Chapter 53 – Orc Hunting Part 3

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Editor: Thor’s Stone

We entered the inner office of the guild and went somewhere which resembled a private conference room. The man who seemed to be other men’s superior placed the General Orc’s head on top of the table without caring about the mess it caused.

“Can you show me your guild identity plates?”

We obediently handed our guild IDs.

“C rank huh. What happened to this General Orc?”

“We hunted it down of course?”


“It was an area about two hours by horse from Gantz.”

“Didn’t a report come in about one month ago regarding some sightings?” one of the other men chimed in.

“Probably. But you managed to hunt it down with just five members?”

“Yes. That’s right.”

“…I can’t believe it. You really finished it off with just five people?”

“Is there a problem with that?”

“……No, not really. So does this mean you wish to hand this head over to the guild?”

“Um, are there other places that accept trophies like this one?”

“…To be honest, with a splendidly preserved head like this one, you can get a good amount of profit by selling it to the Commerce Guild or putting it up for auction.”

“I see… But will our party evaluation increase if we do decide to hand it over to the guild?”

“But of course. Any adventurer who contributes greatly to the prosperity of the guild will get the appropriate favorable treatment.”

“What do you think, guys?”

I turned to my party members and asked their opinions.

“I think it’s fine,” Elna answered. The others all nodded as well.

“Okay then. We’ll hand it over to you. By the way, how much will we be getting for it?”

“Oh, we will need to determine it by basing on the previous purchase price. We will need some time to determine an appropriate reward amount.”

“I don’t mind. We’re not in any particular hurry anyway. Well then, please calculate the price of the magic stones and the subjugation rewards first.”

I nodded to Selena and Sharon, and they placed the other jute bags on the table.

“These are?”

“They contain the magic stones and subjugations proofs of the rest of the orcs.”

“Oh, so you managed to hunt more orcs?”


We actually hunted down the General Orc as a bonus though.

The man gestured to another guild staff. The staff opened the bags and checked the contents.


“What’s wrong!?”

“No, um, there is an impressive amount of orc magic stones and subjugation proofs inside these bags.”


The leader opened the bags in a fluster.

“This–!? Just how many did you hunt?”

“There were seventy-four orcs all in all.”

The magic stone of the General Orc was a lot larger and more brilliant than the magic stones of the normal orcs, so I decided to keep it. It may come in handy later.

“These were also hunted in the same place as the General Orc?”

“That’s right. It was an orc settlement, I think?”

“……In other words, you all attacked an orc settlement and killed all the orcs living there?”

“That’s right.”

“Just the five of you?”


“I see……… I understand. We will calculate your rewards immediately.”

The other guild staff began to hastily inspect the magic stones and cut-off ears.

“These are undoubtedly from seventy-four orcs sir.”

One of the guild staff then hurriedly went out of the room. He went back in before long and handed the leader something.

“Well then, an orc magic stone is 600 Guineas each, and each orc kill has a reward of 150 Guineas. Since you hunted a total of seventy-two orcs, your total reward is 55,500 Guineas. Please receive the reward.”

“Yes, we’ve certainly received them. Thank you very much. Well then, if there’s nothing else, we’ll be going ahead.”

“Oh, um, please wait. I almost forgot to introduce myself. I am Kevin, the leader of the Gantz Adventurer’s Guild branch.”

“So you are the guild leader sir. Please excuse my impoliteness. My name is Alan, and I am the party leader of the C-ranked party Shining Star. We will be working here for the time being, so we will be in your care, sir.”

“No, please, the pleasure’s all mine. Can you also introduce your members, Mr. Alan?”

I exchanged gazes with everyone.

“I’m Ria.”

“My name is Elna sir.”

“I’m called Sharon.”


“What an assortment of beau– No, never mind. We’re looking forward to working with you all.”

“We’ll be going then.”

We were led out of the room by one of the staff and finally exited the guild building.

“Fuu, it turned into quite the commotion.”

“I thought it would turn out like this. I knew it,” Elna sighed as she repeated her earlier comment.

Oh, right. We asked those folks to watch the horses.

“Sorry guys. We took quite a bit of time. Please take this as well.”

I gave the leader of the temporary guards an extra five large copper coins as a tip.

“…Thank you very much, sir. Can I ask for your name if you don’t mind?”

“The name’s Alan. We’ll be counting on you guys again.”

“Yes, best regards, Alan-sama.”

“And what about you? What’s your name?”

“This one is called Jill.”

“Be seeing you then, Jill.”


We returned the rented horses to the rental stable and retrieved the deposits. It’s nearly two o’clock in the afternoon.

“It’s already so late.”

“Yes. Um, I kind of want to take a bath right about now…” Sharon muttered.

“Yeah. Me too.”

Everyone else was in agreement, so after returning to the inn, we all took a nice, long soak and planned to have some late lunch afterward.

It was already almost three in the afternoon when everyone got out of the bath.

“We’ll ruin our appetites for dinner if we have some heavy lunch right now, so how about strolling around in the city and having some snacks?”

“Let’s do that! I want to get used to this city as well,” Cleria exclaimed in delight.

Since everyone was in agreement, we went out to tour around the city.

We saw quite a number of food stalls, but there wasn’t anything particularly appetizing. It was getting late, so we were about to go back when someone called out to us.

“Bro! And the big sisters too! What’s wrong?” Teo asked in a cheery tone. Ella was also following behind him while snacking on some dried jerky.

“Yo! So It’s you, Teo. You came at the right time. Do you know of some stalls selling delicious food? I’ll treat you as well.”

“R-Realy!? Over here then bro! We haven’t really eaten anything from there, but we keep hearing everyone say it’s really delicious!”

Teo guided us along while pulling his sister, Ella, who was still busy snacking on her jerky, at a fast pace. We came to a wide street, and at the entrance was a food stall with lots of people crowding around. They seem to be eating some grilled skewers.

“It’s this place bro! They all say the food here is really good!”

Mm. What a tantalizing scent. A rough-looking uncle was busy skewering some large meat and vegetable slices and grilling them on a rack.

“Give me seven of those skewers uncle.”

“Yessir! Please wait fer a bit.”

After waiting for about a minute, our skewers were finally cooked.

“Here ya go! That’ll be ten Guineas fer one stick. So it’s 70 Guineas, sir.”

Hm. That’s surprisingly pricey. I handed the guy the seventy Guineas and distributed the skewers to the rest of the group. I also handed Teo and his sister their share.

“Can I really have two sticks, bro?”

“The other one is for Ella, you dummy.”

“Say thank you to bro, Ella!”


Let’s dig in then.

Hmm! This is good! It looks like chicken meat, but it was extremely tender and had a texture I’ve never experienced before. And the sauce is quite tasty as well. It looks like your basic salt and garlic-flavored sauce, but it’s been enhanced with a number of fragrant herbs. It kinda tastes like mirin. This wonderful fragrance is irresistible. I guess it wasn’t ten Guineas for nothing.

“Hey uncle, what type of meat is this?”

I approached the stall and tried asking the rough-looking uncle.

“These are from a Big Bullfrog’s thigh and calf meat.”

Oh, so it’s meat from a monster huh. If I remember correctly, it’s a type of monster frog almost one meter in size. It was blue so it didn’t really seem all that appetizing, but the meat was actually this delicious huh.

Everyone was also praising how delicious it is. I better not tell them though. I’m not sure how they’ll take eating monster frog meat after all.

Teo and Ella were also scarfing down on their skewers.

“Teo, what about your parents? Where are they now?”

“Mom’s dead. Dad is doing some adventurer work. Uh, but it’s been a year since he last came home so… But it’s not like I can do anything anyway, so I’m just patiently waiting for news.”

“…I see. Do your best then.”

“Of course bro.”

We separated from Teo and her sister and walked back to the inn. It was right about dinner time when we got back.

We enjoyed tonight’s meal as well. As we were eating, Karina-san paid a visit.

“I’m sorry for disturbing your meal, everyone. Alan-sama.”

“No, it’s fine. Do you want to drink some wine with us, Karina-san?”

“Unfortunately, I need to go back right away. I came here at Silas-sama’s behest. We will be having a modest dinner tomorrow night at Silas-sama’s mansion to celebrate the safe return of Arista-sama. If it’s convenient, we would also like to invite you to partake.”

“How about it, everyone? I think we should go.”

Everyone seemed to agree, so we decided to accept the invitation.

“Thank you very much. I will tell them your response then. We will be sending a carriage for you tomorrow at five in the afternoon.”

“Thanks. That will be helpful. We’ll see you tomorrow then.”

“Yes. I will be excusing myself then, Alan-sama.”

“Okay then. Let’s finish a regular subjugation quest right away tomorrow as well so we can come back in time for the party.”

Everyone nodded in agreement. We then turned in early for the night.


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