Chapter 37 – Meeting Up 1 (Part 3)


Translator: SFBaka

Editor: Thor’s Stone

Oh boy. What a mess. Even if the Imperial Ethics Committee isn’t here, I’m still feeling really guilty. Well, we can’t turn back what’s already happened, but this really has got to stop.

(Are you raising any more clones on the ship?)

『No, I am not.』

(Great. I forbid you from making any more clones henceforth. This is your Captain’s orders.)


(So, where is Sharon right now?)

『She’s at the Alois Kingdom, but she’s heading to Captain’s location as we speak. She should arrive in about two hours or so.』

Guess she’s riding a drone huh. I still have a lot of stuff I wanna ask, but it’s kinda a hassle.

(Please update my database with everything you’ve learned about this planet, including the information on various countries, as well as the overall status of the ship. Please summarize it together in the most coherent way you can. I guess you should be done before I go to sleep. You can update it then.)


I cut off the comms.

『Sorry for the wait.』

『It’s alright. I have also communicated with my colleague as well.』

“You mean Sharon? When did you manage to reach the surface of the planet?”

“Five days ago, sir.”

“What equipment did you two bring?”

“We have not brought much equipment with us. We just brought the regular loadout of a pulse rifle, laser gun, and knife.”

So the same as mine huh. They didn’t bring anything else apart from those?

“How about powered suits?”

“The hangar section seems to have been ejected during the reconstruction of the ship.”

Oh right. The weapons depot was located in the hangar section. So I guess most of the weapons got scrapped huh. So I can’t get a multi-sensor after all. It seems the only weapons that weren’t stored in the weapons depot were pulse rifles and laser guns. They barely qualify as standard weapons too.

“So what happened to your rifle?”

“I have left my rifle and laser gun inside an inn. Also, the escape pod contains 25 energy packs for rifles and laser guns, 230 pieces of emergency rations, and… spare clothes and uniforms for Alan. But I only managed to bring half of them. The other half of the clothes are with Sharon.”

“That number of spare energy packs should last us for a while. I’m glad you brought over some spare clothes, but why is half of them with Sharon?”

I don’t think I had that many spare clothes on board to warrant dividing them in half. It would be great if they brought spare underwear as well.

“……Sharon and I contended about who should bring your clothes and… Lieutenant Conrad decided to split them between us in the end.”

“It would have been better if you brought over all of them though. Well, those clothes stand out a lot over here anyway, so I guess I won’t have many opportunities to wear them after all. Is the escape pod far from here?”

“It should be a three-day walk from here. We did camouflage it thoroughly, and we also secured it. The local inhabitants of this planet shouldn’t be able to open it at all.”

“I guess so. Let’s go get the supplies at a later date.”

“Um, Your Exce… Alan. Just who were those women you were with earlier?”

“Ah, I’ll introduce you later. They’re the comrades I met here. You’re familiar with adventurers, right? I’ve made a party with the two of them.”

“Is that all, sir?”

“Hm? Yeah, that’s it. Why?”

“I see. I’m glad.”

Selena gave me a really cute smile. It seems she found it pleasant when I said I merely made a party with Cleria and Elna for some reason.

“I haven’t told the two of them about the empire. There’s no point in telling them after all. Please keep that in mind as well, Selena.”


“By the way, what are your next mission directives, Selena?”

“The one who will decide that is Your Exce… Alan.”

I see. So I’m the one to decide huh. Iris must have given them the mission to find me. Now that they’ve done so, I guess they have no further orders.

“In that case, I’m thinking of having you both join me, Cleria and Elna, uh, the two girls earlier, and work along with us. I want you all to get along if possible.”


“Okay then. I’m gonna introduce you to both of them, so come along.”

We went out of my room and I knocked in front of the door to Cleria’s room.

“It’s Alan. Can I come in?”

The door opened and Elna invited us inside. Come to think of it, this is the first time I’ve entered their room. Apart from having two beds and looking a bit larger than mine, it was mostly the same as my room.

“I want to introduce her to the two of you. She’s from the same country as me, and her name is Selena.”

“Selena Conrad. Best regards.”

Man, couldn’t she have introduced herself in a less curt and nicer way? Well, it looks like she hasn’t had the opportunity to interact with other people until now, so I guess it can’t be helped.

“So, Selena, this girl is Cleria, and this is Elna.”

“My name is Cleria Starvine. I am pleased to make your acquaintance.”

“I am Elna Norian. Nice to meet you.”

Hm? Cleria and Elna seem to be giving a different atmosphere than usual.

“I’m thinking of having Selena work with us. Are you girls fine with that?”

“Alan, just who is Selena?”

And there goes the question.

“I told you about coming to this continent on a ship before, right? That ship has sunk, but she’s one of the crew members of that ship.”

“Is that all she is, Alan?”

“Hm? Yes. Why?”


Just what else is there? Huh? it feels like I’m having deja vu for some reason…

“The one called Cleria over there. I’ve been thinking about this since earlier, but your conduct is overly familiar. And moreover, to think that you have the gall to doubt His Excellency’s words.”

“You! Just who do you think you’re speaking to!?” Elna loudly exclaimed in indignation.

“Just who is this Cleria?”

Selena copied Cleria’s earlier questioning tone. She’s pretty good! It sounded very similar… Geh! Now’s not the time for that!

“I’ll have you know that Cleria-sama is the crown princess of the Starveek Kingdom!”

“Hmph. Compared to His Excellency’s esteemed self, a mere princess of a kingdom is far too…”

“Okay you guys! Hold it right there!”

I got in between them in a fluster. Just why did it turn out like this!?

“Now then, Selena, I think you’re mostly the one at fault here. Please apologize to them. Cleria and Elna’s attitudes weren’t all that pleasant either. Now let’s do this again in a more calm and civil manner, alright?”

I urged Selena to introduce herself again. She didn’t respond so I prodded her further.

“I’m sorry for my earlier conduct. I’m Selena Conrad. Pleased to meet you both.”

Next is Cleria. I urged her with my gaze.

“Cleria Starvine. I am pleased to meet you as well.”

“Elna Norian. My best regards to you.”

“And there you go! It looks like you managed to introduce yourselves to each other properly this time. Selena’s sister will be coming over later as well, so please welcome her too once she arrives.”

“There’s actually another one who’s coming!?”

“Yes, that’s right. It seems both of them actually managed to survive when the ship sank.”

“Alan, I want to ask about the clothes Selena is wearing, but…”

Oh yeah. Come to think of it, Cleria also saw me in full military uniform once back then, didn’t she?

“I guess I didn’t manage to tell you guys earlier. I was part of the military. This is the military uniform of the country I’m from.”

“A uniform of that sort of make…”

“Selena, and Sharon who will be coming here later, are both from the military as well. I believe they’ll be able to contribute a lot to the overall strength of our party.”

Which reminds me, can Selena and Sharon actually fight?

(What’s the estimated combat level of Selena and Sharon?)

『Selena’s combat grade is ninety-one, while Sharon’s is ninety-two.』

Wow! They’re a lot more skilled than me, aren’t they? Mine was just eighty-five or so. I guess that’s just to be expected from ones who hold the genes of an imperial hero. It looks like there are no problems then.

“It looks like Selena booked herself at another inn earlier, so we’re gonna head out for a bit to pay the rest of her booking fees and get her belongings over here. Please wait here for a while in the meantime.”

I then went out of the inn with Selena to retrieve her baggage.



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