Chapter 44 – Preparing for the Journey 1 Part 3

Chapter 44 - Preparing for the Journey 1 Part 2

                                                                                                                                        Chapter 45 - Preparing for the Journey 2 Part 1

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“So what is it that you want today?”

“We’ve decided on the journey, but we have not made adequate preparations yet. We would like to purchase horses, a carriage, as well as necessities for the journey from you. 

“So that’s it. You’re more than welcome of course. You all have become regular patrons of our stores after all, Alan-san. It is no trouble. No trouble at all. So, what other things do you need apart from the horses and the carriage?” 

“Um, well, it’s actually our first time to go on such a journey. Is it possible to purchase a prepared set of things necessary for travel for five people from you? I’ll also leave choosing the horses and the carriage to you.” 

“Of course. Actually, there are surprisingly a lot of customers requesting the same thing as you as well. Well then, I shall have everything prepared for you all tomorrow, so can you pay a visit to the store?” 

“Thank you very much. You’re a great help.”

“It is actually us who want to thank you, Alan-san. Thank you very much for all that you’ve done for us.”

The rest of the talks went smoothly, and we finished ironing out everything soon after.  

“Even so, I really feel it’s unfortunate. I wanted to make a second order of those dryer magic tools actually.”

“Really? But I think thirty items are plenty enough as it is though?”

“No, well, it seems that not only Tara, but my wife also ended up liking your product quite a lot.  Judging from that, I’m sure we can sell not only thirty, but even more than a hundred of them quite easily. They will be really popular.”

“Is that so? If that’s the case, then I’ll try to consult the chief of this city’s Magic Guild branch.  It’s not really that hard to make, so I’m sure people other than me will be able to build them as well. I’m planning to pay them a visit after this actually, so I’ll tell you the results once we come to the store tomorrow.” 

“Oh! It would be a great help if you can do so. Thank you very much.”

After that, we talked a little bit about cooking, and after finalizing the rest of the things about our trip preparations, we left the mansion. Tarus-san also seemed quite busy today too. 

“We’ll be seeing you tomorrow then.”

“We will be waiting, everyone.” Jonas-san said as he sent us off. 

“I’ll pay the Magic Guild a visit for a bit. Can you guys go ahead and return to the inn without me?” 

“Magic Guild! I also wanna go!” Sharon excitedly quipped. 

“Me too!”

“No, uh, there’s actually nothing interesting to see over at the Magic Guild you know? There’s only a female receptionist and the branch chief present anyway.”  

“But we still wanna go!” 

“We’ll come along then.”

“I’ll say this again guys. There’s absolutely nothing interesting over there.”

When we entered the Magic Guild building, we found that there were no other guests apart from us as always.

“Morning, Lily.”

“Good morning, Alan-san! Chieeef! Alan-san is here〜!”

“Mou! Lily! I told you to come get me yourself instead of yelling from the counter! Good morning, Alan. Ara, it seems we have a lot of visitors today.”

“Good morning, chief. I actually have something to consult you about.”

“I see. Go ahead and take a seat then.”

Lily brought out some extra chairs and we all sat around the table.

“Actually, we’ll be going on a journey three days from now.”

“Oh, is that so? Well, I do seem to remember you saying something about that a while back, but it really is unfortunate.”  

“Thank you for all your help chief, and sorry for leaving so suddenly. And so, the thing I want to consult you about is the magic tool I’m manufacturing right now. The general store owned by Tarus-san has ordered thirty units from me yesterday, and I was thinking of handing the maintenance and repair services to the Magic Guild if possible.”  

“Tarus-san? You mean that really rich merchant big shot?”

“Yeah, that’s probably him. Tarus-san travels out of this city on business trips often.”

“Maa! Alan! So you actually knew such a big shot?”

“Uh, well, yeah.”

“Of course it’s fine. They are always welcome to come to the Magic Guild for maintenance and repairs.”

“Is that so? Thank you very much! This can’t be considered much of a thank you, but I’ll be giving the magic tool you ordered to you for free, chief. And in exchange, I’d want you to offer the maintenance and repair services at an affordable price. Would that be okay?” 

“Alan, do you have no idea what kind of person that Tarus-san is? If he ever came to know of any unreasonable practices being done in this city, the perpetrators will be chased out without fail and will never be able to return. I have no plans of charging any unreasonable fees at all!” 

“So that really is the case. Actually, I don’t only want to entrust you with the repair and maintenance services, chief. If it’s possible, I also want you to take over manufacturing the magic tools as well.” 

“Eh!? In other words, Tarus-san will be dealing with me directly?”

“That’s gonna be the case, yeah.”

“I’ll be more than happy to do so if that happens… But there are other more developed sales channels after all. Will Tarus-san really be okay with us?”

“Nah, I just talked with him earlier. It seems he’s alright with it.”

“Alan! Is that really true!?”

“Yeah, it is. I actually saw one of the flame producing magic tools chief made inside the mansion’s kitchen. So you actually didn’t sell that to them directly?”

“Of course I didn’t! I couldn’t possibly deal with someone like that directly you know! And it would really be something else if I were actually able to do so!”

“So, do you want to came with us when we come to Tarus-san’s store tomorrow to discuss things?”

“Wait a moment! You can really meet with Tarus-san directly?” 

“…I can. Actually, we’ve been paying a visit to Tarus-san’s mansion normally since we came to this city, you know?”

“His m-mansion!? I can’t believe it! Wait just a moment. Please explain the details of the magic tool you developed to me, Alan! It will be a disaster if I can’t actually make repairs to it.”

“It’s really quite a simple magic tool to build and maintain. Please lend me a pen and some paper.”

Lily brought out a pen and some paper soon after. I made a simple blueprint and handed it over to the chief. 

“I see. It really is a simple build, isn’t it? There would be no problem with this.” 

“Tarus-san said he wanted to order about a hundred of these, actually. Oh, but I’ll be handling thirty units, so I guess you’ll just need to build seventy or so.”

“Seventy item! You said the wholesale price is two thousand Guineas, right? That makes it a total of one hundred forty thousand Guineas!? Oh, Alan! You’re the best disciple I’ve ever had!”

“Hey, it’s still not finalized yet you know, chief! But, well, they did express the intent to develop and make even more new magic tools, so if everything goes well, it’ll be a nice source of profit for you.”

“Well, isn’t that music to the ears! How wonderful! You said you’ll meet him tomorrow, right? Oh, I wonder what kind of dress I should wear?  Would it be better if I got him a souvenir or something?”  

“Uh, I’m sure you’ll be fine going in your usual outfit, chief. And there’s probably no need to bring a souvenir either. Well then, I’ll check on Tarus-san tomorrow morning, and once he gives it the okay, I’ll come get you here and bring you to him for a visit.”

“I understand. Thank you, Alan. You brought me such a great opportunity. And I’ll definitely pay for the magic tool I ordered from you, okay?”

“Is that so? Thank you then, chief. I’ll be seeing you tomorrow then.”

“Take care, Alan.”

 We left the Magic Guild soon after.

“See. I told you there was nothing interesting in the Magic Guild.”

“Yes, you’re right. It was really different from what we expected. I thought it was a place more overflowing with magic-related stuff.” Sharon disappointedly sighed. 

“But at least we got to know that Alan is a great magic tool engineer.” Selena followed up. 

“It’s not like I’m making some impressive magic tools. I only managed to make a magic powered hair dryer recently, you know?”

“Eh!? Is that so? I actually thought that blueprint was for some kind of weapon.” 

Oh, she means that blueprint I made earlier. Well, I guess I can kinda see the resemblance between a dryer and a laser gun. Come to think of it, I really hadn’t tried applying magic tool making techniques to produce weapons yet huh. I kinda feel it’ll be easy to design one. I’ll try to consult with the chief tomorrow. 

We talked about our plans from here on out while walking back to the inn and decided that we’ll prepare for our journey in earnest starting tomorrow. In the meantime, we decided that we’ll get some swordsmanship and magic practice in the afternoon as usual. Selena and Sharon seemed really happy when they heard that we were gonna practice magic. 

Chapter 44 - Preparing for the Journey 1 Part 2

                                                                                                                                        Chapter 45 - Preparing for the Journey 2 Part 1


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    • She’s happy about landing some good business. The guild will be handling production, repairs, and maintenance of Alan’s magic tool designs and will be dealing directly with Tarus – who’s a real big deal in Gotania, apparently.

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