Chapter 54 -Gray Hound Hunting Part 3

Translator: SFBaka

Editor: Thor’s Stone

We went straight to the assessment counter just like yesterday and found the same male receptionist manning it.

“Hey… What the heck!? H-Hold on a bit, okay. I’ll call some more people so stay right there!”

He ran to the back in a hurry just like yesterday.

“Let’s place this thing on top of the desk first.”

Fortunately, the desk was large enough to accommodate the entire rolled-up monster corpse.

“Thanks a bunch. You can go back now.”

The two men nodded good-naturedly and exited the guild building.

After a short while, the same five men from yesterday ran out from the back of the guild office. Of course, they had Guild Master Kevin with them as well.

“This–!? This isn’t just an ordinary Blue Serpent! This is a Superior-class rare monster, the Big Blue Serpent. But to think you killed it without damaging the skin a single bit…”

“We thought it would be better not to damage the skin in any way, so we refrained from taking out the magic stone.”

“Yeah, that’s the right call. With this, we can even stuff the entire body and sell it for a very high price. In any case, we’ll leave it to the professional monster butchers to handle.”

“By the way, what do you mean by ‘Superior-class monster’?”

“They are monsters that have evolved into a higher existence compared to their kin. It’s been more than ten years since I saw one this big,” Kevin explained in an awed tone.

“How much will it sell for?”

“Umu. A normal Blue Serpent is already classified as a rare monster after all. And this one is a Superior-class. We can process the meat and magic stone right away and we will be able to give you your reward by tomorrow, but the skin will take a bit more time. With skin of this quality, it will probably fetch quite an amount if we put it up for auction.”

“I see. That’s fine then. We’re not in much of a hurry anyway. Then, please check these for us first.”

I placed the bags containing the Gray Hound magic stones and paws on top of the desk as well.

“These are Gray Hound magic stones and subjugation proofs.”

Kevin had a strangely relieved expression on his face when I told him the contents. Kevin gestured to one of the staff, and the staff member opened the bag to check.

The staff member was quite surprised by the contents and silently showed the bag to Kevin as well.

“This…… How many are there in this bag?”

“There’s a total of sixty items each.”

“And you hunted these down by yourselves as well?”

“That’s right.”

“……Certainly. There are exactly sixty of each item, sir.”

Another staff member opened something that looked like a safe box with a key and took out some coins.

“The price of Gray Hound magic stones is 300 Guineas and the subjugation reward is 50 Guineas for each kill. All in all, you will receive a total of 21,000 Guineas.”

“Sure. We’ll be going then.”

“Wait just a moment. I have something to tell you all. We at the Adventurer’s Guild have evaluated Shining Star’s achievements and abilities and have decided to promote all of you to B rank.”

“Eh!? Really?”

Everyone was smiling happily at the news. Cleria looked like she would jump for joy at any moment. But we got promoted faster than expected huh.

“Yes, really. We need to update your guild identity plates, so could you hand them over for a bit?”


Everyone took out their guild IDs from their pockets in a fluster and handed them to one of the staff. When I handed mine over, the staff member got a glimpse of the backside of the ID and froze up in surprise.

“A rank…”


Kevin hurriedly snatched my guild ID from the staff member.

“…So you were actually an A rank member of the Magic Guild, Alan?”

“Yes, that’s right. …Is there something wrong with that?”

“…No, there’s nothing wrong in particular. We were just surprised. One of my staff will bring the plates back to you all once the updates are finished, so just relax at the waiting area first.”


Kevin and the rest of the guild staff went back inside the inner guild office.

“Alan! We’re all B-ranked starting from today!” Cleria exclaimed in delight.

“Yeah. What a surprise huh. But it really was faster than expected.”

“Well, I don’t mean to boast, but with our skills, this could actually be said as something natural,” Elna added.

“At this rate, we can probably reach A rank in no time as well,” Sharon added further.

“So giving the General Orc’s head to the guild was truly a good call, wasn’t it?” Selena followed up.

“I wonder. I don’t think it’s that simple though… In any case, we just moved a big step forward to our goals. Good job, everyone.”

“That’s right! I actually feel like having a celebration, but we are scheduled to attend a banquet tonight after all,” Cleria reminded.

“It’s perfect though. There will surely be lots of food and drinks. Let’s take advantage of this opportunity and eat and drink a lot.”

“It’s a banquet, Alan. It’s more like a social party than a regular feast,” Cleria explained.

“Really? But isn’t that the same?”

“Haa…… It looks like we have to properly teach Alan about the customs of this continent, after all, Elna,” Cleria sighed.

“That’s right. Let us do so, Ria-sama.”

After waiting thirty minutes or so, a guild staff member finally returned our guild IDs to us. With this, we are all officially B-ranked.

“There’s not much time, Alan. Let’s just have a quick meal at that food stall from yesterday for lunch. What do you think?” Cleria suggested.

“Really? Well, if everyone’s alright with that, then why not.”

Right now, it was about one o’clock in the afternoon. Having a full meal may affect our appetites for dinner. We will be going to a fancy banquet anyway, so it would be a shame to miss out on the food.

We left the guild building and approached Jill and his men.

“Sorry for making you wait long again, Jill.”

I threw him another silver coin. Jill caught the coin with a practiced air again. One of his eyes is blind, but he sure has good reflexes.

“It’s no trouble at all. Thank you as well, Alan-sama.”

We then went to the food stall we visited with the kids yesterday.

“Give me five sticks uncle.”

“Thanks for the patronage brother! That’ll be 50 Guineas!”

These skewers sure are tasty. The flavoring is superb, but the natural umami of the meat can’t be underestimated either. So frogs can actually be this delicious.

We brought the horses back to the rental stables and returned to the inn. Cleria and Elna planned to join Sharon and Selena in their room later to prepare for tonight’s banquet. It sure is difficult to be a girl. To think you’ll need that much time to dress up. I’m really glad I’m not one.

“Are you going to wear those clothes, Alan?” Cleria asked.

“What clothes?”

“Those jet black clothes. You know. I’m talking about the ones that have silver and gold trimmings. You called it a uniform, right?”

“Eh? Should I actually wear my uniform? Wouldn’t these clothes be fine?”

“Alan! What are you saying? It’s a formal banquet you know? Those clothes are obviously not suitable.”

“That’s right, Alan. The other person may be labeled as just a commoner, but he is still the richest person in this kingdom. If you wear those kinds of clothes to a banquet he personally organized, you will be seen as rude,” Elna elaborated.

“Eh!? But that shouldn’t be the case, right? That uncle looked a great deal like a seasoned adventurer you know? They may have said it’s a banquet, but maybe it’ll just be your normal dinner?”

“I think not. Karina-san did say it was a dinner banquet.

I talked with Karina-san and Arista-san a lot while we were traveling and we got along quite well.

If that Karina-san said it’s a dinner banquet, then it probably is.

However… It is my first time to be invited to a banquet directly without being handed a formal invitation first…”

“Ria-sama, it is too much to expect that kind of detail from commoners. It is a sign of a noble’s breadth of heart to overlook these kinds of minor things.”

“……But what are you going to do about yourselves, Cleria? You didn’t bring any formal dresses with you, right?”

“We will borrow clothes from Selena and Sharon. Those clothes have a peculiar design but they are quite lovely. It’s a good opportunity, so I want to try wearing them for myself.”

So they are planning to wear imperial clothes huh… I’m not too sure what design of clothes they’ll wear, but will it really be okay?

“Mm… Alright, I understand. Okay then. I’ll wear my uniform as well.”

I’ll go ahead and take a bath and then prepare myself for tonight’s banquet.


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  2. Alan… arnt you planning on being the Official Lord of this planet in service of the Empire?

    The lest you can freaking do is Dress up.
    In fact – ALWAYS OVER DRESS.

    The heck dude – this guy has the temperament of a flaky freeter, not a salary man or even an executive. He resolved to take over the planet, but you cant rule in rags – its 99% image and 1% competence.

    • Well, he was just a lower rank officer (or something like that), so he’s not used to showing off. The AI should suggest him, but the whole dress-up thingy is not necessary for him to conquer the world, since the ship is damaged, but still has some working weapons, so he owns the planet via overwhelming firepower already.
      His idea is to slowly rise up the ranks, not instant ‘I’m king here, obey” stuff.

  3. Well, that reaction probably means the guilds are at least a bit competing, and they now be disappointed they didn’t give Alan A rank first, or something like that.
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