Demon Lord’s Redemption: Chapter 6


Author: LIterataku

Chapter 6



Emiyo sighed to herself after she had managed to finish lunch and flee to the safety of the baths. The comments and snide remarks just loud enough to be overheard by her had reached an all-time high. If she hadn’t been told to be there by the Head Priest she would have waited until lunch was almost over and feasted while the other mikos had gone to deal with starting the afternoon chores.

She undressed and walked into the bathing area, feeling grateful that she would have the place all to herself. There was no place to perform any pranks here, none that would embarrass her anyways. She was here to bathe and purify herself for the ceremony. If the girls came to steal her clothing it wouldn’t matter, the priestesses would be bringing her a set of ceremonial robes to dress her in when the time came. Until then she was free to lounge in the steamy baths as long as she desired.

She took a deep breath of the air, enjoying the cleansing feel of steam flowing into her nose and lungs. The quiet ripple of running water was the only noise in the baths outside of her breathing. She felt a little sad that this might be her only time to enjoy such a calm and quiet moment. With a nod to herself, she moved to one of the bathing stools and sat down to begin scrubbing herself clean.

She spent time making sure every part of her was cleaned thoroughly, no dirt of any kind could be on her body once the summoning began. She would be acting as a gateway to the other world, to become the hero’s connection to the gods and the safety net that would provide the way home once they had slain the Dark Lord that was no doubt preparing to surge out into the world.

Once she was certain of her cleanliness she stood up and walked in front of the large mirror. It had the singular purpose of letting the women ensure they had cleaned properly. It was discouraged among the girls of looking at themselves for too long lest they have impure thoughts and become prideful. The priests would not dare show any favoritism in this way for it could instill impurities in a miko or priestess being told how beautiful she was.

From a non-secular standpoint, she was a simple beauty, her dark colored hair framing around her face, with a slight amount of bounciness when it was dried. Her body was shaped like most young girls with Japanese blood in her veins, slender legs which trailed up to a shaved slit between them going into a soft hourglass figure with slightly wide hips and accented by her breasts with little pink nipples dotting the middle of each. Her breasts were not large but slightly larger on the proportionate side of things, pert and bouncy like a seventeen-year-old body should be. A young woman on the cusp of adulthood while still carrying much of the youth within her almost fully ripened body.

She stared at herself for several minutes, perhaps longer than she should have. But she was seeing herself differently. Her hands slowly sliding along the sides of her body, examining her own form in the mirror. Starting to recognize that she was a woman in some small ways, a creature with a body that men and demons sought to handle in lewd ways she could only imagine.

Her breathing was getting a little heavier as her finger brushed across a nipple lightly, feeling it harden under her touch. Looking down and seeing the small nub poking out from her breast. She brought her legs together unconsciously feeling a warmth she had never experienced before between them. Circling around her own nipple she continued to look in the mirror watching her own self stare back with a sultry look that felt so alien to her.

Just as her other hand started to move across her thighs and slip between her hands, she stopped. She had never done something like this before, an untouched virgin in practically every way. She had never touched herself or allowed to have any sexual thoughts before. Looking back at herself in the mirror, her hands touching herself inappropriately, her finger brushing across the tip of her nipple.

Standing back up straight with a shake of her head she looked at herself feeling rather horrified that she had been doing such things. That book had tainted her! She could feel the heat and blood rising to her blushing cheeks as she turned away from the mirror and promptly dove into the cold water tank.

The dip into sudden cold sent shivers through her body, parts of her tingling in pain from the drastic shift of warmth to below room temperature. If anything, it had made her more aware of her body as those places she had touched now ached for something more that she had unknowingly activated within her. She whimpered to herself and endured the desire starting to flare up inside her.

She knew that all within the temple were tempted by the sin of lust eventually. Though she had always thought herself above such disgusting acts, here she was now uncovering her own body’s sexuality right when she was supposed to be purifying herself for a summoning ceremony! Taking a breath she dunked herself under the water once more before climbing out as the water started to hurt her awakened sensitive spots.

She quietly cursed whoever had brought that book out of the restricted area, she cursed herself for continuing to read it even after she knew what she had been getting into. Her thoughts drifting to mental images of what Hisa had described that she had done with the demon lord, and to him. Slipping into the warmer water of the deep pool, Emiyo let her body float up and closed her eyes, trying to regain her serenity. She forced her breathing to slow down and relaxed, letting herself drift in the water like a lilypad, her hands placed far from her body to keep herself from touching.

She was still quite aware of how stiff her nipples were as the open air teased them gently. Already ignited they were not cooling off and only worked on making it harder to concentrate on contemplations of the gods. She began to whisper one of the litanies to herself, trying to distract herself from the jutting nubs atop her breasts. She focused on those words, letting herself float as she recited over and over.

“Miko Emiyo?”

The voice of one of the older priestesses startled her, causing her to lose control and sink into the water. Coming up spluttering she stood and blushed a furious bright red while she turned toward the priestess and bowed lower than she should have.

“I’m sorry, Mistress. I didn’t hear you come in.”

The older woman smiled and gestured for her to rise out of the pool and come to her. She was quite mature and carried herself with grace as she led Emiyo back toward the main bathing area. Her clothing was simple and very plain even by temple standards. It was said only this clothing was worn by the women who were responsible for caring for the Head Miko when she had to make public appearances with makeup and finery.

“It was my own fault, child. There is no need to call me Mistress. I did not realize you were concentrating so much. Come sit, we need to begin the final touches before you dress.”

Taking a seat at one of the kneeling benches close to the mirror. She wished she didn’t have to look at herself but she had no choice or the priestess might get suspicious and who knows what might happen if the temple knew she had been exploring lewd fascinations of her own body. She tried her best to concentrate on the priestess’s work.

First, she was dabbled with a soft perfume made from rose and amaranth, it tickled her nose slightly but she remained sitting still. As the scent settled upon her body she could feel a brushing sensation along her shoulders and back. She shivers involuntarily and was quickly admonished.

“Try to hold still dear, the cleaner the lines the easier the transference will be for you and the hero.”

A glance in the mirror told her that the priestess was painting on her back a silvery paint dabbed onto the brush between strokes across her back. Steeling herself she stiffened up trying to sit as straight as possible and allow her to work. The brushing continued to tickle her skin, sending a soft jolt through her body which she was growing more desperate to ignore.

She barely noticed as the priestess moved around to the front until the brush was dabbed and stroking a new line across her shoulder.

She fought back a whimper, biting her lower lip and adjusted trying to stay as still as possible, staring straight ahead at the mirror trying to ignore the feeling of the brush slipping down and painting across her chest, moving across her nipple and circling her areola with a slow brushing stroke. She swallowed and blushed a deep red as her nipple stood out clear as day in front of the priestess.

The older woman seemed to pay no heed to her reactions as she continued her work, painting across her chest and moving down below. Whatever was being painted on her was extremely thorough in its coverage. A pattern placed across her belly and lines that just stopped above her sex. She quietly thanked any god who would listen that there was no pattern drawn across there.

Her arms and legs were also decorated with markings and lines that trailed across every inch of her body. Looking at herself in the mirror she felt that she looked like she was wearing a web of delicate chains glued onto her body. The only bare patches left was her face, the palms of her hands and soles of her feet, and her lower lips. Somehow the absence of anything kept drawing her eyes to that blank patch between her legs as she looked over the rest of herself in the mirror.

Her hair was braided and shaped, golden jewels were woven into her hair to support it, her hair fashioned into a circlet atop her head, making her feel like some exotic princess or dancer. She trembled to wonder how many others had been like this and part of the summoning ceremonies in other temples.

As the priestess finished two others stepped in carrying her ceremonial clothing. She held her arms out to the side and allowed them to dress her. Feeling embarrassed at this treatment still but saying nothing for fear of accidentally insulting them. They slowly unfolded the silk cloths and moved forward, drawing the gold silk between her legs, so thin and delicate it was very nearly completely transparent.

She tried to keep from squirming as the light cloth brushed against her lips like a feather, a thin golden chain wrapped around her hips to hold the cloth as a tail floated down between her legs at her front and back, the fabric just covering her bare spot, barely securing her modesty from either side of her body. A robe of equally transparent cloth was carefully placed slipped over her arms and laid across her front, barely covering her breasts as it hung open. Now she felt more like a slave that was being prepared for some great king to devour.

She looked at them all, asking silently if there was more but the priestesses shook their heads with apologetic smiles.

“We cannot risk the fabric spoiling the marking, child. This is but to preserve some of your modesty while we move through the temple.”

Emiyo felt her skin getting hot as she blushed, realizing that most of the temple would see her like this. Almost naked as she was paraded to the circle that would great the new hero. The hero’s first sight of her would be this! She wasn’t sure what she should think and unconsciously followed the priestesses out of the baths not realizing she was about to start living the horror she was already imagining.



  1. I hope eventually there are “illustration” even if its only you linking some pixiv or gelborou (or even deviant art) images xD, and that how she looks here is 1 of them!!!

    Have you thought of makin a sort of contest for fans to send you illustration and the winner gets to see it used as a sort of official art?

    • Yeah, I would love to have illustrations done for many of the scenes coming as well as this one. I hadn’t quite thought about doing contests yet, though it is an option if the popularity of the series continues to grow. Certainyl things to keep in mind.

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