Chapter 10: Resting Up (Part 2)


Translator: SFBaka

After we finished our meal, it’s about time to learn the language. For the time being, I had Nanom update the language database with the knowledge we’ve collected thus far.

Kuh! A large amount of data was uploaded inside my head all at once, so I got assaulted by a feeling of dizziness.

The update was handled directly by Nanom, and involved brain and memory manipulation, much like the senior officer’s education process. Knowledge is converted in a form that can be directly transferred to a person’s brain and can be immediately used the same way as knowledge obtained naturally through personal experience.

One might think it was tempting to transfer as much knowledge as possible, but the human brain is not designed to store a vast amount of information. If one attempted to, there was a great risk of the person’s consciousness collapsing.

Only knowledge corresponding to the ones a person can gain with effort through learning can be uploaded; such as language, imperial military ranks, and recipes. The total amount of information that can be updated was also limited. It was not possible to upload info greater than the amount a person can handle in his or her entire lifetime.

I gestured to Cleria in order to make her continue teaching me about their language. After a few exchanges, it seems she finally understood my intentions. She talked to me in a deliberately slow and clear cadence in order to better facilitate my learning.

As expected, I don’t get anything she said at all. I’ll just have Nanom upload it all later.

The language learning session with Cleria lasted late into the night; illuminated by the bonfire.

We’ve been going through the same routine for about four days now. Every morning, I asked Nanom to prepare a detailed objective list based on the nutritional intake needed by Cleria for the day.

I finished fulfilling these objectives at about 2 to 3 P.M. every day, went back to base, cooked dishes, had dinner and proceeded with language learning.

It kinda felt like a parent bird leaving the nest to find food for the chicks or something.

It looks like Nanom wanted to check the current state of Cleria’s foot today, and had requested a check-up. I conveyed my intention to check her foot to Cleria. She nodded pensively while sporting a look of conviction.

I removed the prosthetic and unwrapped the bandages. The cross-section still looked like a stump, but the previously thin skin membrane has now thickened to a normal degree. The biggest difference was that a part of the leg has already been regenerated successfully. It previously went down to just until the mid-portion of the shin but has now stretched to just above the ankle. About ten centimeters have been restored.

Cleria was visibly surprised when she saw the state of her foot. She seemed to want to say something but stopped midway a couple of times, with her delicate lips opening and closing intermittently. It was quite an amusing reaction. She kept touching her partially restored foot in disbelief. Oh yeah, I did forget to explain to her about the whole regeneration thing. Oh well. She’ll get it once her foot gets entirely restored anyway.

The current prosthetic can no longer be used. If her ankle gets regenerated, she would no longer be able to remove her leg from the prosthetic’s opening.

I gestured to let her know that I was going to remake the prosthetic, and Cleria nodded absentmindedly. She kept her gaze locked on her now restored shin. Is she okay?

I managed to finish remodeling the prosthetic during the morning because the materials have already been gathered and were readily available. The suspension was simply fixed to the foot using four belt straps. It was still possible to adjust its height a little. However, you could not walk long distances with it anymore since it wasn’t as stable as before.

When I equipped it to Cleria and had her try it out, it seems she would not have any trouble walking for the most part. Right then. Let’s start fulfilling today’s tasks. It was a bit late in the day, but I already have a grasp of the location of different vegetables and prey, so I’ll manage somehow.

Then, about two days later, I tried to go out in the morning, only to be stopped by Cleria. She seems to want to tell me about something. I was worried that the remade prosthetic was uncomfortable for her, but it turned out not to be the case.

It was actually about her foot. Now, the bandages were unnecessary. When I checked it out, it seems to have regenerated up to a little below the ankle.

She sat down with a thoughtful expression and pointed towards her foot, starting from where it was first cut off from to its current length. She seemed to want to confirm if I was truly restoring her foot. When I nodded in the affirmative, she freezes up.

Let’s give her some extra details then.

(Please display the estimated regenerated portion for each day in red.)

The estimated points were immediately displayed by Nanom and highlighted in red. I raised my fingers one at a time and counted off, pointing out how much of her foot would be restored per day to Cleria. At the current rate, her foot should be completely restored within eight days.

Afterward, tears began to fall from Cleria’s eyes and she ended up crying a lot. She was wailing unreservedly. Aw geez. Come to think of it, if your cut off foot suddenly began growing back all of a sudden without any prior explanation why, of course, you’d be anxious. I went and did something bad.

I gently stroked her head in order to calm her down. Cleria was surprised by it and stopped crying. I explained through gestures that I’ll fix up her arm as well, but it would take more time if she doesn’t eat properly. She nodded happily.

The amount of food Cleria ate that day was astonishing.

I was lying down inside the base.

Lord Corinth was currently out searching for food. It has been three days since we’ve come to this place.

“Is it really okay to leave things as they are?” I couldn’t help but think. That’s because all I did was sleep around all day while Lord Corinth struggles to find food to eat.

All of the meals Lord Corinth cooks are amazing delicacies, and I have no complaints about them whatsoever. Is my foot getting better? I had no idea because it didn’t feel painful at all.

Today’s meal was also excellent.

The next morning, Lord Corinth asked me to show him my foot. It finally came! What if it’s gotten worse? I wanted it to be otherwise if possible.

I was astonished the moment I saw my foot. Was my leg actually recovering and growing in length!? I was sure it was cut off from the middle of the shin! But now it has grown up until the area above the ankle.

How can this possibly be!? A foot can’t just regrow itself like this. Has my head somehow turned strange?

I wanted to ask Lord Corinth to confirm. What if I really was going crazy? What if I was only imagining things and my leg was still cut off from the middle of the shin? I anxiously touched it. I could properly feel it with my hand.

But if I truly turned crazy, then was this sense of touch also an imagined one?

After that, Lord Corinth offered to remake my prosthetic. Why would he need to remake it? It did feel like it would be better for it to be remade, but I didn’t pay this much attention. My head was preoccupied with a lot of other things.

I spent the next couple of days constantly mulling over it.

I heard that people who lost their limbs would sometimes experience a mental shock. Was I like that as well?

It has grown again after these past days. There was an ankle that wasn’t present until now. Ah, I can’t stand it any longer. I had to confirm things with Lord Corinth.

If I truly went crazy, then I’ll ask for help on how to cure it.

The next morning, I finally asked Lord Corinth before he went out for another hunt. I told him through gestures that my leg was growing back. See, it had already grown back this much.

Lord Corinth simply nodded in confirmation.

I couldn’t understand. Legs don’t just grow back like this…

He then raised the fingers of one of his hands and counted off while pointing to my foot with another – starting from the tip up to points where there was nothing presently.

Was he telling me how much my foot would grow back per day?

Aah! Yes, this must be the case! Lord Corinth knew from the start! He must have healed me with an unknown method I am unable to understand!

He stopped counting with his fingers after reaching the number eight. My foot would be restored in eight days! Just eight days! How utterly incredible!

I did not go crazy! Thank goodness!

I started crying before I noticed it. This is so great! I’m so happy!

Lord Corinth suddenly stroked my head just like how my dear brother did. I was so surprised!

Afterward, Lord Corinth explained with gestures that he would heal my arm next after my foot recovers. He indicated the number of days and how much it would grow back, just like with my foot. It would heal in eight days as well if I kept eating as I did.

However, the recovery would slow down if I didn’t eat as much.

I’ll eat a lot of Lord Corinth’s tasty dishes. I can finish whatever amount if that’s all it takes to restore my limbs.

I shall eat away with my entire heart and soul!



  1. OP Nanom. Kinda slow to my liking, but hey, those are cut-off limbs I guess. Honestly, I initially expected he’d rejoin the old limbs, but I guess they already separated for too long, or too badly mangled up, for that. I’d expect it’d be able to perfectly reattach cleanly separated limbs anyway, should the need arose. Perhaps it’d also be able to cook up some improved methods after learning ‘magic’ in the future? Who nose.

    • I was wondering about reattaching the limbs after he found the missing parts too.
      But since the bites had badly mangled the bones there would have been several inches missing. If a bone isn’t set properly it can heal malformed. Dont want think about with chunk missing between reattached parts. Makes sense to regenerate from stump.

    • I also expected that the lost limbs should have been re-attach-able. And, yes, this story seems to progress too slow right now, largely due to simply waiting around for her leg to regenerate. As such, this slow and rather boring start could have been avoided, IMO.

      OP Nanom? Overpowered? Seriously?

      If anything, I think both the Nanom and the MC are under-powered and handicapped. The Nanoms do not seem to be useful for much besides information gathering, communication and self-regeneration.

      Aside from regenerating lost limbs, basic regeneration seems possible in this world through healing magic. Heck, depending on the light novel or fantasy story, most everything that the Nanoms can do can be replicated by magic. As a certain author once said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

      Also, I’ve read plenty of other manga and light novels with the MC being far, far more overpowered than in this story. He may have an energy rifle and pistol right now, but they won’t be useful (or used) for much longer.

      Then again, I tend to find stories with an overpowered MC to be more enjoyable than ones with a weak or average MC. A good author finds ways to make the story interesting – including the trials and fights of the MC – despite being overpowered.

  2. The Nanom would revolutionize education, medicine and healthcare.
    Someone please invent them already.

  3. Just like metal gear, all the SF stuf have the same name, nanomachines xD

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