Chapter 33: Pork Cutlet Sandwich and Magic Tool Manufacturing Basic Course (Part 3)


Translator: SFBaka

Editor: Thor’s Stone

“It’s because your explanations are very thorough, chief. So a magic tool’s functions largely depend on the magic circle huh.”

“Exactly. The magic path connected to the magic circle is important as well, but without the magic circle, the device just won’t work. With that said, let’s start going over the particulars of magic circles next.”

“First, I’ll give you this. It’s a magic tome that contains the meanings of the different magic circles. This has been covered by the fees, so this tome is now yours, Alan.”

“Um, a magic tome is a book which allows you to grasp magic spells, right? Does this book contain all the different magic symbols used in magic tools?”

“No, I’m afraid not. The only things that are written there are the basic ones. However, they are widely used even if they are called basic symbols. For example, everything used to draw the magic circle installed on this flame magic tool is described in that book.”

“So that means there are advanced editions. How would I be able to get my hands on those?”

“If you take the advanced magic tool manufacturing course, you’ll be able to get yourself a copy of the advanced edition.”

Clever. Very clever. They’ve really put their all into thinking up ways to squeeze out a profit.

“Well then, let us look at the contents of a magic circle, shall we?

The outer portion of the magic circle has symbols that determine the type of magic that will be produced.

Next in line would be the symbols that determine spell strength; in other words, symbols that determine the amount of magic power used to fuel the spell.

The next symbols determine the maximum distance of magic spell activation.

The direction the magic spell is emitted towards is determined by the position of the tip of the magic output stone.”

“That’s easy enough to understand.”

“Now then, let’s try drawing an actual magic circle.

For the purpose of today’s lesson, please try to copy the magic circle used in this flame magic tool.

Since it isn’t advisable to try drawing a circle using magic ink right from the start, we need to prepare a draft first instead.”

Nanom will be supporting me, so I don’t think I’ll encounter any problems with this one.

The chief brought out drawing tools similar to a compass and ruler and started making the draft. She was drawing it using a black piece that looked like charcoal.

“Something like this should do nicely. Please try it out.”

I started drawing as the branch chief instructed. It was really easy with Nanom’s support.

“That’s wonderful! It’s my first time seeing a novice draw so well. The part you drew was the one which specifies the magic spell to be of the fire type. It is listed in the book I gave you.”

I see. It really does look the same. I continued drawing the rest of the magic circle as the chief continued to make explanations. It took almost an hour for me to draw the whole thing.

“It really is splendid. You’ve probably managed to produce an exact copy. Normally, people who are not used to the way the circle is drawn from the outside will fail many times and mess up on the symbol intervals.”

“Is messing up the intervals of the symbols bad?”

“Of course. The magic power will not flow well, and the overall output of the spell will fall. You have to be very precise with the placement of the symbols, or it’s no good.”

“How do you determine the correct intervals?”

“You base it on the size of the symbols themselves. The larger the symbol, the greater the interval. The smaller symbol, the narrower. Adjust the intervals based on the size of the symbols.”

“What’s the correct ratio?”

“An interval measuring an eighth of a symbol’s height is said to be the most optimal.”

I compared the value she told me with the record of the magic circle displayed on my virtual HUD and found that it matches.

“Next, we’ll fill out the draft with magic ink.

As I mentioned earlier, the outside of the circle is drawn with low magic power ink, and the succeeding layers are drawn with ink which gradually increases in magic power content.

In general, switch out the ink used once you reach a quarter of the way towards the center.

First, let’s use this string to measure the total length of the circle.”

We placed the string against the magic circle in order to measure its total length. After that, the string was folded into four parts and was used to mark the places where the ink needs to be switched.

But I have Nanom for this step, so I don’t really think learning this is necessary.

“Now then, please use this magic ink A to fill out the symbols on the outside of the draft.”

“So I guess these four types of inks are also sold by the Guild?”

“Of course. The Guild members can get them at discounted prices. A is ten silvers, B is twelve, C is fourteen, and D is sixteen.”

I think I’ve now gotten an idea of why magic tools are really expensive.

I started filling out the draft with the ink. It was just filling out a fixed pattern, so I finished it right away.

“Now then, let’s try actually activating this magic circle.”

We disassembled the flame magic tool, replaced the magic circle with the one I drew, and put it back together. The structure was simple, so the replacement process was completed without a hitch.

I pulled the lever to activate the tool, and flames came out without any problems.

“How wonderful. Most would need until the fourth or fifth day of this training course in order to perform to this degree. It’s my first time teaching someone who’s progressed this much just on the first day.”

“It’s because your teaching methods are excellent.”

“Let’s focus on studying the details of the different symbols used on magic circles starting tomorrow. There’s still some time left. Do you have any other questions for me?”

“Yeah. I’ve been curious about it for a while. Just what is magic?”

“You’ve come up with quite a difficult one right from the get-go. The Magic Guild doesn’t have a definite answer to that question yet, unfortunately.

Theologically, as I’m sure you already know, it is the power that the Goddess Ruminas granted to humans in order to fight the creatures possessing magic stones.

However, in recent years, it has come to light that some types of monsters are also able to use magic to some degree.

So just why did our Goddess grant this power to the monsters as well?

The answer to that still eludes both the priests of the temple and the many magic researchers working for the Magic Guild.

At the end of the day, the only thing we definitely know is the fact that we can use magic.”

“I see. That’s unfortunate. I thought I would be able to find out something if I entered the Guild.”

“Of course many researchers in the Guild have come up with their own theories regarding the matter. But they’re all just random musings in my eyes and hold no persuasive power in the least.”

“I see. Just hearing that is enough for me. Well then, do you have any information regarding the person who first wrote magic tomes?”

“There’s also a lot of theories about that, but I am not familiar with the exact details. Personally, I like the theory that Ruminas Herself handed down the first tome to a prince in a country that was suffering from a monster invasion. Doesn’t that sound romantic?”

So there’s also no proper info regarding magic tomes. Well, it does seem that coming up with patterns as complex as the ones used in these magic circles doesn’t seem to be the work of normal humans.

“I guess so. I also think that’s something at least somewhat plausible.”

“This is the last question. Why are the symbols used in magic circles able to trigger magic phenomena?”

“We also know nothing about that. The Guild researchers are also repeatedly drawing patterns in an attempt to study them and formulate theories about their exact mechanics. They’re attempting to create new symbols and patterns not found in the books which can successfully activate magic, but have no results to show for their efforts until now.”

“Is that so? Understood.”

“It’s time. If you don’t have any other questions, let’s end class for today.”

“I want to review what I’ve learned, so I was thinking of buying magic fluid and magic output stones. Can I tell Lily?”

The chief’s face broke into a happy smile. It seems the sales really aren’t doing so well.

“Why certainly! I’ll have her prepare them straight away!”

I ended up paying a total of 6,800 Guineas at the counter in order to get the goods. The chief gave a brief explanation about each solution used to make the magic wire.

I’ll buy some string I can use as a base for the magic wire from Tarus-san’s shop before I come back to the inn.

With this, the first day of the magic tool manufacturing short course ended.



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