Chapter 13: Practicing Magic (Part 1)


Translator: SFBaka

Lord Corinth went out to hunt today as well.

I’ve become able to engage in some simple conversations with Lord Corinth lately. I quite enjoyed talking with him.

Lord Corinth is really amazing. He is quick to memorize every word and phrase and only needs to hear them once. It’s fun to teach him because he’s such a quick learner. His proficiency in my language increases at an impressive and almost unbelievable rate.

It’s been about nine days since we’ve come to this makeshift base. I’ve become able to walk on my own by dragging my injured foot on the ground.

Lord Corinth took my greaves out from his bag and gave them back to me. Somehow, I felt really happy. Lord Corinth is always so considerate towards me.

However, I was also troubled about how exactly I would be able to repay his kindness.

He asked me what I wanted to do after my foot healed yesterday. He made me decide if I wanted to resume our journey once my foot completely recovers or wait until my hand gets healed as well. It seemed that if we resumed traveling, we would not be able to have meals like what we’ve been eating until now, so my hand’s recovery would take more time.

I didn’t even need to think twice. I chose to stay and wait until my hand heals and my body completely recovers. I don’t want to always be beholden to Lord Corinth’s protection like when we were attacked by monsters some days ago. I want to be able to fight together with him, side by side.

It was hard for me to have to always depend on Lord Corinth’s care, but I’ve already made a vow to Goddess Ruminas. I swore to definitely repay this favor someday.

Thus, I have to become even stronger. I practiced the sword forms Lord Corinth taught me after I collected firewood from the river’s edge. Once my foot completely recovers, I’d be able to train more effectively.

It seems Lord Corinth has come back. He brought a Big Boar with him.

“Welcome back, *Lord Corinth.”

“I’m back, Cleria.”

Just the act of exchanging greetings like this has made me feel greatly embarrassed. I’ve never welcomed anyone else back apart from my family. Also, I only noticed it when we started to have proper conversations, but Lord Corinth always uses my first name whenever he addresses me. Even in noble society, the only one allowed to call someone of the opposite sex by their first name apart from family was a person’s fiancé.

I don’t think Lord Corinth meant anything more to his actions, but an embarrassing thing was an embarrassing thing. And while I was preoccupied with such thoughts…

“Cleria, it’s Alan. Not [*Lord Corinth]. Okay?”

He told me straight to call him by his first name as well. I heard of this once from Fal. It seemed that it was currently a trend for the men of lower nobility to ask a lady they fancy to call them by their first name as a subtle way of proposing their feelings. I understand that Lord Corinth didn’t really mean something of the sort. It was probably just how things were in Lord Corinth’s country.

“Alan” I meekly called out to him.

Lord Corinth seemed glad and nodded back at me.

Lord Corinth proceeded to butcher the Big Boar with the air of a professional chef.

It never crossed my mind when I was in the capital, but I actually think I want to learn how to do something like this as well. Let me try to learn then. I’m looking forward to having some Big Boar meat again!

When we went back to the base, we saw that the bonfire had already gone out. Not good! Lighting a fire was one of the few things I could help out with after all. I weaved my mana and used magic to reignite the bonfire. Lord Corinth seemed somewhat surprised by what I did.

“Cleria, what was that just now?”

I wonder what he means. I just used the Fire spell to reignite the bonfire, that’s all. Oh, maybe he was surprised about how short it took for me to cast my magic.

Yes, I may not really look like it, but I’m actually quite an accomplished mage. I’ve even been told I’m already qualified to become a court magician. But the only system I was good at was fire magic though.

I explained as such to Lord Corinth, and he seemed satisfied with my answer.

Now it’s time for Lord Corinth’s cooking. I’m going to eat my fill today as well!

Lord Corinth became quite proficient in my language before long. We began to converse with each other more and more, so I took an opportunity to ask what was on my mind for the past few days.

How exactly did my arm and leg get healed?

According to Lord Corinth, he summoned tiny spiritual beings invisible to the naked eye which were residing inside of him and made them enter my body as well. He then asked them to heal me.

In all honesty, if I had heard such an absurd thing from someone other than Lord Corinth, I would most likely hold some doubts against them.

Of course, I properly believed in the existence of Goddess Ruminas’ spirit familiars. But something like housing spirits in one’s body truly went against common sense.

Despite this, I still believed in Lord Corinth. A great and noble person like him could not possibly lack the favor of Goddess Ruminas.

My recovering limbs were proof enough that he really could converse with and implore the spirits to hear his wishes.

In the first place, only divine power could possibly do something like the restoration of severed limbs.

Lord Corinth seemed to notice some apprehension from my expression. He suddenly took out his knife and cut his arm. His action was so quick that I didn’t even have the chance to stop him.

However, only one or two drops of blood flowed out from the wound, and it healed at an astonishing rate, visible to the naked eye. After a few moments, there wasn’t even a scratch to be seen. This was totally impossible even with the use of high order healing magic.

Yes, this couldn’t possibly be anything like healing magic!

Amazing! He really was favored by the Goddess and her spirits!

Did I also receive divine favor through Lord Corinth? I didn’t doubt him in the slightest at this point, but I somehow wanted to try it for myself.

I took the knife and cut myself in the same way. Lord Corinth didn’t move to stop me. I felt some pain for an instant, but it went away just as fast as it came. My wound also immediately closed up. How truly amazing!

Ooh! I have also received the grace of the spirits! I trembled in excitement.

Lord Corinth then asked me what I wanted to do with the spirits once my limbs healed. He could either request them to leave me or make them continue to reside in me.

I chose to have them stay inside me.

This power was necessary for me in the future. There would probably be quite a lot of people who would even sell away their souls to gain such power.

Lord Corinth just nodded in agreement, as if it was just a simple matter. I once again owe another great favor to Lord Corinth.

Finally, after a few more days, my foot became completely restored. It was great to be able to walk on two whole feet again.

According to Lord Corinth, I need to go on frequent walks in order to get used to my newly re-grown foot. It certainly did feel quite stiff. It would pose a problem when we resume traveling.

I took a walk along the riverside with Lord Corinth. After we spent a while walking along, Lord Corinth asked me something.

“Hey Cleria, can you do other stuff apart from the thing you used to light up the bonfire last time?”

The way he said it was a little strange, but I understood what he meant. He seems to be asking me if I could use spells other than “Fire”.

I guess he wanted to confirm what magic spells I could use. Of course, I’d gladly oblige. I didn’t want Lord Corinth to think I couldn’t cast other spells apart from “Fire” after all.

Let me cast a Fireball then. I successfully cast it after fifteen seconds or so. It was a relatively fast casting time. Lord Corinth seemed surprised.

I want to show him even more magic spells, so I cast Flame Arrow next. I took thirty seconds to cast it, which was my best time thus far. I hope I managed to impress Lord Corinth with it.

I cast Firewall as well, but I couldn’t maintain it for long. Lord Corinth also seemed surprised by the Firewall spell. I told him these were all the fire system spells I knew. He then asked if I could cast any other types of magic.

I showed him water magic. Lord Corinth seemed the most surprised and impressed when I cast a Water spell. How embarrassing. A lot of people could cast a basic Water spell after all, and I think me casting it didn’t warrant such a reaction.

After that, Lord Corinth asked if the water I produced was drinkable. How strange. Even little children knew of the fact that water produced by spells was drinkable. I answered yes to him of course.

Maybe Lord Corinth wasn’t really all that familiar with magic?

“Um, can you also use magic, Alan?”

I’m still not used to calling him by his first name. It really made me feel utterly embarrassed.

He answered with actions instead of words. He held his hand up towards the river.

So fast! He didn’t even take ten seconds to cast a Fireball. And he didn’t even utter a spell word.

I’ve once heard that extremely talented individuals can actually cast magic spells without using words and with their eyes open.

He paused in thought for a while, and when he brought his hand up again, he cast three simultaneous fireballs!

What did he just do!? Considering the process of magic activation, something like simultaneous casting was supposed to be impossible!

While I was stunned to silence, Lord Corinth held his hand up again. He soon released another Fireball. How fast!

The fireball exploded when it hit the river water! After a loud bang, the water gushed up and splashed down towards Lord Corinth and me, utterly soaking us.

Lord Corinth displayed a guilty expression and wryly grinned.

Was that perhaps the legendary Explosion spell!? I’ve only ever heard of it being mentioned and have not witnessed the real thing until now.

This was the ability of one favored by God! Such power!

I became frozen stiff from shock for a few moments.

Looks like Lord Corinth’s magic display was over, and he turned to go back to the base. I ran after Lord Corinth in a fluster, wanting to ask him about that last fire spell. However, Lord Corinth simply dodged my inquiries with half-hearted replies.


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  1. Of course his replies are half-hearted!

    “Cleria, I cheated.”
    “I’ve no clue how to teach someone else how to do this stuff, since I’m cheating.”
    Sure he’s going to say that!

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