Chapter 5: Departure / Chance Encounter (Part 2)


Translator: SFBaka

I immediately proceeded to aid the young woman. No, instead of calling her a young woman, a young girl would seem more appropriate. I’m guessing her age to be about 16 or 17. She was practically covered in blood. But this was no time for dawdling about.

(What should I do?)

[Please get in contact with her blood.]

I immediately did as instructed.

(How is it?)

[There’s no mistake. Her genetic make-up closely resembles that of humans.]

So that’s really the case. It was a surprising discovery, but basing solely on her appearance, it wasn’t all that strange a conclusion.

[Please tie up her wounds with something to stop the bleeding.]

Something? What “something” should I use?

When I tried to look around, I noticed a dead horse with a leather mask fastened on its mouth. A long leather strap was attached to it, so I secured it with my knife. It was probably used to control the horse.

I tightly bound the area 3 centimeters above where her foot was severed. I also did so for her arm.

[A portion of nanoms have already gathered on your left wrist. Please cut it open and let her drink your blood.]

Cut my wrist?

This guy can be quite harsh sometimes.

How do I actually make her drink up though? I can’t waste my precious nanoms.

That’s it! I remembered the makeshift cups I created out of the damaged pet bottles. Let’s pour some blood into this and then have her drink from it.

I brought out said cup, placed it at the ready, psyched myself up and put my arm over it. Fu~u. I kinda resent the fact that my electromagnetic bladeknife cuts so damn well.

[Please cut the vein here.]

The blood vessels were suddenly highlighted in green and the incision point was indicated by a red line.

Couldn’t you have done this for me sooner?! I really was about to cut my wrist without any sort of damn guide just now y’know.

It was kinda scary, so I decided to cut myself slowly. Urgh. Huh? It doesn’t hurt.

[Your sense of pain is currently suppressed.]

Damn you! You’re doing this on purpose, right? The blood started accumulating inside the cup.

“Oh, that’s quite a lot…… Hey, aren’t we done yet?”

The moment I had this thought, the blood flow stopped. The gathered blood looks to be about 100 cc.

[I also have a blood transfusion function.]

You can even do that kind of thing? That’s amazing, man.

I lifted up the upper body of the girl and opened her mouth. Can she really drink this? I slowly poured the blood into her now-open mouth. The blood in the cup drained out little by little.

[That will be enough. Pour the rest of the blood directly on top of her wounds.]

I see. I poured the blood evenly on her open wounds.

[Please take two rare metal tablets. Have her take eight of them afterward.]

So it’s really that kind of method huh. I took the pill case from my backpack and poured out ten tablets.

I directly swallowed two of them. But how exactly would I make her ingest these?

[There is no need to directly ingest them. It will be fine to just put them inside her mouth.]

Okay, I get it. I put eight tablets inside the mouth of the young girl.

These tablets contained a concentrated amount of rare metals. It was a collection of valuable materials necessary for replenishing nanoms. If someone without any nanoms within his or her body were to ingest these, they would be no better than poison.

However, on a body infused with nanoms, the said nanoms would immediately secure the metals before they could be absorbed by the body directly and would use them in order to replicate themselves.

Usually, nanoms are able to break down and convert rare metals and turn them into other nanom copies in a matter of a few short moments.

[There’s a problem with the sections where her limbs were torn away. Please cut them cleanly with the knife.]

Well, it does look pretty nasty, with the bones sticking out and all.

[Her pain receptors have already been suppressed.]

Damn, you sure work fast. I quickly took out my electromagnetic bladeknife.

In order to make some clean looking wounds, I’ll have to start cutting a few centimeters above the base of the original injury points.

The electromagnetic blade knife flashed and quickly made vertical cuts above the original bases of the wounds. There was only a little blood that trickled out before the bleeding stopped, but it was still quite a curious experience. I just hope it won’t appear in my dreams or anything.

[There is a need to apply bandages to the wounds.]

Well, that’s certainly true. Problem is, I don’t have some. Looks like I need to search their belongings.

I looked around the area once more and managed to notice something just now. There was a small clearing on the side of the road nearby. Was it a resting spot?

Yeah, seems like it. There’s some bonfire remains there. Some smoke was still billowing out of it. There was a U shaped hitching fence present, and the horses died around it. So that’s it… I’ve managed to piece together their situation when they were attacked.

They were in the middle of a break and may have planned to stay in this place for a while after considering the late hour when they arrived.

They secured their horses to the hitching fence, lit a bonfire and were in the middle of resting when the wolf pack suddenly attacked.

The two horses tied to the carriage were attacked as well, and the carriage was overturned when they thrashed about in panic.

The other horses were tied to the fence, so they couldn’t run away and died. The humans were killed off one by one until only two remained in the end.

It was something like that, I guess.

Maybe there’s something which could be used as a bandage inside the carriage.

I jumped on top of the overturned carriage and peeked inside, but there was nothing resembling any sort of luggage within.

Apparently, all their luggage was loaded on top of the ceiling. There were four large cases made of leather scattered about nearby.

For the time being, I carried all the cases and brought them near the girl. There were no openings for keys and they were simply bound by leather belts, so I opened them straight away without much fuss.

Hm, clothes huh? There seems to be a lot of male clothing. I could just cut them up and use these, but with a group of this number, there should be some actual bandages present.

Hm. There’s also some women’s clothing. There are some items resembling dresses. Could be hers.

Oh. I think I got a hit. There were various things like liquids stored in small bottles and some dried medicinal herbs inside.

Here we go. These are definitely bandages. There were three rolls of thin white cloth. When I picked them up and examined them, I discovered that they really were simply long strips of thin cloth. They had no elasticity, but they were relatively clean.

(How do I wrap the wounds with these?)

[Please remove the leather strips you used to stop her bleeding first.]

Oh yeah, that’s right. Her blood has long stopped flowing out from her open wounds. I cut the strips off with my knife. Then, a fourth of the virtual window displayed by Nanom showed illustrations about the proper way to use and wrap bandages around a foot.

Lessee here. First, let’s do this (flicks to next diagram), then do that (flicks to next diagram), and finally do this (flicks to last diagram)… Aaand we’re done. Not bad. Not bad at all, me.

[First aid successfully administered.]

Fu~u, I’m finally done. I sat down and caught my breath. After giving it another look, I noticed that the place near the bonfire presented a more open space.

I better move the girl there. I can’t just leave her in a place filled with corpses after all.

I spread out a blanket over the spot and carried the girl there. It was already evening, so we’ll have to stay here for the time being.

(How long would it take before she can properly move about?)

[She needs about one full day of rest.]

Yeah, guess so huh.

If that’s the case, then it would be better to clean this place up. It’s not a good thing to spend more than a day or two in a place littered with corpses. Guess I’m pulling an all-nighter.

Let’s light a bonfire first. It should brighten this place up and serve to ward off animals as well. Since the bonfire that was made prior wasn’t completely extinguished, I just added more firewood to it in order to reignite it.

I should also light one up on the opposite side of the clearing. I took some of the already burning firewood and arranged them over there to make another bonfire. Next would be the corpses.

When I examined the wolf corpses, I confirmed just how big they were. They should be over two meters long from the base of the head to the tip of the tail. There were thirty-five wolf corpses, all in all. I killed fifteen of them, so I guess the rest were done in by the late armed group. But the price they paid for these kills was exceedingly great.

I thought of enhancing my strength and throwing these guys over the mountain valley, but when I got a better look at them, they seemed pretty heavy. They should weigh more than a hundred and fifty kilograms by my estimate.

Let’s just drag them and drop them down the valley then. The slope was pretty steep and the bodies rolled in an interesting way. Alright, let’s keep at it.

I managed to find the girl’s severed left arm and right foot while in the middle of cleaning up. They looked pretty messed up. Should I keep them? Oh, and I should remove the ruined boot as well.

Next would be the human corpses. I can’t possibly throw them inside the valley as well, so I’ll have to bury them. But I had no digging tools with me. Is there something like a shovel in the luggage?

It’s already gotten quite dark, but I could see just fine thanks to Nanom. It won’t work in total darkness, but since I was under the illumination of the bonfires, I had no trouble seeing at night.

I immediately found a shovel as soon as I started my search. It was installed at the back of the carriage. Guess it was part of their supplies.

Let’s gather those corpses first. I couldn’t just drag them either, so I resorted to carrying them one by one. The burial spot I chose was on the opposite side of the clearing where the girl was recovering.

When I lined the corpses up, I noticed one particular detail. Each of them wore things resembling protectors on their arms and legs, but the girl I managed to save didn’t. Why is that?

But well, the wolves probably went for their throats instead because they had these equipped though.

Digging graves for all these people seemed like a real chore. Let’s put some back into it.

After two hours passed since I started digging the graves, Nanom suddenly declared: [The girl has started regaining consciousness.]



  1. He should check if the nanoms can reattach the limbs he found.

  2. How come he does not know how to properly bandage? Do they train without knowing the basic like how to survive in unknown environment or how to use a first aid kit?

    • Bueno, sus nano-bots vienen con eso incluido así que creo que deberia ser una perdida de tiempo gastar tiempo y recursos para enseñarles algo que sus asistentes personales (nano-bots) ya tiene equipado, además si no te diste cuenta él tampoco apunta siquiera su arma, lo hacen los nano-bots.

      Si sus nano-bots pueden hacerlo es una pérdida de tiempo, no es exactamente lo mismo pero es algo como si ya tienes un smartphone para que comprar un reproductor de música portatil?

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