Demo Lord’s Redemption: Prologue


Author: Literataku




Long ago, the world was in ruins. The Divine had battled with The Demon God for a millennia and in the wake of their final battle, all that remained was dust and an empty world. Thus the Seven Gods descended from the heavens to bring life back to the broken world. Together they summoned the Ten Heroes from distant lands to rebuild and restore the lost world to a shred of its former glory.

The Heroes were promised great glory and power if they succeeded in this task to restore what had been lost and bring the people up to worship the Seven as their benefactors and protectors against the return of The Demon God. And so The Ten Heroes worked in creating each their own kingdom, reviving and restoring the lands that each was given to govern by The Seven. As the years went on The Ten Heroes grew prosperous and successful, enjoying the great bounties of their labors.

But, as time moved on The Ten Heroes grew arrogant in their power and stole the praises and worship of the gods for themselves. Growing strong as they fed on their baser desires using the power of the prayers of their subjects. When the Seven realized they had been betrayed, The Ten Heroes had transformed into the Ten Demon Lords. Hearing the cries of the people, the Seven Gods summoned new heroes from the distant lands to fight against the Demon Lords.

Each hero was victorious at defeating at least one Demon Lord before being sent back to their own worlds. Though the victories were short-lived, for none of the Summoned Heroes could wield the power of Divine Magic. The souls of the Demon Lords survived and regained in strength over time. Some Lords would lie dormant for a century, others a few decades. Each time depended on the Demon Lord and the people that lay in their lands. Their sins feed the Lord’s power and increase their ability to return faster, increasing the time they could reign and dominate the people of the kingdoms before a hero would be raised and given enough power to strike the Demon Lord down.

This was the cycle that has been in motion for over four thousand years. A Demon Lord would rise, and a Hero would come to crush him and force the Demon Lord to sleep for a hundred years. It has remained this way until the day Hikaru Suzuki was summoned to the Lands. A Hero who could wield Divine Magic the first and only hero to do so. A Hero who could truly harm and capture the Demon Lords’ souls. And thus the Cycle is Broken…


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