Chapter 29: Magic Guild, Karaage and Mayonnaise (Part 1)


Translator: SFBaka

We arrived at the Magic Guild. They were based on a building that wasn’t even a third of the scale compared with the Adventurer’s Guild.

We entered and found reception counters similar to the Adventurer’s Guild. There was a young female employee manning the counter. There wasn’t anyone else present.

“Welcome! Do you have a request for us?”

“Um, I don’t know if this can be considered as a request, but would it be possible for us to get an explanation regarding what exactly the Magic Guild is all about? If you don’t mind, that is.”

“Haa〜, Well, of course〜. Our Magic Guild isn’t that well known after all.

“Understood. I’ll give you a quick run-down regarding the Guild.

“To put it simply, the Magic Guild is an amazing guild that handles anything and everything regarding magic and spellcraft!

“For instance, we handle stuff like teaching magic spells, producing magic tools, making improvements and adjustments to them, repairing them, appraising excavated ancient magic artifacts, as well as purchasing and selling of magic stones.

“Please do consult our Magic Guild regarding anything that has to do with magic!”

“That sure is an easy to understand explanation. So can my matter be regarded as a request if that’s the case? I want to learn about all kinds of magic spells.”

“So you want to learn magic spells. Can you already cast some spells yourself?”

“Yes. For fire magic, I can cast Fire Ball and Flame Arrow. I can also cast Air Bullet and Wind Cutter from the wind magic system. Finally, I can cast the Water spell from the water magic system.”

“Amazing! So you can use three attributes!? And you still want to learn more magic spells besides those? Or rather, do you want to register as a member of the Guild!? No, I insist you do!”

“Uh, is there any merit to registering as a Guild member?”

“Of course there is! If you register as a member, you’ll get a whopping 20% discount if you purchase magic stones, magic tools and magic spell tomes in our Guild!”

Un, well that’s a bit iffy. But maybe I can take advantage of it to make some profitable transactions somehow. It sounds troublesome though.

“I’m sorry, but I’ll have to refrain from registering as a member for now.”

“Wa- Wait a moment! We still have a number of great benefits for you! Uh, for example, there’s also 20% discount whenever you have requests for the Magic Guild! If you’re planning on making further commissions or request in the future, it would be better if you registered as an official Guild member sir.”

“I guess so. How much does making a commission or request cost anyway?”

“Five silver coins sir.”

“So it costs the same as the Adventurer’s Guild. Oh, and by the way, I’ve already registered as a member of the Adventurer’s Guild. Would this be a problem?”

“Absolutely not, sir. There are actually plenty of people who’ve registered as members for both Guilds in our ranks. What’s you’re ranking as an adventurer by the way? Have you been adventuring for long?”

“Oh, I’m C rank. I’ve just registered two days ago.”

“You just registered two days ago and you’re already C rank!? Amazing! You really, really have to register as a member of our Guild as well, sir! Or rather, I’m gonna get in trouble if I fail to recruit someone promising like you.”

It’s not like I’m bothered by it, but this girl has a habit of blurting out exactly what’s on her mind, doesn’t she?

“Do you also have ranks here?”

“We do. It’s basically the same as the ones used by the Adventurer’s Guild. But we do not have a rule requiring you to take commissions at least once every two months. We’re a very fair and upright Guild you know. You also won’t be forced to do quests and stuff.”

“This all sounds great, Miss, but are there no demerits at all?”

“There’s none sir. We don’t even charge a membership fee. To be honest, the Magic Guild doesn’t receive many requests. It’s to the point that you can’t make a decent living off of doing commissions for the Magic Guild exclusively.”

“Oh, man. Doesn’t that sound like this Guild is totally pointless or something?”

“Uh-! Please, that’s something you’re absolutely forbidden from saying here! We also do stuff like magic research and magic tool development, so we’re actually a Guild that’s indispensable to society.”

“I see. Well, if you say it like that, then I guess you are pretty important huh. Oh, and can you tell me how much making a request or commissions costs first? I’ll have to pass if it’s too expensive.”

“Absolutely! You want to learn new magic spells, right? What spells do you want to learn specifically? How much is your budget? Well, anyway, here’s the magic tome price list.”

She’s quite the impatient gal, ain’t she? I received the magic tome price list from her and browsed it. It’s not like I need to purchase one for myself, but it still piqued my interest.

“A Fire Ball magic tome costs 80,000 Guineas!? It’s that expensive!?”

“Did you not know? Learning spells is difficult so the price of tomes has always been this high.”

“I had no idea. So magic tomes cost this much. Since they’re this expensive, doesn’t anyone try to take advantage of producing copies in order to make some profit?”

“Something like that is considered a capital crime in every country sir. It’s the same whether you produce, sell or buy pirated copies. The Magic Guild still holds a considerable influence worldwide after all.”

“I see. So it’s like that. Thanks for showing me this, but it’s not like I’m here to purchase a magic tome. I would prefer it if you had someone do a live casting demonstration of spells so I can observe from the side. It would also help if they could explain the basics of the spells to me as well.”

“Eh!? You want to learn magic spells right? What would be the use of just observing?”

“Uh, so I can do some self-studying? And magic tomes are expensive, right? I want to see the effects of the spells first before I make a purchase if possible.”

Basing on my earlier experiences, they’d probably make a huge fuss once they find out that I could actually learn spells just by observing them. So I’m gonna go with giving a little white lie here, just in case.

“I see. So that’s why. I understand. What kind of magic spell do you want to see?”

I looked at the price list again and checked the names of the spells.

“Hold up a bit! I’ll need to make a memo.”

I mentioned the name of a spell I was unfamiliar with and asked for an explanation.

“What kind of magic is this Heal spell from the light magic system?”

“It’s a spell that treats injuries.”

“There’s a spell like that!? For real!?”

“Yes. Are you really unfamiliar with healing magic!? I’m the one who’s more surprised here!”

“That’s amazing! I want to observe this please.”

In the end, I blurted out every magic spell I was unfamiliar with.

“So how much would this request of mine cost?”

“Un, well, this is something we haven’t encountered yet, so I have no idea. I’ll need to consult with our branch chief first. The branch chief is currently out serving in the local clinic, so they’re not in at the moment.”

“Why are they working in a clinic?”

“The branch chief knows how to cast the Heal spell, so they’re working part-time at the clinic. This is all due to the poor profit margins of this branch!”

“…Uh, is that so. You guys have it tough, huh. Oh, I need to mention this again, but whether or not I decide to go ahead with this request depends on how much it’ll cost me. I’ll have to decline if it’s too expensive.”

“Understood. It’s not like we can actually demonstrate every spell listed in our catalog anyway. There are far too few Guild members in this city, so whether or not we can hold a demo for you depends on the availability of members who can actually cast the spells. Of course, we can also try to consult with other Guild branches, but I think it’ll cost you more.”

“I see. I don’t mind. I’m not particularly in a hurry anyway.”

“Well then, I’ll ask the branch chief once they return this evening. Is it alright if you come again tomorrow?”

“Sure. What time should I come?”

“The chief should be here all morning, so you can visit here at that time. Oh, and you also need to take the admission test if you apply as a member as well.”

“So there really is a test. Admission test, huh.”

“Of course! It’s so we can determine your rank.”

“Please allow me to observe as well once he proceeds with the request. Elna wants to see it as well, right?”

Cleria, who remained silent since we came here, suddenly spoke up.

“Yes, I would love to if possible.”

“Let’s do that then. It’s fine, right? It’s not like it’ll take up any more time.”

“Um, but I’m not sure if we can apply the 20% member discount to them as well. Rather, if people aside from the member participates, I don’t think it’s possible to apply the discount at all.”

“I see. How about both of you apply as members as well then.”

“Eh!? You’re saying these two ladies can also cast magic spells?”

“They can.”

“Oooh! This is an unprecedented chance to catch multiple members in one shot! I’ll definitely run it through with the chief later!”

“Then, we’ll come here at nine in the morning tomorrow. Would that be fine?”

“Yes, of course. Please wait for a moment.”



  1. “Please allow me to observe as well once he proceeds with the request. Elna wants to see it as well, right?”
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    • I just checked the raws.

      The author really did have it as Elna who Alan mentions, with Clelia then chiming in that she’d like to see it as well.

      • Cleria, who remained silent since we came here, suddenly spoke up.

        This is is the next line. It’s actually Ria asking to watch it as well and asking if Elna wants to as well.

        Either way, the original sentence also gives that away. It is said i want to observe “as well”, meaning someone else is already observing, here it is Alan, then the person asks Elna, so the only person who could be saying this is Cleria.

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