Demon Lord’s Redemption: Chapter 7


Author: Literataku

Chapter 7



She was already walking down the side halls of the inner temple before she even realized she had set foot outside the baths. Trying to control her breathing as they passed by a few random temple dwellers walking through the halls. Mostly staff and servants of the temple who supported the priesthood. Each one watched wide-eyed as they passed, she could feel their gazes going across her body, looking at her exposed skin and body. In some ways, she felt being completely naked would be less traumatic than this.

Though she was very thankful that they were walking through the side corridors instead of the main ones where even outsiders were allowed to walk through. In this way, she was saved some level of embarrassment. Her thoughts had come into an endless cycle of shame and worry that she didn’t even realize the priestesses had led her to the door to the main temple hall.

“Child, once the doors open do not touch anyone or allow anyone to touch you. We shall do our best to aid, but there have been reports of people trying to brush against the blessed miko for luck. Any smudging of the paints could create flaws in the ceremony.”

Emiyo nodded her head slowly, her throat felt dry and constricted to where she felt amazed she could breathe. It was all just in her head. She was only going to walk through the temple hall into the shrine hall which had been repurposed into a summoning room for the ceremony. Most other temples had a dedicated room deep inside the temples, but there was no time to build one nor find another place that was blessed thoroughly enough by the gods to allow the ceremony to take place.

The priestesses pushed open the door slowly, keeping her mostly surrounded and blocked from view. While the entire temple knew what was happening only the temples were told when and where a summoning was to happen. The people would only learn of the Hero’s arrival after they had recovered from summoning sickness and gotten their bearings in this world.

And thus the common folk and supplicants could only stare in wonder at the painted beauty walking through the main hall, marveling at her from between the priestesses who kept anyone from approaching her. Murmurs spreading through the temple brought the deepest blush to Emiyo’s cheeks. Even though she couldn’t hear them they were no doubt speaking of her almost naked body, marveling that a young Miko would be painted up like this.

She almost stopped in her tracks from embarrassment until one of the priestesses gave her a wave to keep moving. While they continued to stand firm, turning away the few who tried to approach for questioning. Once they had reached the door the Head Priest slid it open and motioned her inside quickly. Closing it behind her as soon as she was completely inside.

“You haven’t been touched nor smudged any of the lines have you, Miko Emiyo?”

She shook her head trembling slightly under his gaze, walking further into the room and set her eyes on the summoning circle. She stood awaiting his orders as he walked around observing her. Her body trembling slightly as she knew his eyes were roaming over every inch of her skin.

“No Master. I have been careful to keep everything pure.”

The Head Priest raised an eyebrow at her comment but gave a slight chuckle, another circuit around her before nodding his head.

“Good. I think that the book will help you prepare yourself for this, Young Miko. The longer you remain pure the better things will be I believe. Now to finish our preparations, we need to remove the robe. ”

Reaching his hands up to take hold of her robe, he lifted slightly and began slowly slide it down off her shoulders, taking great care to ensure that nothing was messed up. Another circuit around her body to inspect the marking once again he nodded his approval and motioned her to come with him. He pointed to a smaller circle within the summoning circle.

“ You will stand there for the ceremony, you will need to open your spirit and body to the will of the gods. Stand with your legs slightly apart and hand clasped together, this will create the best flow of the power that will be channeled through you. Do not try to stop the flow until the ceremony is over, it would be incredibly dangerous for both of you. “

“Yes, Master.”

She stood still and took a glance at the circle they were using, so few even in the temples that did summon heroes even knew what this looked like. Only the head priests and the Mikos who became the conduits of the magic were allowed to see it. Around the circle in text from the World Before was written along the full outer line. No one but the gods could speak it anymore so none knew what it really said. Inside the outer circle complex lines and shapes twisted spiraled and ran across the entirety of the area, save for the circle she was standing inside and small circle directly in the middle.

The channeled energy would come from the gods and press down into the circle energizing it themselves. The purpose of the Miko was to act as the anchor point as the worlds were connected with the gods reaching out across space and time to bring the hero from his world. His body turned into magic and brought through the portal to center on the miko who would channel the power she received through her body into the circle and bring the hero back into the physical realm.

“Begin to focus, Young Miko. open yourself to the gods and call out for a hero, bring him into our world through your body. No matter what comes you must let it flow into the middle circle, do not stop do not let anything stall or stop until the ceremony is complete.”

She nodded and clapped her palms together, closing her eyes as she began to meditate on the God Realm. Taking deep breaths as she reached out her spirit towards the heavens seeking their divine presence. She began to chant as she felt the first tingling of energy tentatively touching against her spirit.

“Oh Gods of Seven, We beseech thee to bring us the salvation of our virtues. Grant us thy power and wisdom through the chosen hero that he may slay thine enemies and keep thine people pure.”

The tingling began to stretch out more, sliding around her body like warm water trickling down from her forehead slowly to her toes, there was almost a sigh of peace around her. Her body felt warm and comforted as she reached the first stage of connection.

“Oh Gods of Seven, bring thy chosen out from his place of dwelling. Bring him so that we may be saved. Grant us thine blessings and bring him forth.”

The tingling began to intensify inside her, the warmth moving in slowly towards her core, she could feel something within her starting to move, she could feel energy gathering and swirl deep in her belly. No, it was deeper, inside her womb. She could feel power gathering inside her there and she trembled as the pleasure began to spread outward from there as the energy gathered and grew stronger.

“Oh Gods of Seven, channel thy power through thy vessel and bring him into thine world. Grant him the power to protect, to judge, and to save thine people from the corruption of thine enemies.”

The energy began to poor downward, sending a shiver through her body, the sensation sliding down through her virgin passage giving her pleasures she had never know before. She wanted to hold herself back but she feared that attempting to hold anything back would corrupt the summoning. She whimpered and gave a low moan rocking on her feet as the energy picked up speed and began flowing through her even more. She concentrated, trying to push the energy and power through her as quickly as possible, her body growing more aroused with each pulse that slew through her.

She felt her cheeks burning in shame at showing her Head Priest such an unsightly display of suffering the pleasures of lust. But she couldn’t do anything but stand there and writhe as the energy slipped through her body, channeling through her and pushing her close to an unknown feeling she couldn’t describe, a pressure that wanted to be released, but she was far too fearful to allow that to happen. Her body craving more even as the energy pulses began to reach their crescendo biting her lower lip as she let out a long moan as a light flashed in front of her eyes, a thumping noise on the ground in front of her.

She could still feel the energy moving through her. Opening her eyes she saw the Head Priest looking down at the ground in surprise and growing shock. She followed his gaze and saw the bare backend of a man lying in front of her. She trembled and looked up in askance, unsure of what she should do now.

“The hero must be the one to complete, hang on a little longer, Miko.”

She looked down, seeing the man slowly starting to stand up. His hair was scraggly, his face ragged and a faint trace of a beard that was a couple of days unshaven. His Japanese face looked familiar to her. Watching him stand up she averted her eyes, but she had already caught a glimpse of the thing between his legs was that similar to the thing that had violated the heroine, Hisa?

He looked around a moment confused before settling his eyes on her. She shivered as he smiled at her and stepped up closer. She could feel his eyes groping at her breasts pulling away her only piece of modesty. She knew deep down he could see her naked all the way to her soul. Never had she felt so frightened in her life as she did gazing back at him.

He chuckled softly and leaned in closer to her. She could feel his breath on her face as she spoke.

“Much as I hate to steal something in this way it’s out of my control.”

She looked at him in confusion or at least started to when he leaned in and kissed her, pressing his lips to hers. Her mind went blank, never had she thought she would lose this moment of innocence like this. A summoned hero from another world had just stolen her first kiss!



  1. Finally!!, was the summoning using a birth symbology? if so i like it, most novels just draw a circle and bam there is a hero

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