Chapter 21: Adventurer’s Guild 1 (Part 1)


Translator: SFBaka

【It’s morning. Please wake up.】

Yosh, it’s morning. It’s not like I have a pressing reason for waking up this early. It’s just that I’ve decided to take a morning bath after hearing that Jonas-san always prepares one every morning at yesterday’s banquet.

He doesn’t heat the water via traditional means like using firewood but does it via magic instead.

Such a wonderful method. I’d also like to try it once I’ve managed to get myself a house. I left Beck and Thor, who were sleeping in the same room as me, still slumbering away after last night’s banquet.

I entered the bath. Looks like there was no one else using it. Great. It was nice to enter the bath with others, but it also felt good to have it all to myself.

I thoroughly enjoyed the hot bath and went back to the room. Beck and Thor had just gotten up the moment I entered.

“Eh! Did you just take a bath, Alan-san? That’s no fair! You should have called us too!”

Thor nodded in agreement.

“Well, you two looked like you were enjoying your sleep, so I didn’t try to wake you up. You’ll get your goods assessed today, right? You should get ready then.”

“Che, it’s still early anyway. We were told they would check them out at nine in the morning.”

“Ah, is that so. Well then, why don’t we count how much money we got from yesterday’s incident?”

Our personal belongings have also been brought inside the room as well. That includes the collection bag with the money. Beck and Thor quickly warmed up to the idea.

We poured the coins out and started counting them. We began snatching gold coins from each other midway for some reason.

All in all, we had 92 pieces of copper, 75 pieces of large copper, 41 pieces of silver, 25 pieces of large silver, and 19 pieces of gold coins.

“Whoah! It’s my first time seeing this much money!” Thor exclaimed.

“Great. There’s plenty of gold coins. All in all, the total is 219,942 guineas.”

“Let’s see. You two’s share would be…”

“Alan-san! We two thought it over y’see. We won’t be taking any of that money after all.” Beck interjected.

“…But why?”

“Well, isn’t that money what Alan-san earned after entering the bandit hideout?” Beck continued.

“We really didn’t do anything to help with that, so taking a share of the money just doesn’t feel right.” Thor followed up.

“But all of us risked our lives yesterday, right?”

All of us shared the same risk of dying.

“That may be the case, but the one who defeated the bandits and raided their hideout was Alan-san. We just looked after the captured bandits and tied them up. We didn’t contribute much at all. And besides, Alan-san and Master would continue your travels after this, right? I’m sure you’ll need all the money you can get.”

“…I see. I understand. I really appreciate your goodwill, guys. Thank you for leaving this money to us. But I’ll still give you a share of the bandit bounty when we receive them. I won’t budge on that, okay.”

“…Alright. Thank you very much, Alan-san.”

“Uh, why do they pay more if we turn over living, healthy-looking bandits anyway? What are the authorities gonna use them for?”

“What do they use living bandits for? They’re gonna turn them into ***. They’re gonna end up chained and made to work in mines for the rest of their lives.”

I’ll update the language database. Let’s translate that as ‘slaves’. Bet this is going to be blown up if the Imperial Ethics Committee ever gets wind of it. Oh well.

“Looks like those guys are gonna be worked to the bone. So that’s why one living bandit can be exchanged for five large gold coins huh. Fifteen guys are worth 75,000 guineas. That means each of us gets 18,750 guineas.”

“”Eighteen thousand seven hundred fifty guineas!!!””

“Oi, oi. It’s still early morning so don’t make a racket, you two.”


“Um, that’ll be one gold coin, eight large silver coins, seven silver coins, and five large coppers… That’s a lot of money, alright!” Thor exclaimed in amazement.

The door was suddenly flung open and Cleria entered with a huff. She was wearing a one-piece dress that looked similar to the one she wore for last night’s banquet.

“Why are you gentlemen making such a ruckus so early in the morning?”

“But, Master, Alan-san just said we’ll get eighteen thousand seven hundred fifty guineas each from the bounty rewards for the bandits we captured yesterday. That’s a lot, right?”

“I see, so that’s why.”

“You aren’t surprised…?”

“More importantly, what are your plans for today, Alan?”

“Well, let’s see. I was thinking about registering at the adventurer’s guild. I’ll need to get an official identification permit anyway.”

“Then, I’ll come along as well. Let’s buy some clothes and equipment on the way too, Alan. I’d been concerned about it ever since we started traveling to the city.”

“I’m fine with buying new clothes. But I guess you’re thinking of getting me a set of armor similar to what you had equipped, right? I kinda don’t like them all that much, to be honest. Won’t they restrict my movements?”

It would be awesome if they were like a standard-issue galactic army powered suit though.

“We could get some leather armor if you don’t like ones made of metal. Leather armor won’t hinder your movements much.”

“I see. That does seem to be the case. Yeah, I’ll go and take a look, then.”

“It would be best if we purchase armor before going to the adventurer’s guild. Thor and I tried registering last year without a single piece of armor or weapons on us, and we were immediately turned away at the entrance. It didn’t help that we lacked five silvers each for the registration fee.”

“Why’s that? You can still do your job even if you didn’t have weapons or armor, right?”

“You’ll get tested to assess your overall strength before you can register.”

“You mean something like a comprehensive test?”

“Yeah, that’s probably it.”

“I see. It looks like we really need to purchase some new equipment then. Let’s take a look at the shops later.”

“Oh, and Alan, I’ll need to talk to you about something once we get back.”

Cleria addressed me with a serious expression.

Well, finally! I was honestly itching to ask her again myself if she still didn’t come around.

“Understood. Let’s have a good talk when we come back.”

We heard someone gently knocking on the door from the outside.

“Everyone, it is Jonas. We have prepared your breakfast.”

We were then led back to the spacious room where the banquet was held yesterday night. We didn’t find anyone else aside from our group. I guess we really did wake up early.

The amount of food was comparable to last night’s, so Cleria and the boys were really satisfied.

After the meal, Jonas-san offered to bring us some tea.

“Jonas-san, do you know any good weapon and equipment shops you can recommend to us?”

“Let’s see… It would seem like I’m promoting our own shop, but I’d still like you to patronize one owned by our Master’s family.”

Oh, so they even have an equipment shop, huh. Well, I guess it’ll be okay if it’s Tarus-san’s shop.

“We’d like to purchase some new equipment, so could you tell us where it’s located?”

“Please wait for a moment. I’ll write you a letter of introduction as well.”

“Thank you very much. Please do so.”

Jonas-san wrote the letter while we were drinking our tea. He was as prompt as usual.

“It’s named ‘Katolle Equipment Shop’. Please show this to the store manager once you arrive there. I’ll have Willie here guide you.”

So it’s Katolle’s shop, huh. Willie was the young man we met at the city gate yesterday.

“Thank you very much. When would be the best time for us to visit the store?”

“The store should have already opened by now. Adventurers tend to be early risers after all.”

“We’ll get going then.”

“One more thing, Alan-san. Everyone is looking forward to the matter we discussed yesterday. Milady and the Young Miss Tara are especially excited about it.”

Ah, I nearly forgot! I really dropped the ball yesterday night, huh.

“Of course. I’d work on it straight away after we come back.”

We waited for Cleria to change into her armor and left the mansion together. The weather looks perfect today as well.

The shop was a good fifteen-minute walk away from the mansion. It was smaller compared to the other shops in the vicinity, but it looked better maintained and seemed quite orderly. We entered straight away.

“You can go back now, Willie. Don’t you still have some other work to do?”

“It’s alright. I was tasked to be your guide for today, Alan-san.”

“I see. We’ll be in your care then.”

We saw lots of armor lined up on the racks the moment we entered the store. Armor sets made of metals seemed to be more common. The interior arrangement was also quite neat and orderly.



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