon Lord had played, Lust was a master manipulator. He coerced her into thinking it was all her idea. Maybe there were aphrodisiacs slipped into her food and drink. She couldn’t believe a hero would succumb to corruption on their own, certainly not! Right?

The accounts were starting to touch with a taste of lewdness that made her squirm as she tried to read them. While Emiyo was not a stranger to sexual things, at least in theory and writings. A Miko had to be prepared to handle any kind of demon and understand their techniques to combat them, even the ones that involved levels of lewd depravity she would never allow herself to be part of, much less condone. Skipping forward toward the end trying to find something that wasn’t so detailed or talking about what positions and where they had enjoyed themselves in depravity.

As he had said, we were but tigers, animals, and slaves to our own laws of nature. He was a demon lord and I was his enemy. My heart ached when I swung my sword down on his head. Taking vengeance for the hundred men and women he had sacrificed on that black altar that I also spilled his blood across. Some part of me wished I had killed him that first night…. But then again I wouldn’t change anything. I don’t think he would either if we hadn’t met as hero and villain. Met in our previous world, maybe he could have loved me?

She stared at those words for several moments. Shutting the book she shook her head and quickly stood up. This wasn’t a book she should be reading, she started to walk toward the front of the library and put it back. As she strode forward a cough caught her attention and she turned feeling guilty, the Head Priest looking at her curiously while she stood there holding that incriminating book.

“Ahh, not a story I would have thought you would be interested in, my child. In fact, that book shouldn’t even be where you could pick it up.”

Her face turning red as did not bode well, hoping that he wouldn’t think she was lying as she spoke. The last person she wanted to be caught carrying this book.

“It was on the display up front, Master. I did not know of its contents until…”

He nodded his head slightly and then tilted it as he observed her.

“So tell me. What did you think of it?”

She could feel the heat rising from her cheeks trying not to think of the lewd details that Hisa had gone into with her writings. He stood waiting patiently as possible, merely observing her reactions.

“It’s quite heretical isn’t it, Master? A hero claiming she had feelings for a Demon Lord? Thinking he cared for her while living in debauchery and feeding him power. Thinking that he could love her if things were different?”

He chuckled softly, to her surprise he gave a shrug of his shoulders.

“The Demon Lords were Heroes long ago. There are many things that ‘could have been’. While not all the Demon Lords have been as kind to their enemies as he was, Jotaro was often quite loved by many women who saw his softer side. Though of course, that is not to say he shouldn’t be punished for his sins. But, even the Demon Lords are worth pitying. Perhaps, even more than ordinary mortals such as we.”


She couldn’t believe such words were coming out of his mouth. The man who preached to the people and his servants about the evils and the mercilessness that must be used upon the Demon Lords. Who had installed the virtues into her heart so that she would not falter?

“Emiyo, do not mistake my words as heresy. They are still evil, but even evil can be pitied and feel sympathy. But, do not allow such to cloud your judgment as evil is still exactly that. Empathize but do not let it soften your heart to allow them to grow and fester within your soul and gain power.”

She bowed her head slightly. “Yes, Master. Thank you for your teaching.”

He smiled softly, reaching forward to take the book from her before gesturing for the door. “It is almost time for lunch. Go make sure you have plenty to eat and then prepare yourself for the ceremony.”

She bowed to him with a quick thank you and escaped through the door, leaving him behind as his smile turned just slightly darker as he watched her leave the library. He saw her off and then turned to book the book back in the restricted section, where he had taken it from this morning.



  1. ooooooh
    I wonder which demon lord he’s working for.
    Either that or possessed/is actually a demon lord.
    The gods telling him to do that would be an interesting outcome. So would him just doing it for fun.

  2. Oh. Looks like Haruko’s pawn is everywhere. Though I cringe when I read the name of the demon Lord. This is just probably Haruko (just my theory not claiming it is really him) and made a different version. And I feel like she’s his daughter(?)(again just my theory).

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