Chapter 28: Designated Quest and Wind Magic (Part 2)


Translator: SFBaka

Yeah, I’ll make it so that it spins away and expands out with great force once it hits. I think I got this.

I’ll base the image on the one I had for Air Bullet first. A mass of compressed air spinning at rapid speeds. And once it hits the target, it’ll expand out and spin even faster. I’ve got the image down pat.

Wind Cutter, fire!

A mass of compressed air shot off towards the trees ahead. It went off with a loud bam once it hit the target.

Hm, I failed to cut the trees. It ended up being the exploding version of the Air Bullet spell.

Everybody else was stunned to silence after my display. Well, the spell was pretty loud after all.

“Sorry, sorry. I failed.”

It seems the image of expanding out while spinning at full power was a little too much. I’ll have to adjust it so the wind saw would be compressed as thin as possible once it spins out in full force.

I focused myself and started refining my image.

Wind Cutter, fire!

Another mass of compressed air shot out. Once it hit the trees, a spinning blade glowing in bright radiance expanded out and cut the trees in two.

Yosh, I managed to get it this time!

I’ll just need to work on aiming and adjusting the power output. The magicle charges used was the same with Flame Arrow, by the way.

I adjusted the range little by little as I continued to fire off Wind Cutter spells. The maximum range turned out to be 30 meters.

I tried aiming at a large tree with a thick trunk and also succeeded in cutting it in two. The upper half fell down with a loud bam. Oh boy. I’m glad no one else was traveling down the road when it fell down.


I turned around to see Cleria and Elna making astonished expressions.

“Thanks, Elna. I managed to learn some great magic spells.”

“…No, I haven’t taught you anything worth mentioning. And you even managed to create a new spell. It wasn’t Wind Cutter, but something much more amazing. This is the first time I’ve witnessed someone do such a thing.”

“I just couldn’t manage to emulate a genuine Wind Cutter spell. Are there any other wind magic spells?”

“Unfortunately, my family only had the magic tomes for Air Bullet and Wind Cutter. There are more spells, but I do not know how to cast them.”

“Is that so. Oh well. Maybe we’ll manage to encounter more spells once we visit the Magic Guild later.”

We managed to arrive at a familiar scenery after a few more minutes of traveling. This was the place where the bandits set up an ambush for us.

I went to their hideout by foot last time, so it took a while for us to find a path leading to it that would allow going via carriage. But we managed to get to the place with the carriages just fine in the end.

We left Ria and Elna in charge of keeping an eye on the carriages and went inside the hideout. It looks like the wares inside were fine.

After Jonas-san confirmed the wares, the workers started gathering them up and carrying them back to the carriages outside.

After we managed to load about half of the wares inside the carriages, I managed to detect something via my scanning magic. The targets were 900 meters out. There were ten of them, and they were heading in our general direction. Judging from their movement patterns, they should be Gray Hounds. But it seems they still haven’t managed to notice us.

“Ria, Elna, there are some Gray Hounds approaching. There’s a good chance of them discovering us.”

“How far are they and what are their numbers?”

“Currently 650 meters from our position. There are ten of them.”

“Just how did you manage to find something like that out?” Elna asked.

“I used scanning magic.”

“Scanning magic… So there’s also something like that.”

“This is bad. They already noticed us. They might have traced our smell or something. There’s some Gray Hounds coming our way, Jonas-san! Please take shelter inside the bandit hideout for now.”

“It should be impossible for only the three of us to take on ten of them. Let us also take shelter inside the hideout and seal the entrance!” Elna suggested.

“No, it should be fine. I can take them on myself.”

“No, Alan. Please leave three of them to me.”

Well, Cleria could certainly take care of three quickly with a Flame Arrow spell. I still have my rifle with me so there’s no problem.

“Alright, then. I’ll leave three targets to you. I’ll take care of the rest of them. Please watch over Ria, Elna.”

“Such a thing-! Fighting three of them would be impossible for Ria-sama!”

“Well, just watch, Elna. I’ve also polished my magic quite a bit, you see.”

“……Alright, understood. I won’t let any of them near Ria-sama!”

The Hounds were already only 200 meters away. This should be a good opportunity to test out the throwing knives Beck and Thor gave me.

“Is everything alright, Alan-san!?”

Jonas-san cried out in concern from the hideout’s entrance.

“There’s no problem! Please just stay put and observe us from there!”

“A hundred meters more. I’ll match your spell timing, Ria. I’ll finish off the rest with the throwing knives, so don’t worry.”

The Gray Hounds finally appeared before us. They observed the situation for a bit after encountering us, and when they judged that they were at an advantage, they immediately mounted their attack.

Ria was already in position for firing off her spell. When the vanguards of the Gray Hound pack arrived within thirty meters of us, she fired off a Flame Arrow spell.

The flaming arrows headed straight for the three hounds in the lead. The Gray Hounds tried to dodge after seeing the arrows, but the spell projectiles changed course in mid-air and successfully pierced them.

It seems Cleria’s improved her spell control once again. She’s now able to control all three arrows simultaneously.

My magicle charges were primed and ready, so I proceeded to lock-on to the remaining seven targets. I’ll send Flame Arrows at five of the monsters, get one with the Wind Cutter spell and finish off the other with my new throwing knife.

The flame arrows sailed through the air.

The arrows hit five of the hounds dead-on and pierced them right in the head. I fired off the high-speed version I tested out in the Adventurer’s Guild. They were so fast that the monsters didn’t even have the time to dodge.

The Wind Cutter followed soon after.

Since the compressed air projectile wasn’t visible to the naked eye, the Gray Hound it was heading for didn’t know which direction to dodge toward. It directly hit the hound and cut it in two.

After firing off the spells, I grabbed my throwing knife and launched it at the last Hound. Since the remaining distance between us was ten meters, there was no chance for my aim to be off, and my knife pierced the head of the monster right in the middle.

The knife was certainly easy to handle. The weight balance was excellent.

“Alright, that went smoothly.”

Cheers were raised from within the bandit hideout after our victory.

“That was absolutely amazing… Ria-sama has really turned into such an amazing mage! It was so impressive!”

“I did great, didn’t I? I had Alan teach me the basics. Elna would also surely improve a lot if you learn from Alan.”

“Really!? Then please teach me as well, Alan-dono!”

“I don’t mind teaching you at all, but please stop addressing me as ‘Alan-dono’. We’re already comrades, so just call me Alan.”

“……Alright… Alan.”

Elna’s cheeks reddened in embarrassment for some reason. Maybe it was a custom for girls in this world not to call guys without honorifics.

“You’ve shown us some really impressive magic! I was truly surprised! You managed to bring down those Gray Hounds in an instant.”

Jonas-san went out from the former bandit hideout and approached us.

“Well, we’re registered adventurers after all. There are no more threats in the vicinity. It’s safe to start the recovery work again.”

The workers restarted their work and began hauling the goods again, and I assigned Cleria and Elna to serve as guards for them, just in case an issue pops up once more. I busied myself with recovering magic stones from the Gray Hound corpses.

I dissected them with my electromagnetic bladeknife and took out the magic stones from inside the dead bodies. The one hound I killed with my Wind Cutter spell had its flesh scattered about all over the place. It looked quite gross. I think I’ll have to limit using that spell on flesh-and-blood targets.

We finally finished loading all of the goods and left the former hideout. Our group boarded the lead carriage like before.



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