Chapter 47 – Preparing for the Journey 3 Part 1


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While eating breakfast, I discussed with Cleria and the others about our plans for the day.

“The branch chief of the Magic Guild asked me to do something for her yesterday, you see. I think I’ll be doing that in the morning.”

I’m referring to the magic circle drawing request from the chief. Since I’m gonna do it by myself, I expect it to take about three hours or so.

“Is it a job we can do as well? Do you want us to help out?” Selena offered.

“Of course you can do the job. So, can I ask you to help out then?”

if us three were to do it, then it won’t even take an hour for us to finish.

“Well then, we’ll have some sparring out on the yard as usual.” Cleria announced.

We already started drawing magic circles inside my room when I heard a knock.

“Alan-san, you have a guest,” Sara-chan informed.

It turns out it was the boss of the workshop I commissioned for the housings and switches for the dryers.
“Huh? Boss. Isn’t the schedule for pick-up tomorrow?”

“That was the plan, but Cara-san came to the shop yesterday and placed an urgent order, so we had to finish up our previous commissions as soon as we could. We put in our best efforts and finished your order yesterday as well. Since the items are done, should we bring them all over here?”

Oh, right. The chief seemed really fired up yesterday. Judging from her skyrocketing tension yesterday, I guess this wasn’t something to be surprised about.

“Yeah, that’s fine. I’ll trouble you then.”

The dryer parts were then brought to the inn by the apprentice craftsmen. Since they brought the housings along with the dryer switches, it was quite the amount of goods. After inspecting their work, I paid the leftover fees, and the boss and his apprentices finally left.

“That sure is a lot. So these are the parts for the magic tools?” Sharon inquired.

“The only bulky ones are the housings for the dryers though. Great. With these available, we can start assembling them today as well.”

Selena and Sharon displayed complicated expressions. Oh, did they think I’ll have them help out as well?

“I’ll do the assembling by myself. I was the one who received the order after all. So I gotta take responsibility and finish them myself.”

Assembling one unit doesn’t take longer than fifteen minutes after all, so it isn’t really a time-intensive job.

“No, it’s not like we do not want to help, but we’ll finally be able to use magic today, so we wanted to practice casting some spells later,” Sharon revealed.

“I see. So your magic sensors are already done?”

“That’s right! Finally! We took in a lot of rare metals to hurry our nanoms up with building them.” Sharon replied.

Hou, so taking in a lot of rare metals can increase the performance speed of the nanoms? I didn’t know that.

“I see. Then, by all means, go ahead and practice magic. Like I told you earlier, I’ll finish assembling the dryers myself. But you have to be careful when practicing magic, you two. It can be really dangerous if handled incorrectly after all.”

“Understood. We will do so.”

We managed to finish drawing the magic circle patterns in the morning, and the two even helped me out a bit with assembling the dryers.

When lunchtime arrived, everyone went down to the first floor. Sara-chan called out when she noticed us coming down.

“Alan-san, father made some pizza for you all. Please have your lunch here.”
“I see. Thanks for the treat then.”

We took our seats. Six pizzas were then brought out from the kitchen. Verse made two kinds of pizzas, just like what we made yesterday afternoon. They look really tasty. Oh! So he used the hot pepper sauce recipe I gave him yesterday and served us the completed sauce as well.

It was the first time for everyone to eat pizza, so I began introducing the dish to them.

“This is a dish called pizza. As expected of Verse. He’s already become skilled in making these.”

I put in some hot pepper sauce on top and ate a slice. Mm. It’s been made well. The baking time was well measured.

“You can use this sauce if you like. It’s quite spicy, so be careful when putting some on top of your pizza slices.”

Yep. The taste of the hot pepper sauce was perfect too. You really can’t do without hot pepper sauce when it comes to pizza.

“This is really delicious too! It feels like I can eat a lot with these.” Sharon exclaimed.

Cleria copied me and put on a lot of hot pepper sauce on top of her pizza slice. Her expression contorted soon after taking a bite. And I already told her it was spicy too. Elna put a similar amount on top of hers, and she didn’t even flinch. So it was only Cleria who had childish tastes huh.

The rest of the guests and diners were also satisfied with the dish as well.
Verse was the one who brought out the after-meal tea.

“How was the pizza, Alan?”

“They were perfect! Good job on the hot pepper sauce too. You’ve really made the dish your own.”

“Is that so? I was a bit worried about the hot pepper sauce at first, honestly. But it can quickly develop into a kind of habit once you put it on top of pizza huh.”

“Right!? It’s one of the necessary items for enjoying pizza. Oh, right! It can also go well with pasta, so you can try putting in some next time.”

Cleria and the girls went out of the city to practice swordsmanship and magic as always. I began continuing to assemble the magic tools.

Since Selena and Sharon helped me put together some of them already earlier, I managed to finish assembling all thirty dryers before evening.

It was a little late to make the delivery, so I decided to deliver the goods tomorrow instead. Oh, I can deliver the magic circle patterns chief ordered from me right now actually. I’ve finished working on them anyway, so I can hand them over early.

I asked Lily if the chief was in when I arrived at the guild. It seems she was. I wonder what happened to her part-time work at the clinic? I’ll ask the chief later.

“Oh, part-time work? It was decided that they’ll only call me if there’s a patient with serious injuries. Right now, the fate of this branch is about to be decided. Now’s not the time to be doing any part-time jobs!”

Man. The chief’s eagerness is nothing to scoff at.

“I see. I came to deliver the requested magic circle patterns to you.”

“Ara, so you’ve already done them? Let me check first.”

The chief brought out something resembling a magnifying glass and checked the magic circle sheets. Since the magic circles were finely drawn, inspecting them was tedious work.

“it looks like they’re fine. Each one of them is drawn perfectly. I’ll check out the magic tool next. This box is…”

It seems that the chief was interested in the box containing the magic tool. I felt it was kinda lacking to just present the dryer magic tool as is, so I had Nanom design a storage container for it. It was made out of wood and had a stay for supporting the dryer installed on the bottom of the box. The back of the lid also had the same mechanism. It was designed so that the dryer would be secured inside the box once you close the lid and will not move around while one carries it.

“This container is quite excellent as well. I will also produce something like this as well. Is the workshop that made these the same as where you commissioned the other parts.

“That’s right. One box costs fifty Guineas. …Since you’re targeting nobles, how about putting some luxurious cloth inside to serve as a cushion as well?”

Most containers for luxury items employ that kind of gimmick after all. To demonstrate, I put in a handkerchief inside the box before putting in the dryer.

“This looks really nice! I’ll put your suggestion to good use, Alan.”

It looks like there were no problems with the chief’s dryer as well, so I finally completed the delivery.

“Well then, here’s your payment of fifty thousand Guineas for the magic circle patterns, and here are the twenty thousand Guineas for the magic tool.”

Nice. With this, I earned a total of seventy thousand Guineas, and our total money was now a hundred and seventy thousand Guineas. Will this be enough for paying for the items we got from Tarus-san’s store? I did get the portable magic stove, so it still seemed a little short.

Since I’ve finished delivering the goods, and the chief seemed quite busy as well, I excused myself and told the chief I’ll be taking my leave.

“I’ll come over again before we leave the city.”

“Alright. Understood. Good work, Alan.”

Shall I stop by Tarus-san’s store before I come back to the inn? I want to ask about the horses, and I also want to inform them about the status of their order.



  1. Shall I make another whole lot chapter full of them food recipe and boast them to the other worlder like you’re the one came up with them? Dear author, you might want to change the title from the galactic navy officer becomes an adventure into becomes a chef. Wasting another one or two chapters just to read how do you make a pasta never was my intention to read this novel in the 1st place. I’m done.

    • This was the final entirely food-focused chapter of the novel if it’s of any comfort to you 😉 There will still be smatterings here and there, but none to this level, until author entirely does away with it.

      Most (if not all) of the food segments were removed from the published LN version, for obvious reasons lol.

    • Unfortunate timing since you just got over the hump and have a relatively clear path to adventurin’ from here on out B-)

  2. Assembling one unit doesn’t take longer than fifteen minutes after all, so it isn’t really a time-intensive job.

    Again, author can’t do maths.
    That means he can do 4 in an hour. Since he has 30 of them, that will take 7.5 hours.
    That’s not time consuming?

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