Chapter 48 – Preparing for the Journey 4 Part 3


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Editor: Thor’s Stone

“These are your clothes, Alan.”

Selena handed me a large bag.

When I opened the bag for a look, I found my spare combat and formal uniforms, as well as my casual clothes, and some underwear. It looks like they choose to bring more plain-looking ones. I’ll take a better look once I get back to my own room.

“Thanks for this. I owe you, Selena.”

“We also brought these over. I’m sure you’ll like these, Alan…” Sharon claimed.

“Let’s see here… This–!? Ain’t these fishing gear!?”

Inside the bag were three fishing rods all folded up to thirty centimeters for easy storage. I can attach reel devices to these rods easily, and their total length can stretch out from two meters to five meters. In fact, I can use these to fish even without using reels. That’s due to their high flexibility and toughness.

The bag also contained three reel devices, as well as some artificial lures. Two fishing flies that were modeled after insects were stuffed inside a toolbox as well. There were also fishing lines, fish hooks, and lots of other fishing gear stuffed inside another toolbox. These were definitely not stuff for amateurs. And they were definitely not mine.

(What’s up with these, Sharon?)
(The residential block for the crew was relatively intact, so Iris had us pocket everything that looked useful from the rooms.)

I see. So these were the property of one of the crew. I thought of some people I knew who had fishing as their hobby. These might belong to one of them. I’ll be sure to make good use of these, guys. Thanks.

I had some experience in fishing when I was living on my home planet, but I was still basically an amateur. I’ll have Iris teach me first, then I’ll try it out. But these were really useful stuff. They would serve us well if ever we found ourselves without any means to procure fish via purchase.

“Thanks, Sharon. These look pretty useful.”

“Alan, what kind of tools are those?” Cleria asked.

“These are used for fishing.”


“Yeah. They are used to catch fish.”

It looks like Cleria and Elna were unfamiliar with fishing huh. Well, one’s a bona fide princess and one’s a lady from a noble family, so I guess that goes without saying.

“I’ll show you guys how to fish if we encounter a river or something along the way in the future.”

“And these are the energy packs for the rifles and laser guns,” Sharon informed her as she handed over the bag containing them to me.

“Okay. Thanks. I’ll keep them.”

If I remember right, each of them brought twenty-five packs, so that’s a total of fifty. It’s more than enough to last us quite a while.

Selena and Sharon then began taking out clothes meant for women from the bags. It looks like I’d better get out of here first.

“I’ll bring my share to my room.”


As I was checking out the fishing equipment inside my room, I managed to overhear some of the chatter coming from Selena and Sharon’s room. I’m glad they all seem to be getting along well.

There was a knock on my door, and when I opened it, I found that it was Verse.

“Alan, is it okay if tonight’s dinner is a bit late?”

“Yeah, I don’t mind. Are you busy or something? I can help out if you like.”

“No, I was thinking of finishing up with the rest of the guest’s meals early so we can have a farewell party of sorts for you guys later.”

“Oh! That sounds great! I’ll help out in the kitchen as well then.”

“I thought you’d say that, Alan.”

I told everyone about the late dinner and headed to the kitchen to help prepare the dishes for tonight’s farewell party.

Verse handled the dinner for the rest of the guests and diners, while I handled cooking the dishes for the party.

The diners and guests have already been informed that the dining hours for tonight have been shortened temporarily, so most have already finished having their meals. Before long, the dining hours ended, and all the other guests had returned to their own rooms. I’ve already finished cooking all the dishes for tonight’s party as well.

I went to their respective rooms and called the others. After a short while, all the participants for tonight’s farewell party have finally assembled at the inn’s dining area. There were the five of us, plus Verse, his wife, and their daughter Sara-chan.

Everyone got a good look at the party food and started cheering excitedly. After each one chose their favorite drink, the party finally started in earnest.

Verse stood up from his seat with a tankard of ale in one hand.

“Alan, thanks to you the meals at this inn have improved by leaps and bounds.
The reason for the inn’s current prosperity is none other than you. We’re really grateful to you.

You and your comrades can always stay at this inn for free. We’ll always welcome you with open arms!

We’re sad that you’ll be leaving, but I do understand your feelings as a former adventurer myself. Therefore, I won’t stop you all.

Now then, let’s toast to this inn’s continued prosperity and your party, Shining Star’s future glorious achievements! Cheers!”


“These dishes all look awfully delicious!” Sharon exclaimed.

The dishes I cooked for tonight’s farewell party were ‘chicken’ karaage, french fries, fried prawns, fillet-o-fish, grilled ‘chicken’ flavored with sault and Japanese-style sauce, Big Boar stew, potato salad, radish salad, assorted veggies and bacon wraps, and tomato and cheese caprese.

The dishes didn’t actually feel uniform, but after making use of the available ingredients in the kitchen, these are what I eventually came up with. But even so, since Verse said to cook as much as possible earlier, I ended up making so much. In fact, I don’t think we’ll be able to finish them all with our numbers.

“They really all look delicious!” Sara-chan happily squealed.

Everyone looked happy while indulging themselves in the food. It was worth going through all the trouble of cooking the dishes.

“Hey, Alan. This stew dish is quite something.”

“Yes, it turned out quite tasty. It’s the dish that took the most time to cook.”

Thanks to boiling it for an extended period of time, the consistency of the stew became thick and syrupy.

“Hey, about this dish…”

“I know. I’ll write up the recipe and give it to you before we depart.”

“That’s what I like about you, Alan! Alright, everyone, it’s my treat tonight, so drink and eat all you want!”

After two hours or so since the party started, everyone began feeling drunk. This would be a good time to end this party, I think.

I went inside the kitchen and took out the steamed pudding I made earlier from the magic fridge. I made one for each of us. I then proceeded to distribute them among everyone present.

“Wah! Are these sweets?” Sara-chan inquired.

“Oh, so it’s pudding! Good work, Alan! You deserve my praise.”
“Yes, yes, it is my utmost honor to receive such wonderful praise from you, dear princess.”

“Umu, it is nothing much. Delicious! Alan, I order you to make these every day from now on!”

“I refuse!”

“Mou! Ria-sama, you’ve drunk too much!”

“Wahaha! Ain’t she an interesting missy when she’s drunk! She really sounds like a real princess I tell ya!”

“…Uh, yeah. She’s drunk a bit too much. How about we end this party here? But you’re gonna continue to drink, won’t you, Verse?”

“Yeah. It’s been a while since we had a party like this. C’mon, drink with me for a bit longer, Alan.”

“We have also drunk a bit too much. We’re already sleepy, so we’ll go ahead and return to our room.” Sharon excused herself and Selena.

They dragged the still-overexcited Cleria back upstairs and went back to their respective rooms.

Verse’s wife and Sara-chan didn’t drink too much, so they proceeded with cleaning up the leftovers. Finally, the only ones who were left were just me and Verse.

We ended up talking all about cooking in the end. I told Verse about all the wonderful dishes I’ve tried. For example, I told him about sampling the eggs of the golden tortoise on my home planet, Lancel, eating raw seafood resembling an octopus, the ultra-luxurious matsuzaka steak, sashimi, sea urchin, squid, and sushi. I told him about lots of stuff.

Verse sometimes raised his voice in excitement, and sometimes gaped in wonder at my stories.

“Oh boy. The world really is wide huh, Alan. To think there would be that many different dishes and ways of eating that exist in this wide world…”

“Yeah, the world really is quite huge. It’s probably even more huge than you can ever imagine, Verse.”

Oops. I said too much, I think. I guess I’m already quite drunk myself.

When midnight came, both of us finally felt sleepy, so we finally put a close to this lively farewell party.


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