Chapter 26: Parting Ways (Part 1)


Translator: SFBaka

『It’s dawn. Please wake up.』

It’s already morning huh. I have a lot of stuff I need to take care of today as well. I just gotta do my best.

Beck and Thor are still enjoying their time in dreamland. Sorry guys, but it’s time to wake up.

“Hey, Beck. Thor. Time to get up you two. Let’s go take a morning bath. You guys have to savor the opportunity. You two won’t be able to take one on a large bathroom for a while once you’re back in the village, right?”

“Yeah…… You’re right! More like, we only experienced taking a bath submerged in water when we came here. We always only used towels and buckets back home!”

The three of us went to bathe and tried our best to savor the experience. We may have overdone it a little though.
It was already time for breakfast when the three of us finished bathing. But since it was still relatively early, the only ones in the dining room are the three of us boys plus Cleria and Elna.

“What are your plans for today, Alan?” Cleria asked.

“Well, there’s quite a few actually. First is claiming the rewards for the bandits we caught. Next is handing over the recipe for pudding and demonstrating it to the cooks. I also have to look for an inn we’ll be staying at starting tonight. And I also plan to buy new ingredients and seasonings as well. If there’s time, I’ll also head to the adventurer’s guild to formally register our party.”

“I’ll come along with you then.”

“You really don’t have to though. I can do those stuff without you, Cleria. Beck, Thor and I already planned to get the bounty rewards for the bandits together anyway.”

“Oh, but I insist. I will be coming along.”

“Is that so? I was thinking you could use this chance to rest up a bit though. Ah, oh right! I almost forgot. Here’s the money I took from the carriage when I first met you, Cleria.”

I took out the money I managed to retrieve from the overturned carriage Cleria and her guards rode in from my pocket and offered them to her. It’s 50,550 Guineas all in all.

“It’s alright. Just keep them with you, Alan.”

“Nah, it’s not my money anyway. And you can use them if you ever find something you want to buy.”

“And I’m telling you it’s alright for you to look after the money, Alan.”

“Uh, Elna? Can I hand the money over to you then? This is all Cleria’s money. Please use them to buy some daily necessities for the two of you.”

“…Understood. I shall look after the money for you.”

Jonas-san came to the dining room at this time. I asked him when would it be fine to conduct a cooking lecture with the manor’s cooks. He told me that the cooks were free right now so we could organize right away.

I replied that I wanted to get over with claiming the bounty rewards for the bandits first. He unreservedly offered to take us all the way to the city guard garrison via carriage.

When we arrived at the garrison, we again saw the guard captain we met last time when we entered the city gates.

“Oh, so it’s you all. We have the rewards prepared already. And there’s some good news for you all as well. The bandit leader has quite the generous bounty placed on his head. Three gold coins. Please confirm the reward amount and sign here, you three.”

I checked the contents of the documents and found that each bandit was worth 5,000 Guineas each. There were fifteen of them, so the total rewards are 75,000 Guineas. There was also an additional bounty reward of 30,000 Guineas. So our total earnings amount to 105,000 Guineas. It was quite a lot of money. I have absolutely nothing to complain about.

I and Cleria also returned the wooden tags that served as our temporary passes and got the silvers we deposited back in exchange.

Wow. To think that bearded uncle and his gang was worth this much. It might be possible for me to make a living off hunting bandits.

“We unexpectedly made quite a lot. It’s 105,000 Guineas, you guys. Dividing it by four, we’ll have 26,250 Guineas each.”

“”Twenty six thousand two hundred fifty Guineas!?””

Beck and Thor made a ruckus as usual. The reward money we got from the garrison office was only in gold and large silver coins. I used the coins I already had so I could make up the appropriate amounts and gave the two eager beavers their shares.

“Make sure you don’t accidentally lose the money, you two. That’s a lot of cash.”

“”We got it!””

“What about your share, Cleria? Do you want me to hand them over now?”

“You can look after the money in my stead, Alan.”

“Alright. But tell me if you ever need to buy something, okay?”

Beck and Thor told us they needed to finish shopping for the rest of the goods they missed yesterday and went off on their own. Cleria and I went back to Tarus-san’s mansion.

I asked Jonas-san for a writing tool and some paper so I can jot down the recipe for pudding. I asked for Cleria and Elna’s help whenever I encountered a snag due to being unfamiliar with the written language.

I then had the manor’s cooks read the recipe first. They then dragged me to the kitchen to do a live demo.

The cooks tried to make puddings according to the recipe I handed out and I was tasked to supervise them. As expected of Tarus-san’s hand-picked cooks. All of them had great cooking skills and were able to pick it up fairly quickly.

With this, I’m sure they’ll be fine even without my help from now on. I managed to successfully complete this request.

When I went back to our room, I found that Beck and Thor were already back from shopping. They were already packing their stuff and preparing for departure, so I decided to help out with bringing their luggage to their carriage.

“Oh, that reminds me. What are we going to do with the weapons we swiped from those bandits?” Beck suddenly asked.

Oh, right. We left their carriage stuffed full of weapons like swords, spears, and bows. We nearly forgot about them.

“We’ll just leave them to you two. Is that okay with you Cleria?”

“Of course. I don’t mind at all.”

“Eh!? But they’ll be worth a lot if you sell them.”

“It’s fine. Wasn’t the spear you had with you when we met you and your father outside the village gate quite shabby-looking, Beck? Why don’t you just bring these all back to the village as part of your supplies?”

“I see. That’s right, huh. We’ll do that then. Alan-san, Master! Thank you so much for all your help!”

“Don’t sweat it. It’s nothing, really.”

The carriage ended up being filled to the brim when we finished loading all the goods and luggage. It was a good deal more than when we first set off from the village.

We then accompanied them to meet up with the adventurer party they hired in front of the guild building.

The adventurers we met at the guild were comprised of five men who each looked quite skilled.

“These are the members of the『Iron Axe』party. They will guard you during your trip.”

I see. So this is an example of a good party, huh. Am I the only one who’s feeling a bit awkward here after seeing these guys? Yeah, it looks that way.
All the members of the party sported broad axes as their main weapon of choice.

“I see. Beck and Thor are our friends. We’re counting on you guys to escort them safely back to the village.”

I addressed the one who looked like the party leader.

“Just leave it ta us! We’ve traveled to Talas village quite a number of times already. We’ll send them back safely. That I guarantee.”

“Um… Alan-san, Master. These are just small tokens of thanks from us. They’re nothing much, but we’ll appreciate it if you accept them.”

Beck and Thor handed some things over to me and Cleria.

Mine was a set of three knives with leather sheaths. Judging from their looks, they were probably a set of throwing knives. They also looked quite cool.

Cleria’s was a delicate-looking white comb. It had a mysterious luster to it.

“Is it fine? …Alright. We gratefully accept your feelings of gratitude. You didn’t really need to though.”

“I’m thankful for the gift as well. It’s the first time I’ve received such a heartwarming present.”

“Alan-san and Master are our village’s benefactors. You slew Black Speckles, offered the village its meat, escorted the two of us, protected us from bandits, shared the reward money with us, and even helped us out with our business in the city. We’ll never forget this favor for the rest of our lives.”

“Oh, c’mon guys. You’re exaggerating it too much. We just went with the flow anyway. The two of you did your best as well.”

“We didn’t really do much. But we’ll continue practicing swordplay so we can at least catch up with Alan-san and Master a little. We’ll do our best!”

“I see. Then I’ll have to test your skills when we get the opportunity to meet again one day,” Cleria declared.

“Please do visit the village again if you’re ever in the area, Alan-san. Master. It’s a promise!”

“Got it. We promise. See ya guys. Let’s meet again someday.”

“Farewell, Beck and Thor.”

Beck and Thor made their departure soon after. We sent them off until their carriage was out of our sights.



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